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Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 21 January, 2021
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That's a bit rich, considering you've never helped pay the rent or any of the bills in this house. I find it a bit rich that the politicians supporting this tax cut to the richest portion of the population would claim that it is for the benefit of the working class. Informal you say that someone's criticism is a bit rich, you mean that they themselves are guilty of the same fault.

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Collins COULD Idioms Dictionary, 3rd ed. 1998Times It is also a bit rich for Mr Games to reprove Buckingham Palace for its ‘new, slick, emphasis on presentation’, while speaking for the organization that invented ‘rebranding Britain’.

A deranged, poorly-planned attempt to seize power; particularly if an election does not turn out in your favor. Disgraced attorney Rudy Giuliani’s face became drenched in sweat and hair dye as he invented evidence of widespread voter fraud during President Trump’s clown coup.

Beyond a narrow notion of productivity, what impact does our work have on the rest of society, and do the financial rewards we receive correspond to this? The controversies over City bankers’ bonuses raise fundamental questions not only about the remuneration of senior executives and public servants but also about the relative value of the work of everyone in our society.

We still set wage floors today to ensure there is a minimum below which employers are not allowed to hire. There is little political appetite for reining in high pay, and the idea of setting a ceiling on the remuneration of top executives has failed to gain any meaningful momentum.

By the same token, in some sectors, a shortage of skills or the exploitation of monopoly power has allowed a privileged few to capture very high rates of pay. Sectors such as finance are notorious for sky-high salaries and big bonuses, as remuneration committees are self-regulating and accountability to shareholders is often weak.

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By making social value creation an important societal goal we could set the right incentives to maximize net social benefits, ensure a greater return to labor rather than capital, and a more equal distribution of economic resources between workers. But the earnings they command and the profits they make come at a huge cost because of the damaging social effects of the City of London’s financial activities.

We found that rather than being ‘wealth creators’, these City bankers are being handsomely rewarded for bringing the global financial system to the brink of collapse. W hile collecting salaries of between £500,000 and £10 million, leading City bankers to destroy £7 of social value for every pound in value they generate. Providing a valuable service for families, childcare workers release earnings potential by allowing parents to continue working.

They also unlock social benefits in the shape of the learning opportunities that children gain outside the home. Although the role of an advertising executive has high status, the impact of the industry has always been a point of controversy.

It can create insatiable aspirations, fuelling feelings of dissatisfaction, inadequacy and stress. In our economic model we estimate the share of social and environmental damage caused by overconsumption that is attributable to advertising.

Hospitals and help maintain standards of hygiene to protect against infection, but they also contribute towards wider health outcomes. Determining the right amount of tax payable is a specialist skill and often requires professional support.

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Myth 3: Pay differentials don’t matter, so long as we eradicate poverty But increasingly it is not absolute levels of poverty alone but the differences between people that contribute to social problems such as crime, ill health, poor educational attainment and addiction.

Our case studies show that high salaries don’t necessarily reflect talent. Even if they did, it is not clear that the best and brightest would be prepared to uproot their families and hike across the world for higher wages.

The evidence suggests that more equal countries manage to retain their fair share of innovation and cultural capital. People at the bottom of the income distribution scale spend more time on domestic and caring responsibilities than their highly paid counterparts.

Autonomy, control in the workplace, income and status all contribute towards a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment at work. If high pay is partly intended to compensate for risk, stress and long hours then we would expect dangerous jobs to be well rewarded.

Empirical studies have demonstrated that pay arrangements are geared towards serving the financial interests of managers, not shareholders. Conclusions This report is not about targeting any individuals in the highly paid jobs it scrutinizes.

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The stakes are high: without proper checks and balances we believe our economic system could squeeze out those aspects of life that people value most. This has been echoed recently by Compass and others with calls to establish a High Pay Commission.

Explore the possibility of positively discriminating towards people from low-income backgrounds to level the playing field in access to highly paid professions. Until goods and services reflect the real costs and benefits of their production, incentives will be misaligned with the kinds of positive behaviours' society wishes to promote.

Getting the prices right would affect relative profitability and so would align what wages could be paid with the value that is created. Redistribution, particularly of assets and land, is an effective way both to offset inequality and to reward jobs that the market does not.

Mutually owned building societies, co-operatives and land trusts are all models in which ownership takes a more collective form, and benefits are more evenly shared. Instead of a monoculture of mega-banks deemed too big to fail and answerable only to the demands of private shareholders, we need a range of different financial institutions that are focused on social value creation.

Extending parental leave, especially to fathers, would be a further investment in positive child development for the benefit of society. These provisions could be entirely met by recouping the money lost to society through tax avoidance by the wealthiest.

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Successful, buoyant, booming, doing well, profit-making, profitable, prosperous, wealthy, affluent, moneyed, well-to-do, rich, large View synonyms 1.2 Of expensive materials or workmanship; demonstrating wealth.

‘That's why I look at the rich agricultural land in Aberdeen shire and ask what can be done to make it generate more income and more jobs.’ ‘Physiographic provinces range from the High Tatars in the north to the rich agricultural lands of the plains and the Danube Basin to the south.’ ‘It was surrounded by rich agricultural land, while the river Wen sum gave opportunities for trade with Europe.’ ‘The town itself expanded through the intensive exploitation of the rich agricultural land along the North African coast.’ ‘I am puzzled by one thing though; the land here is rich and fertile, and the remains of many buildings still stand.’ ‘Reith National school is a three teacher school situated amidst rich agricultural land 11 miles from Tortoise.’ ‘When soil is depleted, tree farms move to new locations, displacing food crops from rich agricultural land.’ ‘The land was rich and fertile, the town, clean and tastefully built.’ ‘Basalt thus produces heavy clay soils, many of which are abundant in nutrients and provide rich agricultural land.’ ‘This had once been rich farming land, the most fertile in Lanzarote.’ ‘It's been hard on the economy because the amount of food produced from those rich agricultural lands has decreased.’ ‘Kurdish leaders believe they need the oil fields and the rich agricultural land nearby to keep the region economically independent.’ ‘This rerouting of the river caused desertification of the agriculturally rich delta lands in Mexico.’ ‘Compared to bleak, blank land of the On Kai this was lush rich land.’ ‘The decision to leave his native Pennsylvania for the rich farming land of the Oregon Territory was not made lightly.’ ‘Before long teams were sloughing the rich lands of Yorkshire.’ ‘Cultivation of land now became important, and when a rich stretch of land was found the people now remained there and created a home.’ ‘The land here is rich and green, but for the most part from the river all that can be seen are the giant papyrus reeds, which line the bank.’ ‘The land was no longer rich and green but desolate and parched, gaping with hard, dusty cracks splitting deep into the earth.’ ‘Very little gold was found but more important was the fact that rich pastoral country was discovered.’ 3.2 (of a mine or mineral deposit) yielding a large quantity of precious metal.

Old English rice ‘powerful, wealthy’, of Germanic origin, related to Dutch risk and German Reich; ultimately from Celtic; reinforced in Middle English by Old French rich ‘ rich, powerful’.

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