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• Tuesday, 22 June, 2021
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For part one, we explore the different types of rails, why carbon fiber railed saddles cost so much, what the benefits are, and other things you need to know to buy the right seat for you…and your bike. The key takeaway is this: Carbon is the lightest and stiffest, which means it’s a great option for riders who already know what they want out of a saddle.

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Other materials are woven into the fibers to prevent catastrophic failure in the event the carbon does crack. PROLOG makes a massive range of saddles, with different shapes, widths, curvatures and features to fit every rider and every budget.

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. November 7, 2007/in Ask Lee, Equipment /by leelikesbikes I am a bigger guy, 6 and 250 lbs.

I am 15 years past caring about gram weight; I just want the strongest saddle. I have liked the Specialized BG saddles for a while now, especially the Alias.

Now I am looking at the Troupe, the Phenom, or Alias again, but which rails are strongest, steel or ti? I got some info from Chris Han at SDG USA.

While the company that John Boulder Brooks founded in 1866 had a dominant hold on the leather saddle market for close to 140 years, newcomers like Sell Anatomical and Rivet entered with a modern approach. Our resident mileage punchers have been riding various leather saddles for the better part of 2015, on various terrain in various weather conditions.

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While the basic engineering principles apply to most (adjustable tension for dialing in the proper hammock effect, saddlebag loops), our six saddles each take a slightly different approach to supporting your derrière. And unlike most saddles, ones made of leather need the noses raised up in order to offset the hammock effect, even the harder models.

The traditional saddlebag loops are present in the rear as is a small black name badge. I hate to call it a copy but with the three holes in the center of the leather, it bears a very, very close resemblance to a classic Brooks.

The edges are finely trimmed and the underside is covered with a synthetic layer to protect the leather. These classic leather saddles require you to earn your comfort, and during my testing, I didn’t come close to really breaking it in, something Cardiff says takes hundreds of miles.

It also uses treatment to waterproof the leather, with two flaps on each skirt riveted together to keep the saddle tensioned (hence the name of the company). At three inches, the Rivet Indy was the tallest of the three I tested, so if you’re replacing your saddle consider the height difference.

Yes Adjustment tool: 4 mm Allen wrench (included) Made in: Taiwan Colors: Black, white, red (tested) burgundy, and limited edition veg-tanned chestnut Price: $195 Rivetcycleworks.com What sets the Imperial apart and adds to its versatility is the 4-and-one-third inch cutout slot and 36 pre-punched holes, 12 of which I’ve held together by laces provided by Brooks.

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The company calls this “laced skirts for reinforcement,” and for those looking for a tad more stiffness, it works. The Brooks tension spanner is a bit tricky to use but important to have on hand after the first few months of riding.

Yes Adjustment tool: Brooks spanner wrench (included) Made in: Great Britain Colors: Black (tested), honey, brown Price: $135 Brooksengland.com Milton’s design included a nearly 8-inch slot, and riders responded in the positive immediately.

Known for its length and long slotted cutout, the Sell Anatomical X also boasts some of the most generous setback of any saddle I’ve ridden in 25 years (I measured about five inches of saddle behind the end of the rail, compared to 3.5 on the Brooks and a little less than 3 inches on the Rivet). I initially used this saddle on my repurposed Ibis Hakkalügi after I inflamed my sciatic nerve last fall, and it allowed me to ride again after four painful weeks off the bike.

That gargantuan 7.75-inch cutout slot was the real hero for me, allowing enough give to pedal back into shape as I healed. Just make sure to keep your 6 mm Allen key on hand to dial in the right tension for your comfort level in the first month of riding.

Colors: Black (tested), graphite, mahogany, vintage, red, white Price: $159 Selleanatomica.com Fixation Coachman is a sporty-looking saddle, although at six inches wide, it isn’t as narrow as its profile suggests.

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Like the Cardiff, it is built from Australian cowhide in Taiwan, The saddle isn’t waterproof, but there is nylon laminated to the bottom of the leather, which should help keep rain and mud from the rear tire from soaking in. I could tell the shape was good for me, and once I got the angle correct and the tension dialed it, it was an acceptable place to spend the day.

Those looking closely might notice more than a strong resemblance between this saddle and the Cardiff Mercia in Adam’s review. Unlike Adam, I have some history with this saddle (on a Veto Orange bike I reviewed a year or two ago) and found it much more to my liking out of the box.

Yes Adjustment tool: hex key and wrench (included) Colors available: Brown, black, honey Made in: Taiwan Price: $95 Velo-orange.com Colorway aside, those rails have been adjusted, so they now give an ultra-low stack height to allow Sam to make full use of the space for the longest travel dropper possible.

This would enable Sam to take full advantage of a long travel dropper post. The cover is a durable vacuum formed microfiber material that is water repellent.

Although all Outrage saddles are designed to give support and relieve pressure to soft tissue areas, you wouldn’t be as comfortable riding a Posture 5 saddle in an aerodynamic position. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to ride a Posture 1 saddle in an upright position.

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In order to find the bike saddle that works for you, start by determining your posture. Each level has specific performance features like alloy or lightweight CLV carbon rails, shell construction, and extra padding.

Outrage saddles are also available in multiple widths so you’ll always be able to find your best fit. These saddles are designed to support riders who take the most aggressive aerodynamic posture.

They support riders who take a forward riding posture for power and performance. They’re great for fast roadies, CRT racers, and competitive BC mountain bikers.

If you like to get in a workout on your rides, but take a slightly more upright position than what you commonly see on a drop-bar road bike, you’ll find your perfect saddle right here. It’s the result of countless hours of testing with elite athletes, pressure-mapping sessions, high-speed video analyses, and human/computer modeling studies.

There’s a lot of science and engineering that goes into creating a saddle that fits and feels great. Here’s an easy guide to the parts of a saddle and the design elements you may come across in your search.

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Curvature determines the angle where your bone structure meets the saddle. They can be alloy or lightweight carbon, and they allow you to adjust your fit by moving the saddle toward the front or rear of your bike.

Contour Relief Zones (CRZ), or foam depressions in the surface of the saddle, can often serve the purpose of a cutout, while still providing great support. Answer these simple questions about how you ride, and we’ll narrow your choices down to the bike saddles that will work for you.

Another theory states that if you’ve had children (obviously, this one only applies to us females), you’ll want a wide twist. I’ve heard that it depends on the spacing of your seat bones, and found myself wading through an unholy number of exhaustively detailed e-mails from one of my Yahoo groups, explaining methods of measuring the distance between your seat bones and how that measurement should correspond to your twist preference.

I’ve heard of measuring pelvic tilt, crotch clearance, pubic arch, thigh size, butt size … and I’m still as clueless about whose going to prefer which twist as I ever was. In my experience, there are so many things that come into play when you’re talking about twist width that it’s only a small part of the picture. Example: I can ride quite comfortably in a close contact or jump-focus all -purpose saddle with a wide twist, because I’m shortening my stirrup.

Think of sitting on a whiskey barrel: sure, you can do it if you bring your thighs forward, but if you try to make your leg hang straight down to get the correct ear-shoulder-hip-heel line, you’ll probably pop off like a clothes pin on a piece of pipe (or dislocate your hips). The problem with trying to get a narrow twist saddle on a real table-back is that you either have to have a much thicker panel to protect the horse from a too-steep rail angle, or you need to build a twist with foam on the seat, and both options will leave you perched up above your horse's back rather than in good close contact.

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