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• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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Andalusian's are one of the oldest pure Spanish horse breeds; they’ve been around since the Middle Ages, but what do you know about them? This athletic breed is fast and can extend and collect, making the Andalusian suitable for showjumping and dressage events.

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They’re fascinating to watch in motion with their long, thick manes and tails flowing. Its beautiful, convex profile and arched neck make it one of the world’s most desirable riding horses.

The warm- blooded horses originated when warriors returned to Europe from the Middle East. The Andalusian horse was initially bred with strong hindquarters to bear more weight on the rear.

Through centuries of selective breeding, the Andalusian horse has developed exception athleticism and stamina. They quickly learn complicated movements such as turning on their haunches and advanced collection.

The Andalusian Horses aren’t short on speed, as their long neck gives them excellent athleticism and stamina. The Andalusian's have well-defined withers, a massive chest, a straight profile, and a long broad neck.

Because of their exceptional endurance and agility, you’ll find them in both obstacle shows and racing events. In the 18th century, the Andalusian Horses could gallop four to five leagues, without changing pace for 12 to 15 miles.

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Andalusian horses’ movement is elevated, extended, harmonious, and cadenced, with forward motion and a balance on turns. The physical attributes of the Andalusian horse contribute to their excellent performance in dressage events.

They find higher movements like passage and giraffe easy because they are compact, yet nimble. From the very beginning, the Andalusian horses have been widely used for driving and riding, and they are among the first breeds to be brought into classical dressage.

Cooperation and desire give you an edge and helps win dressage competitions. The Pure Spanish Horse is said to have a zealous spirit, and thus, you can be confident that it will offer you its best performance throughout its competition.

It's these traits you can’t see in the conformation of the animal that make Andalusian horses so special. By building a deep connection between you and your Andalusian horse you will ensure a special and long-lasting bond that will go beyond the show ring.

Because they are very intelligent you don’t have to put in a lot of time and effort teaching them basic routines. And once they’ve learned a move, you can count on them remember it, because they have superior memories and will never forget what you taught them.

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Even with the scattering successes of some Andalusian horses, they aren’t well respected for their showjumping ability. Many European breeders are breeding the Andalusian horse for competitions and showjumping as they’re good jumpers.

The Andalusian breed has a natural gift of collected movements and is a very user-friendly horse. Interesting fact: Andalusian horses are one of the rarest breeds in the United States, there are less than 10,000 in the country.

Full-time working and racing horses will tend to be highly strung compared to breeds that are ridden for pleasure regularly and these types typically need experienced riders. Andalusian horses are commonly Gray or White, but colors of the breed throughout history and to this day include Chestnut, Bay, Black, Buckskin, Palomino, Per lino, Dun and Cello.

Fortunately, you can prevent Laminates with proper nutrition, regular hoof care and other measures appropriate for your horse’s age and activity. Because they are commonly gray and white, their lighter skin is more prone to this condition, so be sure to check for bumps on your horse, focusing on the tail and the muzzle in particular.

In terms of general grooming, regular hoof care and trimming is essential in preventing quarter cracks and closed heels that could lead to other complications down the road. Today, the modern Andalusian breed is used for general pleasure riding and for horse show events such as dressage and show-jumping.

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Centuries later, the Andalusian breed continued to be selected for its phenomenal athleticism and stamina leading them to be used in everything from bull-fighting and use as stock horses to driving carriages and classical dressage in cavalry training and movements on the battlefield. The pure Spanish breed has superior conformation which basically means they have the best possible body shape and structure (excellent towline, short back, long neck etc) as this has a positive impact on their athletic ability.

Yes, since many European breeders breed Andalusian's specifically for showjumping events, they are considered to be fairly skilled jumpers. They have powerful hindquarters which allow them to jump extremely well, and they can demonstrate better flexing of their hind and fore joints compared to most other breeds.

First, they have long necks which aid them in their exceptional stamina, and they also have well-defined withers (the ridge between their shoulder blades) and a large chest which helps them to extend their movement and improve their balance and agility on sharp turns. The Moors invaded Spain in the seventh century and brought Barb horses with them.

These oriental horses were crossed with quality native Spanish stock and the result was the Andalusian. In the Middle Ages, the Andalusian was the favored mount for European nobles.

Its numbers at one time diminished, but today the Andalusian’s physical appearance and flashy action make it one of the world’s most desirable riding horses. It has a flat of slightly convex nose, small eyes, and its head is set on a substantial neck.

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It was bred principally by Cartesian Monks in the late Middle Ages. The famed William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, wrote: “…the Spanish horse is the noblest animal in the world…” Cortes brought Andalusian's to America for his conquests.

Interesting Facts: Andalusian horses owe a great deal to the Cartesian Monks who bred them, beginning in the late Middle Ages. The Andalusian’s purity was threatened in the 1800s when Napoleon’s army invaded Spain and stole many horses.

The American Andalusian and Luciano Horse Association 101 Carouse N. Ste 200 Birmingham, AL 35242 (205)995-8900 http://www.ialha.org Horses related to the Andalusian include Arabians, Lusitania and Lipizzaner's.

These horses are classified as the world's most ancient beautiful. The Andalusian breed was derived from Iberian, Arabian and Barb horses.

Percheron, Andalusian, and Lipizzaner are all breeds of Horses. Percheron, Andalusian, and Lipizzaner are all breeds of horses.

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These breeds include Frisians, Olden bergs, Hanoverian's, and many more. These horses are large and excel at dressage and jumping.

Andalusian horses are usually white or gray but very rarely any other color. In fact if their coat is not white or gray they are a mixed breed.

The scientific name of an Andalusian horse is Equus Catullus. They are also known as Pure Gaza Espinoza (or PRE for short), or Pure Spanish horses.

Andalusian's are considered rare as there are less than 20,000 registered horses. Trainers, Holsteins, Dutch Warm bloods, Thoroughbreds, Oldenburg, and other tall, lean horses.

This is probably the type of horse history books refer to as “Spanish” brought to the Americas by Herein Cortez. Known in its native spain as the Pure Gaza Espinoza (PRE) or “Pure Spanish Horse”.

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Spanish horses have been esteemed for their quality and appearance since Roman times. The Moors invaded Spain in the seventh century and brought Barb horses with them.

These oriental horses were crossed with quality native Spanish stock, and the result was the Andalusian. They are used as sport horses in jumping and evening as well as bull fighting and cattle work in their natives pain.

It was bred principally by Cartesian Monks in the late Middle Ages. Cave paintings show that horses have been present on the Iberian Peninsula as far back as 20,000 to 30,000 BCE.

The Andalusian may be referred to as the Purebred Spanish Horse but, in reality, its ancestry is a hodgepodge of various native and foreign horse breeds, including the Sorrier, Galician, Bottom, Warrant, and Asturian. The Andalusian standing at 15.1 to 15.3 hands high and generally weigh under 1,500 pounds.

The ears are small, and the distinctive tail and mane are abundant, long, and wavy. An Andalusian’s back are solid and almost straight, as well as muscular and a bit short.

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The neck is of a medium length and size, and it is also muscular and slightly arched. They are used as sport horses in jumping and evening as well as bull fighting and cattle work in their natives pain.

Being agile and swift, many are also used on the racetrack, in the show ring, and for work on the ranch. As for raising young foals, it's especially important to take care with protein levels.

Overloading them with excessive protein can be harmful to the joint capsule and cause long term problems with soundness, in any breed. A good worming program and a diet of free grass hay and the proper amount of grain is what they need.

They tend to stay at a good weight on fairly low feed. You will need to regularly trim and pull the tail and mane in order to keep them healthy.

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