Are Atlas Turnouts Dcc Friendly

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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I'm thinking about being Atlas code 83 tracks, but I was wondering if it was DCC friendly. To answer your question with some technical explanation, yes Atlas turnouts have isolated frogs and points that remain the same polarity as the respective stock rail, making them what is commonly referred to as Friendly “.

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Posted by Mike Kieran on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 9:18 AM Sheldon I was originally going to call the interchange with my Port Able Railway the Atlantic Central, Till I saw that I could cut up ACL decals for Atlantic Lines.

Sheldon I was originally going to call the interchange with my Port Able Railway the Atlantic Central, Till I saw that I could cut up ACL decals for Atlantic Lines. I designed my own heralds and had Rail Graphics make my decals.

Posted by Mike Kieran on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 5:10 PM And some of those pics where taken a few years a go with a basic point a shoot camera.

Call Steve Hollenbach, Customer Service Manager, at Atlas Model Railroad. This might because poor electrical contact years down the road.

Ed Oates says that he took a turnout apart and found the above to be true. He says that he can solder to the underside of the hinge rivet easily.

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If it flows through the rivet onto the topside of the turnout, it may indeed affect movement. Connect the wire from the rivet to a bus as a feeder.

Option 2: Drop feeders from the point rails to your bus. Ed also states that the closure and frog rails are a single piece of nickel-silver.

One goes over the other inside the plastic covered frog; the metal frog top for custom line and super switches are insulated from the rails underneath it by the same plastic. Since the corresponding frog and closure are a single piece of metal, they can be fed from the next track section via rail joiners or whatever technique one uses to feed any section of track.

He says that he drop his feeders and connects to the power bus when he attached to the hinge as he mentions above. I used the Atlas HO Super-Track 83 line of their switches to write this section.

Rock has made things a bit easier than Atlas. They provide a connector on the side of the turnout to power route the frog.

dcc electronic install board
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The feeds from the track bus wire do not need to be attached where I have shown them. Mine are shown where they are simply for clarity of the drawing.

I solder the wires to the stock rails for consistency with all my other track work. The jumpers shown above as “Present, no need to add” are visible and adequate for the job should a short occur.

This will give you reliable electrical contact to the points for years to come. The Atlas /Rock Track 83 turnout has been discontinued in the United States.

That may be a good thing, the point rails break off the throw bar very easily. Summary:A commercial DCC Compatible” turnout is manufactured or wired for use with Digital Command Control.

Commercial switches are often labelled Friendly or For DC and DCC Use on the packaging. All turnouts are compatible with DCC, while older ones may need some attention to mechanical and electrical aspects of their construction.

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The most obvious feature of a DCC Compatible turnout is the gaps that electrically separate the frog from the point rails. When track work and wheel sets are properly gauged, there should be no momentary short circuits occurring at turnouts.

Many Digital Command Control Boosters are very sensitive to sudden changes in current flow. Just the wheel grazing the switch rail and allowing current to flow can be enough to trip their protection circuit and cut power.

Older technologies employed by analog power supplies were not a sensitive to a momentary short. DCC Boosters can deliver three times or even more current than was typical for analog operations.

Verifying the correct gauge of the wheel sets on your rolling stock will also identify offenders which may cause an issue. Handmaid track usually has no issues with DCC as the NMRA Gauge is an integral part of making a turnout.

Many track manufacturers will recommend the use of NMRA RP-25 S4 profile wheel sets for the best results. It is also important that the turnout is gauged properly using an NMRA gauge, as well as the wheel sets.

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The complete assembly consisting of a switch and frog is called a turnout In operation the wheel should smoothly transition from the wing to point rail.

Also see this video from Fast Tracks: How A Railway Frog Point Works. ====Power Routing Turnouts ==== Turnouts which are advertised as “power routing” are wired so that the switch rails are electrically connected to themselves, the frog, and the point rails beyond the frog.

In older turnouts, the two switch rails were often connected together with a metal strap at the throw bar. With some turnouts shorts can occur if the point rails are one electrical unit, or if a wheel tread bridges across them.

DCC systems are very quick to react, unlike analog power supplies. Note: when building a crossover, power routing turnouts that are non-isolating can cause a short where the point rails are connected together.

The frog is often unpowered, and gaps sever the electrical connection between it and the switch rails. This can be an electronic device called a Frog Juicer, the contacts on a Tortoise slow motion switch machine, or the contacts on solenoid or motor driven switch machines.

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This is usually needed for short wheelbase locomotives, like switchers, with four axle trucks, or an 0-4-0 or 0-6-0. Rail Gaps at Frog With analog, the practice was to gap the point rails just past the fouling point (where two trains on adjacent tracks can collide).

For DCC, the gap in the point rails should be much closer to the heel of the frog, to eliminate a potential short should a train run past the fouling point gap. This means the turnout is completely live (except for the tip of the frog), no extra wiring required.

If the turnout is being used as a switch to isolate a section of track then it is simple job to remove the wire that joins the centre-rail and stock-rail, and it will work like a current Insulting. Usually, this will only happen with old rolling stock wheels that have crude profiles.

Shinguard of Japan made quality turnouts, Walters would later distribute them under the Walters/Shinguard name. The frog is being powered by contacts included in the ground throw mechanism.

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