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Bat ponies are a canon race of ponies from the show that consist with features similar to bats. They share the same body proportions as most unicorns, Vegas, and earth ponies, with the addition of webbed wings, purple fangs, amber eyes, and an overall quasi-nocturnal color scheme.

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More OCS were created, such as Moon gazer, that further proved a point as described by Mephisto that they're “things that become way cuter when you put fangs on them”, which makes perfect sense because Seth never goes to bed either. Larson responded that he personally believes it's true, but is not sure if Lauren Faust thought differently.

They are still allowed on /MLP/ despite the falloffs of mature threads after “the Roughening”, and have a sister general on Merchant's /anon/ board as well. The degree of mature content involving bat ponies is not really any greater than the rest of the show characters, however.

Canonically, the bat ponies from the show are known to have gray coats, bat -like wings, and slitted-pupil eyes. Perhaps the first thing to be noticed on a bat pony are its wings, likely being the source of the race's namesake.

Where Flutter shy was accidentally transformed into a vampire fruit bat pony, part of her transformation including a pair of fangs (though she used them to suck juices out of apples instead of draining blood from ponies or other animals). However, due to the fact that Flutter shy's vampire form was not actually a bat pony, this canon support is debatable.

Largely up for debate, many have thrown and bounced around ideas around for the behavioral habits of the bat ponies. Usually, the people who accept this head-- canon believe that the bat ponies have the same diet as normal ponies, but have a particular liking to fruit.

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Sometimes people like to mix-and-match, having both types of diets in their head- canon, or combining them into omnivorous bat ponies. A strange trait added to the bat pony arsenal is the ability to use echolocation, usually in the form of screeching or at least the clicking of their tongue.

Some canons suggested that the bat ponies have screeching contests to settle debates, or even to compete for a mate. Coupled with echolocation, this helps provide a means for the bat ponies to navigate through the night.

Several canons in the bat -pony threads promote the idea that the bat ponies have a special type of snickering. Being a race usually associated with the night, bat ponies are sometimes portrayed as being slightly mischievous, or at least playful.

Since then, bat ponies have been associated with Luna's Royal Guard ponies, characterized by their bat -like appearance and leathery wings. Bat ponies also appear in the Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ID comics, again portrayed as members of Princess Luna's Royal Guard.

One of these Royal Guard ponies, Lion heart, survived the war as a ghoul and played an important role in the final push against the Grand Pegasus Enclave in Fallout: Equestrian. The following information applies only to its associated side story, Project Horizons, and is thus considered non- canon in the Fallout: Equestrian universe.

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Bat ponies were shunned and feared by regular ponies, and they found the bright sunlight painful but the nighttime perfect for them and eventually met Luna who took them on as personal guards. The conflict also caused the death of numerous bat ponies, who fled back to their cave homes.

The bat ponies emerged when Luna returned, they sent two of their own to serve as guards for her and kept the location of their families and home a secret. The bat ponies survived the war and eventual mega spell apocalypse by retreating to their underground home, later revealed to be Nightmare Castle; a millennium old bastion of Nightmare Moon and the site of Project Redoubt, hidden in a Shadow Realm that overlaps Equestrian.

Unfortunately, due to their already limited numbers and prolonged isolation, their genetic pool quickly began to dwindle (an issue also present in many Stables) resulting in mass instances of birth defects due to the required inbreeding. Traits BiologyBatponies have yellow irises with slotted, dragon-like pupils, suited for nocturnal environments giving them superior night vision.

They tend to have grayscale coats and a set of large bat wings on their back, instead of the typical feathered variety of Pegasus ponies. They communicate with non- bat ponies by writing on small chalkboards like Dizzy Dew, or by using enchanted armor or talismans to bring their speech down to lower frequencies.

During a memory of Psalm's, while visiting the Royal Palace during the war, she witnessed Lion heart (then just a regular bat pony) being criticized for not using the Royal Canter lot Voice after recognizing the unicorn; he ironically retorts that “nobody talks like that anymore” and that they should save it for the tourists. The remaining population currently reside in Nightmare Castle (an old fortification of Princess Luna's that was built in a shadow realm adjacent to Equestrian from the time of her transformation into Nightmare Moon) where they continue to follow the rule of their own monarchy.

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Their slotted eyes provide them with superior night vision, but poorer eyesight during the day. Despite having no interest in Stallions and being revolted by the concept of incest, she was scheduled to marry her brother due to the approaching genetic death of her species.

Supposedly due to earlier inbreeding (with her parents being half-brother and sister) she suffers from Epilepsy and problems with her gait during periods of stress. HistoryTraits BiologyBatponies in Hollow Shades have hairy ears, fangs and sharp incisors evolved from a carnivorous/omnivorous diet.

However, far to the west, just on the other side of the mountains that surrounded Van hoover, another smaller state of Balconies lived. With their architecture and medieval atmosphere, they set up a series of festivals and fairs around the region to help improve morale of civilians as well as raise money for the war effort.

The ponies who survived quickly set up communities throughout the fairgrounds and started to regain their civilization. However, the main differences that they display are small tufts of fur on the ear tips, slatted pupils and golden irises, small fangs in the jaw alongside their regular teeth, and leathery bat wings.

Since the creatures are naturally nocturnal, they feel the need to sleep during the day, and to be awake during the night. A few words have been changed in their vocabulary, mainly being “Yesterday” turning to “Yesternight” and such as follows.

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Their eyes will give off a faint glow, similar to light reflecting off of gold, when they are in dark places, granting them night vision. Notable Bat ponies Night Shade: the chief engineer behind the Stable that preserved the near entirety of the inhabitants of Transylvania.

Read about the physical traits, diet, and more about our bat ponies. The bat ponies are a race of ponies who have batted -like features, often with extra fluff at the end of their ears, have fangs, and slitted-pupil eyes.

People are often divided on head-canons, especially when it comes to diet (blood drinkers vs fruit eaters), but most agree that they are affiliated with the night, as well as Princess Luna and her Night Guard. I got the drawing done a while ago, but gee, it took a long time to actually write everything down But I finally managed to put my head canons/canons-for-my-next-gen-verse into words.

Unicorns and Earth ponies found the cat-eyes and fangs to be really unnatural, since they don't have them, and bat -wings look a lot more creepy with their long finger-like structures than fluffy bird wings do. So, it became common for Vegas with short canines, round pupils and bird-wings to interact with them, while the others kinda hid away in the background.

Due to their previous alliance with earth ponies, they'd somewhat forgotten how to farm, so this group of Vegas focused more on eating meat and hunting small game. (All Vegas requires more protein than other ponies, due to how much energy it takes to fly, but previously this came more from eggs and fish)As it turns out, night vision, fangs and naked ears that could focus on sounds better were advantageous to hunting, so natural selection favored Vegas with those traits.

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Feathered wings remained for a long time, but were eventually also selected against as the bat -wings allowed for more maneuverability, which helped when hunting in dense forests. Ear tufts didn't help or hinder; just like how red hair became common in groups of humans, it just happened to spread to the majority of the population by pure chance.

It took a really long time, but eventually they “joined”; their land is now part of equestrian, they are equestrian citizens, but they live very separate from the rest of the population. And that was the status quo for hundreds of years, although the Chiroptera still taught their foals the history of their people, and made sure they knew about their original nation.

Celestial tried to help curb the rumors and violence, but eventually could only let the Chiroptera have a section of land, re-form their country, and close their borders. It was slow, but eventually the Chiroptera partially opened their borders, and some even began moving back into Equestrian.

Once Luna returned and was welcomed back, she visited the Chiroptera, asking for their forgiveness for her involvement in their having to leave equestrian again. After many, many debates, arguments, protests, riots, and several country wide votes, the Chiroptera decided it was time to re-join Equestrian more fully.

With cities who never sleeps, like Manhattan and Las Pegasus, it's much easier to actually interact and become friends with other ponies. There is still a lot of mistrust and fear between them, but with the princesses, especially Luna, voicing their support very vocally, none dared to do anything but avoid them.

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---Biology--- Most Chiroptera have batted -like wings, with a clawed thumb and three long “fingers” connected via leathery skin membranes. The “arm” of the wing is usually covered in extremely short and fine fur, while the membranes are naked.

The former is not terribly uncommon, and may cause the pony some issues with flying initially but isn't severe in the long run. The latter is a lot rarer and will make the pony to be completely unable to fly without some kind of prosthetics.

When it was first founded, the original inhabitants had just left a heavily rigid and military based society, of which they were generally considered outcasts, so they were very keen on personal freedom and anti-authority. This system was fairly slow, so when the country was reformed with a lot more inhabitants, they opted for a representative democracy.

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