Are Bed Rails A Restraint

Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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Today there are about 2.5 million hospital and nursing home beds in use in the United States. Between 1985 and January 1, 2009, 803 incidents of patients* caught, trapped, entangled, or strangled in beds with rails were reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Of these reports, 480 people died, 138 had a nonfatal injury, and 185 were not injured because staff intervened. * In this brochure, the term patient refers to a resident of a nursing home, any individual receiving services in a home care setting, or patients in hospitals.

Patients who have problems with memory, sleeping, incontinence, pain, uncontrolled body movement, or who get out of bed and walk unsafely without assistance, must be carefully assessed for the best ways to keep them from harm, such as falling. In recent years, the health care community has recognized that physically restraining patients can be dangerous.

Providing easy access to bed controls and personal care items. Inducing agitated behavior when bed rails are used as a restraint.

Preventing patients, who are able to get out of bed, from performing routine activities such as going to the bathroom or retrieving something from a closet. Use beds that can be raised and lowered close to the floor to accommodate both patient and health care worker needs.

Anticipate the reasons patients get out of bed such as hunger, thirst, going to the bathroom, restlessness and pain; meet these needs by offering food and fluids, scheduling ample toileting, and providing calming interventions and pain relief. A process that requires ongoing patient evaluation and monitoring will result in optimizing bed safety.

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Patients and their families should talk to their health care planning team to find out which options are best for them. Encourage patients or family to talk to their health care planning team to determine whether bed rails are indicated.

Reassess the need for using bed rails on a frequent, regular basis. For more information about this brochure, contact Beryl Goldman at 610-335-1280 or by e-mail at bgoldman@kendaloutreach.org.

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Hospital bed rails for elderly typically bolt on the bed frame or attach ... Great for travel, these rails are lightweight, and easy to remove, fold up & re-...

Most rails have either a board attached which goes under the mattress, or straps which must have unobstructed access to the other side of the bed. Our best-selling EZ Adjust Bed Rail is extremely versatile, affordable and a cinch to install on adjustable or standard beds.

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Please take a look at the video to see how well it works and don't miss the rave reviews! Once you have answered the above questions you can start looking in the correct category for the best rail for your situation.

We are very familiar with all different types of beds and rails and will be able to make suggestions for you. Be sure to read the product descriptions carefully to confirm this information.

An assist rail is a shorter length handle that provides balance and stability getting in and out of bed. As suggested by Sleep Number, they do not recommend rails be used on their beds.

People at higher risk of entrapment, falls or injury from portable bed rails include those with conditions such as confusion, restlessness, lack of muscle control, or a combination. For non- adjustable beds, most rails will work, provided there is a mattress and box spring.

Please read the individual product descriptions of the rail you are considering for other requirements, such as bed height, where needed. None of the rails we offer are designed to be installed at the foot of a bed.

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Regulations may vary by state and facility regarding use of what is considered a restraint. Bed side rails provide extra support for people with decreased flexibility, reduced strength or limited mobility go about their routine with more independence.

We compared cost, features, weight capacity and FSA or HSA eligibility for our top picks below. Anyone can accidentally tumble out of bed, but a fall can be devastating to an older person's health.

Those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or other conditions that cause dizziness or instability can benefit from some kind of bed side rail or support handle. Once you determine the specifics of what you need, look for a rail that provides the right level of support, comfort, convenience and style for your budget.

We suggest looking for grip bars with foam padding, especially if you’re sensitive to the cold. Convenience: These days, some assist rails come with modern perks like LED lighting for bedside reading.

Pivoting handles are best when you need to lower the rail down temporarily (e.g., while making your bed). Travel bed rails for adults can weigh as little as 5 pounds and easily fit in most standard luggage.

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Most models are steel or aluminum, and some manufacturers offer more modern finishes for a less clinical aesthetic. To narrow our options, we looked at the average customer ratings and the total number of reviews.

We gave preference to rails that are easy to install and come with a safety strap for extra security. All of our top picks come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty or a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Dimensions: 35.5” x 25” x 2.5” LogoPRODUCT DETAILS Features: Spring-loaded release button, adjustable crossbar Weight capacity: 250 pounds FSA or HSA eligible: Yes Installation isn’t exactly tool-less, but Stander provides the four bolts and Allen wrench needed.

Dimensions: 26” x 22.8” x 1.4” LogoPRODUCT DETAILS Features: Collapsible rails, three pouch pockets, powder-coated steel construction Weight capacity: 300 pounds FSA or HSA eligible: Yes The LumaRail-FS rail accommodates single, queen and double beds as low as 12 inches to thick mattresses with toppers.

Dimensions: 21” x 3.5” x 17.5” LogoPRODUCT DETAILS Features: LED sensor night light, Glossary indicators and padded hand grip Weight capacity: 400 pounds FSA or HSA eligible: No An extendable bar slips between the mattress and box spring on any size of bed.

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$39.78 on Amazon* *As of publishing date Comparing bed rails can be confusing if you don’t understand the different categories. Bed rails for hospital beds are considered medical devices and are subject to government regulations.

Safety bed handrails and guards designed for at-home elderly patients resemble hospital rails. Legless bed rails are also tucked under a mattress, but they do not have extra support legs.

Crossbar bed rails have multiple handholds and different heights to help you roll over and push up into a standing position. Most people opt for dual rails when their bed is positioned in the middle of a room instead of against a wall.

Much like similar products designed for older adults, bed rails for children are easily attached and removed. However, Medicare patients may be eligible to receive a hospital bed that includes adjustable bed rails for seniors.

However, bedside assist bars aren’t designed to pull yourself up after falling, and doing so is unsafe. Extras like foam padding, pockets and LED lighting are nice if you have the budget.

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