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Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
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Do 4 years ago URL Shortener site Bit. Do is used to convert long links to short links, so links will be easier to remember and share.

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To see the full link destination (preview URL) before clicking the link, just add “/expand/” to the short link address. Do 4 years ago Lock Computer Virus It will try to download supremo.exe which I am sure is a lock browser, ...

Do 5 years ago Safe URL shortener, but be aware... Some people may use these to make links to dangerous websites without y...

Have you seen clickable links that show the address as bit .LY followed by some random letters or numbers? The problem with the short link, however, is that if you didn’t create it, you don’t really know where it will take you.

You would highlight it, then copy and paste it into your web browser’s address bar, and add that “+” to the end. When you go to that revised address, you’ll be taken to a preview the Billy website, where it will show you the ACTUAL link that you’ll be forwarded to, so that you can decide if it’s a legitimate website page you want to visit.

I do this “Billy preview” for every shortened link I’m asked to click on, regardless of who sent it to me or where someone says it’s “supposed” to go. Sometimes, the address of a web page can run to hundreds of characters, large chunks of which are meaningless strings of random numbers and letters.

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Such URLs are impossible to type, when you're following a link in a printed document. You'll find yourself at a page which tells you the full address, gives you a summary of the page you're heading to, and even gives you some stats about the shortened link such as how many people have clicked on it in the past.

Just press Ctrl-H to see the history (from within your browser) and search for bit .LY. Even the best security software can’t protect you from the headaches you’ll encounter if you click an unsafe link.

Unsafe links appear to be shortcuts to funny videos, shocking news stories, awesome deals, or “Like” buttons, but are really designed to steal your personal information or hijack your computer. Your friends can unknowingly pass on unsafe links in emails, Facebook posts, and instant messages.

You’ll also encounter unsafe links in website ads and search results. Avoid scans a link using multiple services, such as Google, Moot, and Norton Safe Web, and reports the results to you quickly.

Avoid scans several security databases for information on sketchy Web domain names. Secure automatically expands the short link and draws upon a handful of services, such as Google, Norton Safe Web, and Phishing, to determine if the real link is safe.

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Billy is a URL shortening service and a link management platform. One site I often see needing to shorten its link is Amazon who is well-known for its long web addresses.

I did some research and YES there is a way to check these links before you accidentally give yourself a virus or worse– crash the internet. Step 2: Once you have copied the URL head over to your favorite browser and paste the link into the address bar at the top, or you can key it in manually if you wish.

Step 3: Now you should see some information about the URL: when it was created, the original website address, and how many clicks it has. Now let me show you another way you can check not only Billy links but other shortened URLs.

There is a website I found that will check many shortened URL links (including Billy). Once on the website all you need to do is paste or key in the shortened URL link in the box at the top of the page.

This site gives you more details than the Billy one does so this is the better way to go when making sure a web address is safe or not. WARNING: Always remember to be Careful when clicking out any link online or in email.

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See, you can check URL links like Billy easily and safely by following these steps. It’s hard enough to watch out for phishing scams that seek to pilfer your private information, but you’ve also got to make sure something as simple as clicking on the wrong link won’t send you spiraling down into a terrible rabbit hole.

Click on a dangerous link from someone you don’t know or on a dubious website, and you could be at risk for malware, ransomware, or other nasty online security issues. One of the easiest ways you can check a URL is by copying it and then pasting it into the confines of Scan URL, a website that takes your link and runs it through several queries via secure HTTPS connection.

It checks Google Safe Browsing, Phishing, and Web of Trust, the website’s online Whops record about the owner, and combines them to provide an instant approval or warning if you should visit the site or not. If for some reason you believe the link may be safe, you can click the “I disagree with the scan results” option to help Kaspersky employees better tweak their findings, and even contact you via email with what they figure out.

Plus, you get a special community rating from others who have visited the site in the past to paint a better picture of a website’s reputation. Avoid is an online tool created specifically to help you figure out which websites are malicious and which aren’t.

You will see lots of people on Twitter (and elsewhere) using bit .LY' short addresses. As the micro-blogging site only allows you 140 characters to post it's often useful to shorten a link or URL.

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If you are the type of person that always wants to see where a link will take you, then the Tiny URL preview feature can be permanently turned by setting a cookie. “From April 13, 2018, only existing users will be able to create short links on the goo.GL console.

Google's goo.GL service now allows everyone to create short web addresses. If you have a Google account then visitor analytics (statistics/history) is automatically available for all your own links.

Email links are usually legitimate, but sometimes they are a trick designed to open up your computer to a virus or malware. This article explains what to look for in any link you consider clicking and shares key safety tips to keep hackers away.

Hover your cursor over the link to reveal the URL without clicking on it and accessing its destination site. These emails usually instruct victims to “verify your information” by clicking a link, ostensibly to go to the bank's website.

If you received an unsolicited email that is supposedly from your bank asking you to click a link, then you are likely the target of a phishing attack. Visit your bank's website through your web browser, either by entering its address or accessing a bookmark.

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Using encoding, malware distributors can mask destinations, commands, and other nasty stuff within a link so that you can't read it. Norton Safe Web, Avoid, and Scan URL offer link safety checking.

They index the remote destination and then report what was found, so you never have to load the site on your own computer. A second-opinion malware scanner can offer a second line of defense should your primary antivirus fail to detect a threat.

Spam and Phishing Cybercriminals have become quite savvy in their attempts to lure people in and get you to click on a link or open an attachment.

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