Are Bit O Honey Bad For You

David Lawrence
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
• 8 min read

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Additionally, animal studies have found that supplementing with honey may reduce systolic blood pressure (the top number of a reading), another major risk factor for heart disease (9, 10). Summary Animal and human studies suggest that trading regular sugar for honey may help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure.

In some forms of traditional medicine, such as Ayurveda, honey is applied directly to the skin to aid wound healing. This is thought to be due to the antibacterial properties of honey and its ability to decrease the growth of microorganisms that could cause infection (11, 12).

Similarly, another study in 30 people showed that adding honey to wound dressings enhanced healing in about 43% of diabetic foot ulcers after three months (14). Summary Honey has antibacterial properties and may aid in healing ulcers and treating skin conditions, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and herpes.

However, while honey may be a better option than refined sugar, it should still be consumed in moderation to prevent adverse effects on your health. In fact, studies show that high-sugar diets may be linked to obesity, inflammation, insulin resistance, liver issues, and heart disease (23, 24).

Therefore, the best way to take advantage of the potential benefits linked to honey is to opt for a high-quality brand and use it to replace unhealthy sweeteners, such as high-fructose corn syrup or refined sugar. Summary Honey is a form of sugar, which can have negative effects on your health when consumed in high amounts.

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While it may be slightly more expensive, opting for a high-quality brand of raw honey is a simple and effective way to guarantee you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Unlike regular honey, raw versions are not pasteurized, filtered, or processed, allowing them to retain their potential natural health-promoting properties (28).

What’s more, choosing a raw variety ensures that your honey is free of added syrups or extra ingredients that can diminish possible benefits. Keep in mind that raw honey should never be given to children under one year of age due to the risk of infant botulism, a serious disease caused by toxins from a specific strain of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum.

After the age of one, the digestive system is typically developed enough to fight off potentially harmful toxins and minimize the risk of disease (29). Summary Regular honey is often pasteurized, filtered, processed, and mixed with syrup in an effort to cut costs.

I lost a filling once on scrambled eggs and cracked a tooth on a rock in a bean salad once). It was nice to see them on shelves again at the 99 Cent Only Store and even better to find the product virtually unchanged.

Posted Gut Check on Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 1:30 PM Photo courtesy of Flickr / Rodger Gut Check isn't so old that we don't remember the hierarchy of Halloween candy: i.e., good stuff and crap.

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While neighbors who neglect to buy the best sweets suffer at the hands of t.p.King teenagers, Gut Check's house remains unscathed. It's nothing but corn syrup mixed with three other kinds of sugar, some wax, food coloring and mineral oil.

Before you pop one of those abhorrent pieces of taffy on to your tongue, you're jaw better be ready for the 20-minute chew-a-thon that will undoubtedly follow. Let's hope you haven't had any dental work done in the last ten years, because this candy's adhesive-like grip is bound to rip it out.

Mary Jane's are a peanut butter and molasses flavored, taffy- like chew. Really, the only thing they have in common is that you would toss both of them in the trash whenever you got them Trick or Treating.

Media Source Jellied candies (that phrase alone is unappetizing) dusted with sugar and containing these flavors:Cherry ”” YES! Lemon ”” Meh. Licorice ”” NOT ON MY WATCH. Orange ”” Sure. Lime ”” Meh. Media Source Dear Black Jack Gum, Nobody likes you.

In fact, having to witness a clown eating Circus Peanuts might actually be the Fifth Circle of Hell. You would always get a little of paper in your mouth when you tried to bite the candy off, and that would completely send you into a shame spiral as you realized that the one job you had of eating candy, you were doing wrong.

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Media Source Please don't make my candy look like fruit. Media Source If you found a tin of this in your stocking on Christmas morning, you can be sure of one thing: Santa hates you.

Media Source You know that lavender-smelling soap that your Nana would have in her bathroom? Media Source It's not so much the actual candy that is bad.

It's the fact that it's named after a horrible food from a city that no one likes. But, just like everything else in life that is pretty, ribbon candy is fragile.

We're going to take his fake juice, put it into our wax and tell kids that it's a fun, tasty drink that they can also chew!” Media Source If you mistakenly ate this thinking it was a peanut buttercup, the effect was jarring.

But then adding a “vanilla cream center” and labeling it with a hard-to-decipher name (it's actually pronounced “gets”) makes it feel older than Weather's Caramels and Branch's Butterscotch Disks combined. Media Source One candy bar with four separate fillings in them: caramel, vanilla, peanut, fudge.

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Media Source A candy made out of chalky sugar. Media Source A good rule of thumb: Any candy that requires you to keep the wrapper on, so you don't get your hands sticky is a candy not worth eating.

Media Source They were called “SLO Pokes” because they took so long to eat. They were going to call them, “Let's Rip All the Enamel Right Off of Your Teeth,” but that name didn't test as well.

And you certainly can't throw it away ”” giant lollipops ain't cheap. So you spend two weeks literally chipping away at this bad boy and each lick, each crunch, tastes like regret.

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