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James Lee
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
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This means if your link is “bit.ly/ Custom Word”, then “bit.ly/ custom word” will not work and bring you to an error page, or to another long URL destination, as it is registered as a different link. So, if you need to, edit your all caps link to be all lowercase, or any variations you think your recipients might type in.

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Have you ever successfully scanned a QR Code that had been beaten up by the wind, flecked with dust, or “visited” by pigeons? These codes can still function due to something called error correction.

There's an indicator at the bottom left of every QR Code which denotes its level of error correction. On top of better deliverability and click-through, rich link-level data gives you crucial insight into your link engagement, so your team can make smarter decisions around its content and communications.

If you would like more information on gaining access to use any custom keyword for your links, you can read more about the enhanced functionality and powerful analytics of our licensed link management platform Billy Enterprise by clicking here. Billings support a wide variety of characters that can be used to customize the back half of links.

Here I’ll take you through the top URL shortening mistakes and how to avoid them. When you’re sharing content online, especially as a brand, people will judge every aspect of what you are putting out there.

So in order to get the most out of a social post, you should take a few extra seconds to think about how your link will look when sharing it with other people. But there’s also additional brand awareness and trust factors coming into play.

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Social media managers and digital marketers will A/B test an ad or landing page like it’s going to change their lives, yet they can’t spend the extra 2 minutes on social media to make their link “pretty” with a branded domain and custom keyword for the URL slug. May I suggest that you always spend the extra time up front, and reap the long-term benefits of increased link trust and even a possible minor SEO boost.

Unfortunately, because he used bit.LY a public generic URL shortener that is blacklisted, this won’t help Rand much with his rankings for “voice SEO”. And it’s worth noting, with a name as big as his, he isn’t going to lose much trust from using a generic domain name in his link.

When creating a short link, think about what it is from the content that you are sharing that will really wow people. I’ve used terms like “Get-More-Traffic” or “Twitter-Cheatsheet” or “boost-customer-happiness.” Find the sweet spot between making sure it is related simultaneously to the customer/user and the URL you are sharing.

URL shortening is now a mature industry with plenty of advanced features. One of those features is the ability to instantly and cheaply connect branded domains.

Let me give you a few reasons to start using your own custom link shortener: It’s true that most of that trust starts with your brand’s relationship with the customer, but it continues all the way into the link.

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Something like, “where will this take me?” And, “this better be worth my time.” Link trust breaks that barrier down and gets more clicks. If using a branded link shortener increases CTR, you will have more clicks and better rankings because of it.

This isn’t a magical or noticeable increase for most people or brands, but it’s there. We will soon be completing a case study on the effects branded URL shorteners have on SEO.

I do this to separate out the two types of content into separate domain “buckets”, as well as to provide additional value to my audience by providing keywords related to what they should expect to see on the other side of the link. If you’ve ever been in Google Analytics, then you know that not all traffic is tracked back to its source.

If you’re a social media marketer whose job depends on the results you provide, this can be awful, as you are losing credit for website traffic and conversions. Rebrand has built out this process natively, making major improvements over Google’s URL builder.

Bots are everywhere online, and they crawl all your pages and click all your links, skewing your data. Some generic URL shortening services do not remove bot traffic from their reports, which is just ridiculously rude to marketers and gets their hopes up.

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There are a few ways to double-check the click report from a URL shortener with other data sources. While some discrepancies in clicks could have been real people that simply “bounced” before getting the page to load, if you’re looking at a difference of over 25%, it’s probably due to bot traffic.

And if you’re curious how many bot clicks we actually removed, you can connect your Cricketer account and take a look. Since Twitter standardized all URLs to be 23 characters, size doesn’t actually matter when creating your links.

Ever click on a link, and it is taking forever for the page to load? Basically the link you click on is sending people from one URL to another, then to a third.

It’s a minor difference maybe, but it’s these small things that can make you stand out in a busy newsfeed. You take something lengthy and ugly and make it short and cute.

There are several ways you can find and copy your Billings. After you save a link (via the Chrome Extension), a pop-up will appear on your screen.

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Press and on hold the link you would like to copy. Check with the individual who shared this link with you to verify that it was set up and copied correctly.

Google Analytics reports on traffic from many social networks. However, there is no way to distinguish among visitors who click on links in your profile bio, your status updates, or your ads.

(And you have to look in your referrals to find out about networks that aren’t measured by Google Analytics.) In this post, we’re going to discuss how and where to use UTM parameters to measure what’s really effective in your social media marketing strategy.

We’ll also go over some new ways to link to your website using social media. Just use the URL builder in the Google Analytics Help Center.

Then, you have to then dig into the secondary dimensions to get to the campaign term and content. So, assuming you’re not working with Google Ads, you may want to fit your details into the three required parameters for easy reporting.

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In general, you’ll want to make sure you are using the same parameters for consistency and tracking, especially when it comes to the campaign name. There are only two ways to add URLs with UTM parameters to your social profiles without having a ridiculously long link displayed.

The first is to look for places where the social profile will display anchor text as opposed to the full URL. The second is to look for places where you can use a Billy (or similar) shortened URL.

In the next section, we’ll discuss what types of links you can use and where. The only exception is the main website link on your profile.

Your personal profile’s contact information, page’s short description, and group description show the full URL, so it’s best to use your normal URL. This is especially true on your page’s short description, as anything longer than 160 characters will be cut off.

In your professional profile’s contact information In your professional profile’s Publications and Projects sections In a status update on your professional profile In a status update in a group In a welcome message or announcement email to group members In your company page’s overview section In your company page’s product and services section In a status update on your company page When it comes to the status updates, LinkedIn seems to strip UTM tags, regardless of whether you shorten your URLs or not.

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In your personal profile’s introduction In your personal profile’s links section In a status update on your personal profile In your page’s introduction In your page’s links section In a status update on your page In your community’s description In a status update on a community With exception to the contributor links in your personal profile and the main website link on your page, the rest of the links on Google+ either use anchor text (profile, page, and community introduction and descriptions) or shortened URLs (status updates).

For the most part, this is to prevent people from sharing affiliate links on their pins and profiles, but it hurts those trying to get specific with their tracking. Use the above examples to formulate your own UTM parameters and just change the source to match the network’s name.

You’ll be able to click on any of your campaigns to quickly see the main goal completions: UTM's parameters can be a powerful way to track where your social clicks are really coming from and which ones specifically are leading to qualified traffic and conversions.

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