Are Bits And Pieces Puzzles Good Quality

David Lawrence
• Friday, 22 January, 2021
• 7 min read

This is the best-ranking US brand and the best ranking maker of shaped puzzles we tested. As a bonus, they have a lovely catalog that publishes regularly.

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Bits and Pieces boxes are smaller than brands like Ravens burger, Gibson, or Jumbo, and also square. The box design is unique per puzzle with a variety of colors.

I like that they have the name of the artist on the front and the puzzle image is large and clear. The sides are identical on 3 edges, providing a photo of the image, the BNP logo, and the piece count.

The final side has the name of the artist and puzzle and copyright info. On a shelf you can see a small image and the piece size, but not the name of the puzzle and the artist.

There’s nothing inside the box except for the bag of puzzle pieces and a cardboard strip. The purpose of the cardboard strip seems to be to help the fragile box bottom not come apart as the puzzle bag moves around during shipment.

The pieces feel sturdy and are close to Ravens burger in thickness, perhaps just slightly thinner and/or less dense. The pieces are unusual shapes and of a wide variety.

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Among their popular artists for shaped puzzles are Jack Williams, Fred Szatkowski, Mike Spacer, Jeffrey Severn, Mary Thompson, Margaret Co bane, Russel Co bane, and Duane Manning. They’ve ranked so highly in the category because of their shaped puzzles.

Some of their Americana artists include Art Poplin, Bob Fair, Heroic, John Sloane, and Sandy Using. I bought a golf ball globe puzzler as a gift.

Waited several weeks for the delivery, which eventually arrived with two completely different puzzles to the ones we had ordered. Tried to call their inappropriately named “customer service” which incidentally is a premium rate line.

Contacted them by email to request they correct their error. Eventually, again several weeks later, had an email from them asking for me to provide my address, which they stated they did not have.

I have purchased over 50 puzzles in the last year and found the quality going down. The puzzle have bent pieces and will not stay locked together.

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They have good products but after my order was placed I started receiving emails offering better discounts and sometimes free shipping which was annoying. The order took a couple of weeks to arrive and one item was missing.

Emailing customer service didn't receive a response for a few days. Meanwhile, I called and the customer service representative was great about fixing the mistake but even with rush shipping on the replacement it won't arrive in time for me to get it to the recipient in time for Christmas.

I wouldn't deal with them again unless I didn't need the item(s) any time soon, and I already had a discount coupon code. I placed an order after checking they were trading, after the automated order response nothing, contacted them on numerous occasions requesting a timescale for delivery as the order was a birthday gift for a relative, three weeks on I'm still waiting despite requesting the order be cancelled and a full refund issued as the birthday has now passed, so it's pointless, still nothing.

Told the girl on the phone l wanted my other jigsaws, as she said they were going to send them all together and l could wait. Two of them did arrive however one of the were jigsaws very poor quality, had to pull some pieces apart which then took the picture off.

They also have some fun smaller items that are good for day gifts and stocking stuffers! There is a US, UK, Canada, and Australia specific websites.

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I called Bits and pieces “customers service”, I waited 30 MN charging my phone every minute. 2 weeks time are gone, I called them again today 01.05.2020, The customer service said that a Check has been issue to me on the 29.04.2020.

2- Why this check has been issued only on the 29.04.2020 when I called them 2 weeks ago? 5- Poor service-No communication with customer- not a fair company as they pay you back with check instead of money.

I ordered a set of two Red Crowned Cranes Garden Sculptures. They told me that if I wanted to return this item I had to pay for the shipping myself.

I wish I had read reviews prior to buying from Bits and Pieces ! When the product finally arrived after several weeks, it was packaged in a tube and was simply metal sides and the hardware to hold it together.

I complained to the company to no avail and returned the product via USPS, the only choice since they use a P O Box. It cost $13.65 and when I requested a refund of postage for the inconvenience caused by their blatantly false advertising, Eddie in “customer service” said it was against their policy.

(Source: myjigsawjournal.com)

When the wrong item arrived, we were instructed to mail it back, with insurance, at our expense. I requested that they pay for shipping the item back, and they advised they could not do that.

Order took 2 weeks (to be fair they do tell you it can take that long), but when arrived half of it was missing. When I called them they said the missing item was discontinued' which was odd, as it was just the same t-shirt in a different size.

But what really made me mad was that they had taken payment against my credit card but said a refund would be done by check and that wouldn't be sent out till the New Year, claiming they were unable to issue a refund against a credit card. I'd recommend finding a reputable company to order from.

I wanted the box to be challenging, so I ordered one that was a little harder. We watched YouTube videos on how to solve the box, but it still wouldn't work.

My husband called customer service and explained the problem. They offered to refund our money, but we asked for a replacement, which they provided for free.

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So glad the customer service people helped us out. All puzzles ordered have pieces that were damaged in some sort of way, NOT worth what I paid.

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