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Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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The Callaway Rogue irons are long, forgiving game improvement clubs with a very satisfying impact sound. If you’re making the switch to Callaway’s Rogue woods this year, it’s very likely that you’ll be getting longer off the tee.

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Putting it next to the Rogue Pro (above, left), it’s clearly a longer iron, but something about the shaping and finish make it appear smaller. To combat this, they used elastic-urethane microspheres to dampen the vibration of the face without negatively impacting COR.

Every Rogue club that I’ve tested so far as been long, from the drivers to the truly ridiculous fairway woods. The ball speed and smash factor that the Rogue irons produce are extremely high.

They’re long, they’re easy to hit, and they put the ball in a tight circle whether you strike it perfectly or not. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking.

Discussing in detail the specifications, so you can easily pick one that’ll suit you and help you improve. Big Bertha Iron clearly stands out among the other Callaway offerings and is the best choice for mid and high handicappers looking to improve their game.

The thick top line and an extremely long club face overshadow the ball, and you just can’t get the shot wrong. Callaway uses the 360 Face Cup technology in this iron, which makes an extremely slender and hot club face.

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They claim that the face helps you to hit your iron shots 2 clubs further than the rest, even on a mishit. At the back of the face, an extra strip of metal runs from heel to toe, which adds weight under the ball on impact so that the shot gets more flight and distance.

These irons are specially designed for high handicappers as they offer extreme forgiveness, making the game easy and fun for you. These are Super GameImprovementirons look just like a standard cavity back iron due to their sleek design.

As it offers a wide sweet spot, even a half-hit would cover almost the same distance as a good hit. Makes gilding through the turf effortless with the help of its wide sole.

X Series irons are best suited for beginners and high handicappers with slower swings. The main idea kept in mind in the making of this iron was forgiveness for slower swinger and easy usage.

As a slower swinger, you’ll improve your accuracy and cover a bit more distance. It gives an improved feeling from a mishit as it makes a crisp sound across the face due to the addition of urethane in the club head.

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The iron provides high precision and regulation on the green, helping you to deliver a smooth strike. The tungsten-infused, multi-material construction allows us to locate the Center of Gravity with extraordinary precision for optimum ball flight and control.

Apex is expertly crafted with a beautiful players shape, a platinum chrome finish and a new True Temper Elevate 95 Shaft. Apex MB provides full control over the shot for players with experience in the game.

A wider club face offers a large surface area which means massive sweet spots, so you can hit the ball with fewer chances of missing it during a swing. It helps to lower the club’s center of gravity and makes gliding through the turf easier.

The result is that the irons are easier to hit for a wide range of golfers as it offers a high moment of inertia and more forgiveness. As the club face is pushed slightly further back from the shaft line, it helps to avoid a slice.

The structure provides slightly more time to the head for the club face to square up the impact limiting slices. Keeping in mind the level of your game, choose one of the forgiving Callawayirons that helps you meet your aim and gives you the confidence you need.

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When you get a new set make sure you get them fitted by a professional as it’ll bring great improvement to your game. Our favorite choices for the most forgiving Callawayirons are either the Big Bertha irons or the CallawayRogueirons if you’re looking for more budget-friendly clubs.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: But the distance and the feel has kept the golf OEMs, engineers, and designers in a dilemma.

Let’s nose dive into the dilemma to better understand the difference between CallawayRogue and Rogue X. It was because in achieving distance, the feel was compromised and vice versa.

Now here is the catch, the thinner the club face gets, the more vibration the golf player gets. Therefore, to get a feel, the OEMs added extra material behind the face of the club.

Some changes were inevitable in Rogue X to better capitalize on the solution to the Manufacturer’s Dilemma and, thus, the differences. The engineers at Callaway have been able to maximize the launch by increasing the lofts of Rogue X, and altering the location center of gravity and manipulating the tungsten weights’ location.

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The wider sole gives a solid contact to the offset shots, through which the distance, launch angle, and speed is not compromised. It is because the Rogue is shorter and are heavier, which leads to better balance and accuracy.

How the weight is managed on the golf clubs is of utmost importance to the engineers at OEMs. It is of utmost importance because the weight affects the center of gravity (CG).

Tungsten is the material that is being used by Callaway to manage the weight on the club face. The tungsten has a higher density, and thus, more weight is managed in less space.

The Callaway has used urethane material on the face of both the golf clubs. The urethane contains microspheres that dampen the effect of the impact without compromising the swing force.

The rogue golf club is for those who want the ultimate balance between distance and forgiveness. With the new CallawayRogueirons, urethane microspheres are applied to the club face to improve sound and feel without losing ball speed or COR (energy transfer at impact).

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Tungsten weighting precisely positions the center of gravity in each club so every iron has the best launch and control possible. Tom has an extensive background as an entrepreneur in golf, publishing & editorial and internet production.

Both features are designed to produce faster ball speed on a larger portion of the club face. Shots that are hit on the thinner parts of the face benefit with the added ball speed from the thinness.

Tungsten weight near the sole of the Rogue irons allows for a more precise CG location in each iron. This leads to the perfect launch angle and spin to maximize performance in each iron.

Long irons launch high with lower spin for distance and forgiveness. The last shared feature of the Rogue irons addresses the sound and feel of the clubs.

This material dampens the sound and reduces any vibrations that result from having a thin club face. The Rogue irons have a medium sole and top line width that are easy to hit.

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These clubs are perfect for the mid to high handicap player looking for more distance and forgiveness as well as a confidence inspiring look. The Rogue Pro irons feature a thin top line and sole as well as compact head design for a more classic look.

Overall, the design of the Rogue Pro is typically preferred by better players looking for the ability to work the ball. Their stronger lofts (7 iron is 27 degrees) combine with longer, lighter shafts and a fast face for more distance and higher launch.

The CallawayRogue iron family has an option for any level of golfer that wants superb feeling distance. He spent a year there before moving to Lipoma, CA where he worked at Black lake Golf Resort.

Since returning to North Carolina, Audi has worked with the First Tee of the Triangle helping to instill life skills and core values through the game of golf to local youth.

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