Are Connemara Ponies Good For Beginners

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This hardy equine breed brings beauty and elegance to Ireland’s west, where it roams free among wildflowers and stunning coastlines. Ireland’s extreme weather can bring strong winds and heavy rain to this part of the world.

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Still, the Connemara pony is tough, with strong muscles and a stocky build to help them withstand the harsh Irish elements. Credit: Leo Day / FlickrLike much of Irish beauty, the challenging weather and rough terrain helped evolve the Connemara pony into a tough, resilient breed.

A muscular back, short, strong legs, and hard feet all lend well to the pony’s natural environment. It is an agile equine that can navigate quickly across rugged ground and along dangerous coastlines, often in torrential rain.

Black Connemara ponies are rare but cello, a beautiful blue-eyed cream is common and looks stunning against the backdrop of the rugged Irish landscape. But what makes this Irish horse so attractive to us is that it is unique to Ireland and represents so much wild beauty found on this island.

The Celts were skilled in the handling of horses and are thought to have developed the breed from Scandinavian ponies brought into Ireland by the Vikings. Credit: @templerebel_Connemara / Instagram It is also believed that Arabian blood was added to the breed in the 1700s and that contributed to the pony’s impressive strength for its size.

Their willingness to learn and trusting nature often gives the Connemara pony a significant advantage in show jumping and dressage. The breed is great to help young children build confidence in the saddle and learn about pony management and welfare.

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The cool, calm character of Connemara ponies give them fantastic personalities, and there is nothing better than having a soft, warm pony nose pop over a stone wall to greet you. They are durable, sound, and have stamina, which makes them desirable for use in a wide variety of equine activities.

Irish Sport Horses are a versatile breed with an engaging personality, excellent movement, and outstanding jumping ability. For example, the most popular cross for Evening is 1/4 Irish Draft and 3/4 Thoroughbred, which creates a horse with great speed and uncommon jumping talent.

The Irish farmer relied on this breed to handle multiple purposes, eliminating the necessity of keeping different horses for each specific chores. The Irish Draft is often crossed with light breeds to introduce more substantial bone and a calmer disposition.

The hobbyhorse originated in Ireland in the 12th century and was brought to England for racing and light military use. The Hobby horse was a contrast to these large working breeds; they were light, quick, and smart.

By don Carey Irish Sport horses are an exceptional animal, they are graceful, athletic, and smart. Remember, horses are individuals and don’t always conform to general breed traits.

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Typically, Irish Sporting Horses are high energy animals, and they need to be exercised regularly. Once they master these principles, most Irish Sport Horses can step up to jumpers if that is your plan.

Finding a horse with the temperament and ability to move from hunter class to jumper is difficult. Horses tend to have general personalities based on their breed, environment, and age.

Typically, Irish Sport Horses are calmer than Thoroughbreds and are easy to handle; however, they can be stubborn and headstrong. To better understand the personality of the Irish Sport Horse, it’s essential to look at the temperaments of the breeds used to develop it.

Thoroughbreds typically are hot, which means they tend to be easily spooked and are high-strung, anxious, or nervous. These horses require a rider with some experience and knowledge of how to handle it; otherwise, it may be a rough ride.

Irish Sport Horses inherits the sensitive nature, energy level, and anxiousness from its Thoroughbred’s blood. Irish Draft Horses are generally calm, dependable, and not easily startled.

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Irish Sport Horses have a strong bone structure and are sculpted muscular animals with clean, well-formed legs. The Irish Sport Horse should have a short compact back and muscular croup with strong hindquarters.

They often inherit the long sloping croup of the Irish Draft, which is good for jumping. From its Thoroughbred blood, the Irish Sport Horse inherits high withers.

Irish Sport Horses are acceptable in any color or pattern, including Tobago and over. Irish Sport Horses were initially developed for transportation, agricultural work, and fox hunting.

The modern Irish Sport Horse excels at every level of competitive Evening, Show Jumping, and Dressage. Their temperament, durability, and athleticism make the perfect type of horse to succeed in many equine disciplines.

The Irish Sport Horse has the movements of a warm blood, combined with the intelligence, speed, and heart of a Thoroughbred. They are talented enough for use in Evening, Show Jumping, Foxhunting, Dressage, Driving or pleasure riding.

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Connemara Horse Breed | Facts, Highlights & Buying Advice | Pets4HomesWe want to hear your opinion! To the Survey Beautiful yet hardy, graceful yet athletic, its little wonder the Connemara's popularity extends much further than its native home in the west of Ireland.

In Irish Gaelic the ponies are called Carillon Chonamara, and they continue to be much prized. There is also a legend that Andalusian horses found their way ashore after the destruction of the Spanish Armada and bred with the local ponies.

It is known that many of the ships which survived the initial attack subsequently were wrecked off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland (partly due to severe storms) and so it is at least feasible that some horses (and humans) would have made their escape to shore. This may be why Connemara's are notably finer than most native breeds, although there was also extensive cross-breeding in the 18th century, particularly with Arabs and also Thoroughbreds and Hackneys.

Connemara's crosses are still popular today, particularly as serious competition ponies for children or smaller adults. The legendary Stroller, a Connemara cross has the distinction of being the only pony ever to have competed at the Olympics.

Ridden by Marion Cakes at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, the pair took home an individual silver medal and were only four points behind the gold. He was in good company, in 1935 the 15 hand Connemara cross The Nugget cleared a fence of 7'2.

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In addition to their jumping ability, Connemara crosses have also enjoyed success in other fields such as dressage and endurance riding. This event regularly brings around 400 of the finest Connemara ponies in the world together to compete in over 20 classes, watched by visitors from around the globe.

The west coast of Ireland is noted for its beauty but its weather can be harsh, particularly in winter and grazing is sparse. The breed is generally free from recurrent health issues although illnesses can be triggered by poor management.

In addition to obesity-related issues, common to all animals (and humans) Connemara's are also at high risk of laminates. Connemara's age well and tend to have lengthy working lives but owners of older animals will have to keep watch for age-related issues common to all horses.

In principle, they can live out all year, although in practice it can be hugely helpful to have access to a stable. In summer Connemara's may need to have their grazing restricted and in winter, working animals will almost certainly need to be clipped as they grow very thick coats and owners will need to compensate for removing this protection.

Horses in regular work may need extra, hard feed, but this should be approached with caution. This price is calculated by averaging all the adverts placed for sale on the Pets4Homes.co.UK website throughout the year 2018, for the Connemara dog breed.

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This ranking is calculated by counting all the adverts placed for sale, adoption, Stud and wanted on the Pets4Homes.co.UK website throughout the year 2018, for this dog breed. A novice rider needs to gain proper balance, requiring a horse that gives them confidence in the saddle and forgives their mistakes.

The United Kingdom and Ireland might be small countries, but they have an incredible diversity of native horse and pony breeds, many of which are perfect for novices. Morgans stand an average of between 14.1 and 15.2 hands high and easily recognized by their small stature, graceful, upright necks, and well-muscled bodies.

The Morgan horse can do it all being favored in both English and western disciplines, trail riding, and carriage driving. Gypsy Manner horses resemble a draft type animal with an average height ranging between 14 and 15.2 hands high.

Initially, the Gypsy Manner lived as a member of the family, coping with the hazards of everyday life on the road. Perhaps the main reason why Gypsy Manners are ideal for first-time horse owners if the fact they are a very hardy breed.

The Connemara pony is native to an area in western Ireland where they were the backbone to many Irish farming families. The Connemara pony has a gentle disposition and loves human interaction, making them easy to handle and train.

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Safe, sensible, intelligent, and patient, this hardy breed is a superb mount for both beginner adult and children horse riders alike. Connemara ponies are incredibly athletic and versatile with a natural jumping ability and seen competing in all disciplines as well as trekking and hacking.

They evolved from the Section A Welsh Mountain pony, crossbred with larger breeds like Arabians, Hackneys and Thoroughbreds to create a sturdy animal. This hardy breed is intelligent and friendly that is gentle enough for children and beginner adults to ride, but with the ability to compete in different disciplines with a more experienced rider.

Because of their varied size range and calm nature, the Welsh Cob is found in many riding schools, being useful for different types of clients. Bred for its strength and size, these gentle giants performed in battle, as farm horses and for pulling carts.

The Shire horse is renowned for their kind, easy-going nature and is not easily spooked and rarely buck or rear. However, its exact origins are uncertain but thought that the bloodlines include European draft and warm blood breeds crossed with lighter framed Spanish horses like Andalusian's.

They became all-around horses carrying out farm work, pulling the cart to take the family to Sunday Mass as well as the owner’s mount in the hunting field. Compared to other draft breeds, the Irish Draft is smaller standing between 15.1 and 16.3 hands with a lighter frame.

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However, they are incredibly versatile with an impressive jumping ability and compete in all equestrian disciplines as well as for use in the mounted police. Strong and sturdy, Norwegian farmers used Fjord horse to pull heavy loads on their hilly farms.

The Fjord horse is possibly the oldest and purest breed in the world, originating from Norway more than 4000 years ago. The Harbinger horse originated in Italy and Austria during the late 19th century, developed for transportation and farm work.

Temperament is a significant part of the Harbinger breeding programs, and horses should have a kind and quiet nature. America’s favorite horse breed comes in three categories of Bulldog, Thoroughbred and Progressive, standing between 14 and 16 hands high.

Hot breeds such as Arabians and Thoroughbreds are generally too highly strung for an inexperienced rider to handle although there are exceptions. An older horse has more experience and training, being predictable in their behavior, so they are more comfortable to ride for beginners.

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