Are Corral Boots Good Quality

James Lee
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 7 min read

This is my first ever pair of CorralBoots, so I read the reviews, and based on that information, ordered 1/2 size up. Turned out they were *too big×, but my replacement boots arrived the very next day, so that was awesome.

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Did I also mention that this is a ridiculously pretty pair of boots ? I would give them more than 5 stars for style if it was an option.

This was the last boot left in stock in my size, and it was damaged. When I was putting this boot on I realized that there was a nick in the leather at the zipper and on that same boot the zipper was poorly sewn.

Read the reviews and ordered half size too big, and they fit me perfectly. Wore them around the house the first day and had no problems.

This is a beautiful looking boot, however the craftsmanship is sloppy, and the leather is very stiff. The sole of the shoe is nailed, which is authentic and handmade, but sloppily: the nails stuck out of the sole in such a way as to be very sharp to the touch and potentially scratching a wood floor.

No arch support and not a particularly comfortable foot bed but not awful. If the craftsmanship and leather quality had been up to the price point, the lacking comfort of the foot bed might have been worth it.

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Brand new, they made to look and feel as if worn a while. I love the “Distressed Leather” look, plus they are so comfortable, they feel like I have had them for years.

Boogie is perfect supple leather, not too soft or stiff. The Turquoise full around ankle topper with the attached brown suede tassel on the outer side and turquoise lining truly make it the perfect every day, or dress it up boot.

Zippers on inside are easy on/off feature. The pointed toe still leaves me plenty of wiggles toe room. Highly recommend the Coral Booties for many years to come.

Talked to customer service, got the right pair ordered and was told they’d be here at my address with in a week. Called CS again and was told my boots were in a warehouse in Mexico.

The shipment had to go thorough a long process at customs, then to Texas and then to my house. There's a manufacturer defect on the pair of boots that I purchased: the leather inside was Miss stitched to the outside, not being completely stitched all the way around the shaft of the boot.

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