Are Dartmoor Ponies Dangerous

Christina Perez
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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Because of the extreme weather conditions experienced on the moors, the Dartmoor is a particularly hardy breed with excellent stamina. Over the centuries, it has been used as a working animal by local tin miners and quarry workers.

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Despite this, numbers living on the open moor have declined from an estimated 5,000 in 1900 to about 300 registered ponies today. The Dartmoor Pony has a small head, with large, wide-set eyes and alert ears.

The body is strong, with a broad, deep rib cage, and of medium length. The legs are strong, long from body to knee and hock, but with short cannons with strong, dense bone, and a flat-fronted knee; the foreleg rises to a shoulder that is well-angled and with good freedom of movement, and the hind leg rises to a quarter that is well-muscled and rounded in appearance, rather than flat or sloping.

The mane and tail should be full and flowing, and the pony's movement free and smooth. Recognized colors include bay, brown, black, gray, chestnut, or roan.

Archeological investigation from the 1970s has shown that domesticated ponies were to be found on Dartmoor as early as 1500 BC. However, after the war, local people began to inspect and register as many ponies as they could, and by the 1950s, numbers were back up.

Two schemes have been introduced to halt the decline in numbers, and broaden the gene pool of the Dartmoor Pony. Dartmoor Hill pony on DartmoorDartmoorPonies are native to Britain, but are also seen in other parts of the world, including the USA, Continental Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Free roaming ponies in Dartmoor. The question maybe comes from Dartmoor ’s, rather unfair, reputation for deep, man-drowning bogs (see Sherlock Holmes’ Grim pen Mire) and impenetrable mists (which certainly do exist).

Dartmoor ’s bogs are important because they hold both water and carbon and support a large variety of wildlife. Falling into a bog is a kind of Dartmoor rite of passage but it can leave you very cold and in danger of hypothermia (as well as horribly smelly).

Just occasionally you will come across a bog that is deep, makes the ground wobble in a disconcerting manner and gives you the sense that it is dangerous. Don’t be fooled into thinking that higher ground on Dartmoor will be drier, upland bogs are found on high, flat areas.

A walking pole is a useful tool for testing the depth of a bog before you commit yourself to taking a step. Dartmoor ’s rivers are a particular source of beauty and provide entertainment in many forms including kayaking, wild swimming and storytelling.

However, rainfall on Dartmoor can be sudden and of high volume, causing rivers to rise quickly to dangerous levels. It is far safer to reroute and avoid a potential issue than to take a risk when crossing or even walking next to a river.

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The only way to guarantee a safe route out of a Dartmoor mist is to make sure you know how to read a map and use a compass. The good news, however, is that even basic map and compass skills can get you out of a tricky situation and back to safety.

We recommend checking the Met Office Dartmoor National Park website and taking particular note of the predicted visibility. If visibility is going to be poor and you don’t absolutely trust your navigation skills, stay low and on routes with well-trodden paths.

As you walk across the north moor you will notice that some tors and high points have flags on them and that some danger area boundaries are marked with red and white poles. The sensible walker, however, will not get to the point of walking close to a raised flag because he or she will have checked the Dartmoor live firing times and designed a suitable route according to their status.

A moment that, although it involved the Devon Air Ambulance and a few weeks in plaster, hasn’t put me off exploring Dartmoor ’s more wild and wonderful areas and neither should it you. Set out prepared, with the right safety kit and some navigation skills and you will love Dartmoor ’s wilderness as much as we Blondes do.

This area is more than 1,000 feet above sea level, making the weather of Dartmoor intense and its terrain rocky with minimal vegetation. Dartmoor ponies have lived in that area for centuries, and because the breed developed over time on the moor and tough terrain, these ponies are still known for their high endurance level and strength.

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Also, one of the earliest references ever recorded about the Dartmoor Pony is within the will of a Saxon Bishop named Manifold of Creditor, who passed away in 1012. During the medieval era, these ponies were utilized in order to transport tin from mines across the moors.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Dartmoor Pony breed suffered as a result, but after the area’s mines were shut down, the animals were set free on the moor again. These horses are now being raised throughout Australia, Europe, the United States, and other small countries.

On top of that, these ponies make wonderful companions, thanks to their understanding disposition and their intelligence. They are a pleasure to work with, and they are a wonderful addition to any family with children who wish to have a horse to call their own.

Dartmoor ponies are attractive horses that feature a small head, eyes that are set widely apart, and ears that are alert and sharp. This pony’s shoulders will be slightly sloping and laid back, but they are not pronounced too much at the withers.

Skewbald and piebald, as well as excessive white markings, are also seen on some of these ponies, although they would not be considered for registration. Use a curry comb, shedding blade, dandy brush, and body finishing brush to move from the head to the tail and clean all the excess hair, debris, and dirt that has accumulated in your pony’s coat.

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Is the key to ensuring a pony’s survival putting them on someone’s dinner plate? Unlike the feral herds of the American mid-west, Chincoteague and Sable Island, the feral ponies that roam the moors of south-western England have owners who have grazing rights on the commons.

They share the space with free-roaming sheep herds and cattle, along with a diverse wildlife population. They have become an important part of the ecosystem, keeping gorse under control and eating plants less appealing to cattle and sheep.

The ponies however, roam further afield, requiring them to be ‘drifted’ or rounded up into a pound, where the owners separate those they own, and return them to their home pastures. The previous spring’s foals are weaned from their mothers and either branded and returned to the moor, or sold.

The money earned from selling the young stock or others culled from the moor is used to maintain the rest of the herd throughout the year. Since medieval times, they were used as pit ponies, most commonly in the tin mines of the Dartmoor region.

Dartmoor ponies numbers, whether entered the studbook, or of untraceable lineage roaming on the moor are in a dangerous decline. And, even with Princess Anne’s endorsement, that selling horses for meat would ensure their standard of care, the idea does not sit well with many pony lovers.

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Selling ponies for meat could make it worthwhile for farmers to maintain their herds. While the horse loving Brits may find eating horse meat distasteful, neighbors such as France, Belgium and Holland, where horse meat is often on the menu, might provide a profitable market.

I personally think that it's a good idea, people might not like it but there isn't the demand that is needed to keep the breeds alive Gka321isboss I don't agree with this and I think we should try to protect every horse breed because all of them are God's creation.

I don't agree with this and I think we should try to protect every horse breed because all of them are God's creation. Military pack horses and mules may be a thing of the past, but the US military is spending tens of millions of dollars to build a drone/robot that can carry up to 400lbs (181Kg) of equipment over rough terrain to replace the ...

If you want to tour the ancient city of Rome, you won’t be able to take a carriage ride to do it. Throughout history animals and humans have been victims of rapidly spreading diseases.

An outbreak of Equine Influenza has killed dozens of feral donkeys near Redlands, California. Experts are working to contain the outbreak that flared up in the unvaccinated herd since October and killed almost 50 animals.

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Sired by 14th generation RSS Tiny Tim, In The Light has reached the top of the Pony box rankings. Over seventy-five years ago, Hazel Stetson lost her two beloved horses in a tragic barn fire.

But now, at the age of 88 years old, Stetson once again experienced life from the back of a horse. BMG Equestrian has condensed a one-hour ride into a fun 8-minute canter complete with jumps, bridges and scenic woodland trails.

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