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Because of the extreme weather conditions experienced on the moors, the Dartmoor is a particularly hardy breed with excellent stamina. Over the centuries, it has been used as a working animal by local tin miners and quarry workers.

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Despite this, numbers living on the open moor have declined from an estimated 5,000 in 1900 to about 300 registered ponies today. The Dartmoor Pony has a small head, with large, wide-set eyes and alert ears.

The body is strong, with a broad, deep rib cage, and of medium length. The legs are strong, long from body to knee and hock, but with short cannons with strong, dense bone, and a flat-fronted knee; the foreleg rises to a shoulder that is well-angled and with good freedom of movement, and the hind leg rises to a quarter that is well-muscled and rounded in appearance, rather than flat or sloping.

The mane and tail should be full and flowing, and the pony's movement free and smooth. The Dartmoor Pony has a kind temperament, being reliable, gentle, and calm.

Archeological investigation from the 1970s has shown that domesticated ponies were to be found on Dartmoor as early as 1500 BC. However, after the war, local people began to inspect and register as many ponies as they could, and by the 1950s, numbers were back up.

Two schemes have been introduced to halt the decline in numbers, and broaden the gene pool of the Dartmoor Pony. Dartmoor Hill pony on DartmoorDartmoorPonies are native to Britain, but are also seen in other parts of the world, including the USA, Continental Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Free roaming ponies in Dartmoor. Ponies help to give Dartmoor its unique character and are one of the attractions for visitors to the area.

The ponies are very hardy and actually thrive on Dartmoor despite the harsh weather and poor vegetation. In fact, by grazing the moorland they play a vital role in maintaining a variety of habitats and supporting wildlife.

Because of their calm temperament, strength and surefootedness, the ponies have been used for many varying purposes, and this has led to the breeding and development of the different types that are seen on the moor today. Over the years they have been used as pit ponies, for shepherding, or taking the family to market and on occasion even carrying the postman to deliver the mail.

The very small ponies are the result of breeding with Shetlands and were used originally in the mining industry. With proper training, the various types can make excellent driving or riding ponies.

Complete Video Script A short drive further north takes us out of Cornwall and into the neighboring county of Devon, where we venture into remote and windswept Dartmoor. Perched on the edge of the moor, the tiny town of Crawford is an easy home base for exploring Dartmoor.

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It has a classic English village feel, with a picturesque church and cemetery, and cozy pubs that double as inns for hikers to spend the night. One of England’s most popular national parks, Dartmoor is one of the few truly wild places left in this densely populated country.

Of the hundreds of Neolithic ruins that dot the Dartmoor landscape, the Scoring Stone Circle is my favorite. Ponder the 40 centuries of people who’ve made this enchanting landscape their home, and the wisdom of today’s English to protect it and keep it pristine.

An archaeological excavation performed in the 1970s revealed some hoof prints on the Dartmoor that date from 3500 years ago. If these findings are difficult to believe, at least we have a written record of the ponies existence that dates from the 11th century.

His reasoning was that, with the weight of armor and weapons in his day, the larger the horse the better, but thankfully his successor Elizabeth I repealed both of these laws. As if surviving the whims of men and monarchs wasn't enough, the terrain where the ponies lived has never been the most hospitable place on earth.

While there are wooded valleys and green slopes around the edges, most of the soil is poor, with minimal vegetation in the area. Today, there are still ponies that roam over the moorland, but they are owned by local farmers, although they do live in a semi- wild state throughout much of the year.

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However, a large conservation project to help protect the ponies has been well under way, and great strides have been made to ensure that the DartmoorPonies will be living on the moors for years to come. At the end of the 19th century Dartmoor ponies were finally recognized as a native breed. In 1899 the National Pony Society created a Dartmoor section and this meant that the breed standard has remained relatively unaltered. At the beginning of the 20th century some Arab and some Welsh blood was introduced. During the World Wars numbers plummeted, after that time the ponies were inspected and registered and numbers increased.

Conformation: Fine and pretty heads with large intelligent eyes but small pricked ears. The neck is set high, and they have a good front with sloping shoulders. The body is short and compact with a deep rib cage. Dartmoor ponies are ideal first ponies for children and are great for hacking and jumping. They are sure-footed and have a relatively high head carriage which both help children to feel secure. They are good-looking ponies and are great for dressage, driving and hunting too.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates on Cheney, Basil, Tommy and Daisy. A vast wilderness right in the heart of Devon, this national park is characterized by craggy granite tors, heather-strewn moorlands, deep wooded valleys and coursing rivers.

The River Dart provides excellent rapids for canoeing and kayaking, the many tors scattering the countryside offer rewarding views for daring climbers, and the wide expanses of open moorland attract walkers and cyclists seeking fresh air, freedom and a sense of escapism. Historians will delight in the wealth of ancient monuments found dotted among the tors and valleys, including castles, burial chambers, stone circles, medieval churches, stately mansions and heritage centers.

However, you choose to explore, you’re sure to experience the wonderful array of wildlife that inhabits the park, from endangered animals to hardy livestock. Dartmoor is also a great place for a spot of bird watching with a captivating range of rare breeds including the ring fuel and the cuckoo.

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After a day canoeing, climbing or walking, nothing can beat a hearty home cooked meal made from delicious and fresh local produce found in one of the many pubs, restaurants and cafés dotted across Dartmoor. Weekly farmers' markets and annual food festivals across the moor are another great way to sample tasty local treats.

The Two Bridges restaurant, which has been awarded an AA double rosette, is a luxurious lunchtime spot for a cream tea, while the River ford Field Kitchen serves up a range of organic cuisine using ingredients from their garden. The Horn of Plenty is a popular destination for beautifully presented dishes, including seafood salad and Creed Carver duck with pickled blackberries.

We also recommend the exceptionally cozy The Who’d Have Thought It Inn near Beaverton which offers a seasonal menu complimented by a regularly changing variety of real ales and ciders. Dartmoor is steeped in rich history with evidence of Neolithic remains, and the largest collection of Bronze Age structures in the UK.

Memoirs, stone circles, clapper bridges, Dartmoor crosses and ruined villages are scattered across the moor, shaping the landscape which we see today. Medieval longhouses still stand, rail lines and factories weather the elements, a reminder of the prosperous tin mining age, and reservoirs represent the stamp of the industrial Victorian era.

The deepest gorge in the South West, there are many hidden treats to find including White lady Waterfall which is 30 meters high and the eerily named Devil’s Cauldron pothole. There are short walks lasting around 45 minutes or the whole circular route can be completed in two hours, finishing at a National Trust center for a spot of lunch afterwards.

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Enjoy a contrast to the Dartmoor moors with a visit to Narrator Reservoir with its tranquil water and surrounding peaceful woodland. Surprisingly, Dartmoor has relatively few lakes, making Narrator a rare find and, as an added bonus, there is a waterfall to the left of the reservoir as you approach.

It is a national park and a popular place for walking and horse riding. So here are my 17 favorite photos of Dartmoor, a mix of dramatic landscapes, beautiful scenery, historic sites, picturesque villages, and of course, Dartmoor ponies.

In my opinion, there are three candidates for the title of Prettiest Village in Dartmoor '; Fuselage, Widecombe-in-the-Moor and Duns ford. The village is full of beautiful thatched cottages dating from the 16th to the 18th century.

There are 67 listed buildings in Duns ford and many of them are attractive cob and thatch cottages like this example. I was on my way to photograph Believer For when I passed this picturesque bridge at Cater, a mile to the east.

It is not a clapper bridge, though the stone piers certainly look as though they may have supported huge granite slabs at some point in the past. I discovered a herd of ponies when I walked from Sheepskin to the prehistoric site of Scoring Stone Circle.

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They looked apprehensive as I began to approach, so I stopped and photographed from a distance before they eventually moved on. Even though it is a popular destination for visitors it still retains an air of timeless charm.

I could have chosen any number of photos but I selected this view, showing a pretty cottage with the tower of St Pancreas Church beyond. The church is known as the Cathedral of the Moors, a testament to its size and its strikingly tall tower, which can be seen for miles around.

The song tells the story of a group of 8 poor locals heading for the fair. The poor beast managed to carry them up the hill out of Wycombe before it collapsed and died.

One of the characters remembered in the song was 'Uncle Tom Cobra', a real person whose elaborately carved chair can be seen in the local gift shop. The mock-Tudor mansion was designed by Sir Edward Lumens for Julius Drew, a wealthy merchant with aspirations to join the gentry.

The Castle stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Reign Gorge, with fabulous views south and west over Dartmoor. Bone hill Rocks is one of the numerous tors that define the Dartmoor landscape.

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I was staying for a week at a holiday cottage near Widecombe, so I drove to the base of the tor and climbed to the summit in darkness to wait for the sunrise. The historic village of Medford lies on the western boundary of Dartmoor.

Within a stone's throw of each other are a very, very early Christian church, a Norman fort and township, and the remains of Medford Castle, once a notorious prison. Five minutes before I took this photo the ground was covered in snow, the result of a very sudden spring flurry.

A short drive north of Medford is Brenton, where you will find one of Dartmoor's iconic buildings, the medieval church of St Michael, perched on the summit of an exposed hilltop. Hilltop sites were often seen as sacred places and just as often you will find churches dedicated to St Michael on the summit of the hill.

The church was built by a member of the Gifford family in thanks for being saved from drowning at sea during a storm. The bridge was built in the early 17th century and for over 200 years it carried the main road between Drewsteignton and the market town of Moretonhampstead to the south.

Single Bridge became a popular beauty spot and a destination for tourists during the Victorian period. A tea shop was built on the north bank of the river to serve the tourist trade.

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If you follow a footpath from the village of Makaton out onto the moor you come to a peculiar rock formation known as Bower man's Nose. This rock column looks for all the world like a human head in profile, with a prominent chin and nose and cap.

It seems that a hunter named Bower man was fond of leading his pack of hounds across the moor. The witches vowed revenge and lured the hunter into a trap where they cast a spell that turned him and his hounds into stone.

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