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Christina Perez
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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New Zealand imported 10.6 million cotton T-shirts from Bangladesh last year, with an average value of $2.95 each, so it comes as no surprise the South Asian country is a major provider for local brands. Outdoor clothing firm Maniac moved its manufacturing from Christchurch to China, Vietnam and the Philippines in 2003.

Mannequin displays in the shop window of Lessons store on Queen St. Photo / Jason Oxen ham According to the report, most of its clothing factories are located in China but it also has some in Bangladesh, Vietnam, America and Italy.

We are proud that this creates jobs and economic gain for our country,” Mooch owner and creative director Kellie Taylor said. Boutique fashion brand Ricochet said its garments were made in Auckland by its design and production team, except its knitwear which is produced in China.

Australian fashion company Cotton On said the clothing its sells is made in Bangladesh and China, and had been so since its inception. It has six “ready to wear” suppliers in China, located in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wu xi and the Zhejiang province and one in Auckland.

Walker said brands who produced locally and used the Made in New Zealand” tags thought their systems were ethical but many did not know where their fabrics and add-ons came from. Its eyewear is made in Japan, luggage in Indonesia and its cashmere, denim and slides in China.

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“We made the move to take our denim offshore because to the best of our knowledge there isn't the specialized machinery in New Zealand that can produce a true pair of jeans,” the spokeswoman said. The Warehouse said its clothing was made in Bangladesh and China, and had been for more than 26 years since the retailer began stocking apparel.

“Last summer 2017/18, the percentage handcrafted offshore in India, beaded garments, and China, embroidered caps and canvas bags, was 2 per cent of the season's production,” she said. Findlay said Zambezi was proud to be New Zealand- made but had to get some fabrics with heavy beading or embellishment overseas as that work was too labour-intensive for its small workroom.

Purse company DeadlyPonies, which employs 42 local workers, said its accessories were designed in its Auckland workroom and around 60 per cent of its products were manufactured in New Zealand, “dependent on the season”, and the rest in France, India, China and Italy. DeadlyPonies managing director Steven Boyd said the products manufactured overseas depended on what machinery and skills were needed to make them.

N. Within the fashion industry, and amongst consumers, there has been a push towards sustainability, which has long been a large focus for DeadlyPonies with transparency around all aspects of the business. Steve : Sustainability means bringing transparency, including environmental and social ethics, into everything that we do.

We care and focus towards three key pillars in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals; people, prosperity and the planet. N. It’s been a huge year for the brand in terms of championing sustainability and reducing your footprint on the planet, launching a vegan leather Cactus collection.

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We searched globally for the best alternative available, and discovered a supplier in Mexico who was working to develop a cactus leather, and aligned with our values. This has meant that we were able to use off-cut leathers, along with pre-loved bags, through our amnesty program to create entirely new items crafted from 100% recycled materials.

S : We came into Covid-19 having already set clear goals and a vision to work towards further sustainability, putting us in a good position to manage the economic downturn and store closures. We introduced Live Chat, and set up an in-house studio so that we could manage everything ourselves once we moved Alert Levels; enabling us to continue as ‘normal’.

We’re also fortunate to have incredibly loyal, local customers in Newmarket who supported us online and then came back in-store as soon as they could. S : We are really proud to have seen our ambition come to fruition this year, with our own atelier located in the mountainous region of Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a small team of 30 artisans.

Our Head of Production has also recently relocated from Auckland to Chiang Mai to oversee our atelier. L: We’re really proud to announce that we have just finished our first collection where all of our suppliers and materials are fully accredited in line with our Code of Conduct.

One of the most toxic pieces in the accessories' industry can be the metals used, so we have moved to work with a solid brass supplier who has been operating for over 100 years as a family run business, with their own water recycling plant within their site. No waste is going into the local community, and all excess is melted down to be reused to create new brass hardware.

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A local supplier that we are really proud to work with is one based in the Wairarapa, who weave all of our NZ Mohair scarves on their family farm through a unique brushing technique; and have been doing so since 1989. N. Overcoming the hurdles and financial challenges of being a sustainable and considered business must call for great resilience.

What has been the biggest challenge in maintaining your standards of boutique manufacturing and ethically sourced materials? If you haven’t seen our concession in David Jones Newmarket, it’s worth discovering to see the next stage of our stores’ aesthetic direction.

N. Whether it’s part of a new collection, store design, packaging or window display, the brand has a strong connection to the art world, often collaborating with local artists. More recently, we’ve worked with Hannah on our Recycle collection to produce our brass hand, which also doubles as a coaster holder.

Launching our sustainability goals and our latest collection, we have achieved a lot of what we have been striving towards over the last year. We also officially (remotely) opened our atelier this year, which was a huge step for us, and supports our goal to achieve zero-waste production.

We then referenced this aesthetic in our David Jones Newmarket concession, bringing elements of the custom-plinths and oak finishes. So many manufacturers are based internationally, and produce for a lot of bigger brands who have still not adopted sustainable methods of operation.

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We have built a really great customer base of supporters of the brand, and those that know and love Julie, our Store Manager, as much as we do. We are surrounded by so many great local brands and creatives on Osborne Street, and in the wider Newmarket area.

From there, we wanted to create something that was a little more electric and vibrant as the seasonal collection progresses across three unique parts. S : I’m a bit of a journeyman and prefer to look forward rather than backwards, so my favorite is the all-new Mr Sling Mini.

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