Are Fell Ponies Good For Beginners

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In Britain, by the time of the Iron Age, horses were commonly used in a variety of ways every day. The ponies, in particular, averaged 12.1 hands high, and in terms of their overall build, they looked a lot like the Ex moor equine breed.

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Fell ponies were also used by the Vikings for work and riding, and these horses were kept in villages, while the breeding stock lived on the fell. The Fell Pony became increasingly popular because it was fast, a steady walker, and strong, but it was also small enough that it could be loaded easily.

These ponies prefer to engage in activities that will stimulate their curiosity and their mind, so they enjoy having a job to do. The Fell Pony features a head that is chiseled and small, with a broad forehead and tapering to the nose.

The nostrils are large, the ears are well-formed, small, and neatly set, and the eyes are bright, intelligent, mild, and prominent. There is a lot of fine hair at the heels, and the tail and mane are allowed to grow bushy, thick, and long.

Regular grooming sessions are necessary to keep a Fell Pony’s coat looking clean, smooth, and healthy. Adequate washing and grooming will keep these clean and detailed, especially when using the appropriate tail and mane brushes.

You should also be sure to clean the hooves carefully with a hoof pick and observe for any conditions that may be developing there. For the rest of the body, you can remove debris, loose hair, and dirt from your pony’s coat by using a curry comb, as well as a dandy brush and a shedding blade.

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Fell ponies are a hardy, gentle and beautiful breed, yet they all have their faults. A lot of people may say don't buy a tb as they are hot headed, yet I have met so many genuine tbs and strong, spooky cob type horses.

Ive ended up with a Frisian cross dales who am an amazing little horse/ I consider Fell ponies to be a tad large for a beginner (assuming the rider is a child) and would therefore consider other options.

I agree, it isn't based on the breed but the horse's personality and demeanor. Ah fell ponies, in my experience with them they are great little guys.

The breed is closely related to its geographic neighbor, the Dales Pony, but is a little smaller and more pony-like in build. Felonies vary a good deal in weight and size, so ponies may be found to carry almost any rider.

The breed was bred for the unforgiving mountainous environment of Cambria in north-west England, so they are adaptable to almost any temperate climate. It should exhibit intelligence and self-preservation considered common to British mountain and moorland pony breeds, and at the same time, have a lively and alert attitude.

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The Fell Pony has the regular gaits, noted for correct movement and is considered sure-footed in rough terrain. They are primarily a working breed of pony with activity, stamina, hardiness, and intelligence that enables them to live and thrive in tough conditions out on the fells in the Lake District.

The Fell Pony was originally used as a pack horse, carrying slate and lead, copper, and iron ores. With their sturdy bodies, strong legs, and equable disposition, and being good, fast walkers, they would travel up to 240 mi (390 km) a week.

The rise of carriage driving as a recreational activity has provided the Fell a renewed job, which it traditionally performed for centuries. Some ponies of Queen Elizabeth II are sometimes used for this purpose at Balm oral, while others are used for both riding and driving by the royal family.

Felonies have recently been used to carry equipment into the hills for repair of footpaths in the Lake District and they are increasingly being used for British Dressage “Team Quest” competitions (FPS Magazine, Spring 2016, p61) In 1922, the society restructured itself on “more liberal lines” to attract more members to the support of the Fell Pony.

Largely bred for racing, a thoroughbred might turn out to be more horse than most beginners can handle. And in most cases, you should pass on a retired racehorse that is trained to bolt at the crack of a starter pistol.

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Physical Characteristics: Muscular body; broad chest; strong hindquarters; distinctive coat pattern These horses are typically attentive, social, and have a strong desire to please their caretakers.

The Missouri fox trotter horse is another gained breed for a comfortable ride. With its head down and tail up, the horse steps deliberately with one always foot in contact with the ground.

Justus de Cuveland/Getty Images Icelandic horses are sure-footed, long-lived, and resistant to harsh conditions. They descend from Shetland ponies, and their small stature makes them feel less imposing to new riders.

Their special step is called a “told,” which is a sped-up walk that offers a level ride even over rocky terrain. Australian Scenic/Getty Images Clydesdale's often have a quiet demeanor that beginners enjoy.

These horses tend to be forgiving of a beginner’s mistakes and are generally calm and steady. Sometimes saddle fit and tack sizing can be difficult for these large horses.

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Physical Characteristics: Feathering on legs; round feet; broad forehead; arched, long neck In general, beginners should avoid untrained and highly spirited horses, as they can be difficult for even veteran equestrians.

Similarly, the athleticism of Andalusian horses can make them difficult to manage for beginners. Fell ponies are native to the North of England, and are mostly found in Cambria, in the old counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland, where probably they roamed from prehistoric times.

By the Iron Age, equines were in relatively common use throughout Britain 1 and averaged 12.1 HH in height; they resembled the modern Ex moor breed in terms of overall build. By the later part of the Roman occupation, somewhat later than the improvements in other domestic species, the average height of British ponies had increased to around 13 HH.

From the 11th and 12th centuries ponies were being used for longer distance pack work carrying loads of fleeces, woolen goods, foodstuff such as cheeses, meat, fish and preserves, and local metal ores. By the 13th century there was a brisk trade in wool to Belgium, and ponies or “campus” were used to transport merchandise all around the country.

The Fell type would have been wonderful for this purpose, being strong, a fast and steady walker and small enough to be easily loaded. For instance, in the winter of 1492-93, 11 Kendal traders made a total of 14 journeys to Southampton with pack horses carrying loads of cloth.

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As industry developed, ponies were needed to transport copper, iron and lead ores from mines in the north-west of England to the smelting works. They also carried iron and lead long distances across country to Newcastle, returning with coal.

They were used underground, where the mine's seam height allowed, and above ground for moving machinery and also hauling dairy produce to town from the colliery farms overlying the pits. 6 When canals and railways became the main means of transport, pack-pony trains and pony-based postal services remained a lifeline for remote communities.

In The Westmoreland Gazette in 1853, a report about Dent Horse Fair referred to fell ponies (with a small “f”) being sold. In 1861 a show class was held for “the best fell pony of any age” at Norton Agricultural Exhibition.

The affluent 1950s saw the rising popularity of riding for pleasure, a pursuit that has guaranteed the future of many native breeds. As a hack and general riding pony, the Fell's fast walk and easy paces make it a pleasant and comfortable ride, and its sure fondness ensures a safe passage over the roughest country.

They appear to know which is the soundest track through soft marshy ground or the safest descent of a rocky hillside. To test these qualities the Fell Pony Society holds an annual performance trial where the course comprises a varied range of difficult terrain including steep and twisting hills, boggy ground, a water crossing and several natural hazards such as fallen logs and the like.

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Felonies are generally creditable jumpers, particularly across country, being both agile and clever on their feet. The rediscovery of Driving as a recreational sport has given the Fell pony the means of continuing in a job which it has traditionally done for centuries.

The fact that the Felonies breed very true to type makes it easy to find matched pairs. They perform light forestry and farm work such as shepherding, and carry tourists on pony treks.

Some HM The Queen's ponies are sometimes used for this purpose at Balm oral while others are used for both riding and driving by the Royal Family. Large numbers of Felonies are used in riding and trekking stables throughout the country because of their steady temperaments and useful size.

Feet of good size, round and well-formed, open at heels with the characteristic blue horn, fair sloping pasterns not too long, forelegs should be straight, well-placed not tied at elbows, big well-formed knees, short cannon bone, plenty of good flat bone below knee (eight inches at least), great muscularity of arm. Height and colour5 Head, nostrils, eyes, ears, throat/jaw and neck 10 Shoulders 15 Carcass 20 Feet, legs and joints and hind legs 25 Action 25 General characteristics and breed type 100The material on this page may be freely quoted in part or whole, but should not be altered.

The source should be acknowledged as “copyright of the Fell Pony Society” and the URL of this page should be given, http://www.fellponysociety.org/about_breed.htm The Fell Pony Society has frequently been made aware, by FPS members in England, Europe and USA, of advertisements containing the term “Mini Frisian” with reference to Fell ponies.

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Our Overseas Branches also tell us that they have to correct the use of this term on a regular basis, when exhibiting Fell ponies to the public. To make such comparisons deliberately in any advertisement is misleading both about the Fell pony and about any other breed that is compared to it.

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