Are Fitbit Inspire Waterproof

Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 03 January, 2021
• 8 min read

See the table below and our user manuals for specifics whether your device is swim proof or splash proof. Keep in mind that not all of our accessory bands should get wet, like those made of leather, metal, and woven materials.

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We also don’t recommend wearing any of our devices in a hot tub or sauna. Note that water lock turns on automatically when you start a swim in the Exercise app.

A waterproof fitness tracker means you can dive into a pool or jump into the shower on a morning and not have to worry about whether you're going to damage your wristband. Just because they're high-end fitness trackers doesn't make every Fitbit device pool worthy either.

Now we may use the term waterproof “, but it's worth noting that doesn't mean these trackers can go anywhere wet and do anything when submerged. The latest product from Fitbit is waterproof, and it's the first in the Charge line-up that you'll be able to take in the pool.

Fitbit's second smartwatch is waterproof and capable of tracking your laps up and down the pool. The FitbitInspire and Inspire HR are two of the company's latest fitness trackers, and both are capable of being submerged.

They don't track many swimming stats though, so you may not want these if you want to monitor your pool time activities. The first time Fitbit made a water resistant product was the Flex 2 that was announced late in 2017, and it's currently the cheapest waterproofFitbit.

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Fitbit's only tracker for kids is also what the company calls “shower-proof” but it doesn't recommend taking it in the pool. A waterproof fitness tracker means you can dive into a pool or jump into the shower on a morning and not have to worry about whether you're going to damage your wristband, and Fitbit makes some best.

However, not every Fitbit device is pool-worthy, so in this guide we're going to run you through each of the company's waterproof watches, so you can choose the right one for you. Now we may use the term waterproof ', but it's worth noting that doesn't mean these trackers can go anywhere wet and do anything when submerged.

The Fitbit Sense can track your stress levels, and is safe to take into the pool if you like to wind down by swimming a few lengths. It detects when you start swimming, and automatically logs how long you spend on your workout as well.

The latest Fitbit Charge is the first in the line to offer on-board GPS, so you can track outdoor swims. Fitbit says you can happily wear it in the shower, the pool and the sea (though rinse that salt off afterwards).

The Versa 2 is a fantastic looking smartwatch that will serve you well all day and night, with contactless payments, activity monitoring, sleep tracking and, of course, water resistance. The FitbitInspire 2 isn't a huge leap forward from its predecessor, but it features a refreshed look, improved heart rate zone tracking, and a free trial of Fitbit Premium, which will prove extremely handy if you're a keen swimmer.

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The FitbitInspire and Inspire HR are two of the company's latest fitness trackers, and both are capable of being submerged. Fitbit's first genuinely water resistant product was the Flex 2, which was announced late in 2017, and it's currently the cheapest waterproofFitbit if you can still find it in stock.

Most devices have what's called an IP (Ingress Protection) code, which tells you how waterproof something is. However, Fitbit is notable in that they haven't assigned official IP ratings to any of their devices.

One more note: we're talking about the Fitbit itself here, not about bands, which may be synthetic and impervious to water damage, or may be leather or metal and not at their best when wet. The Fitbit Versa can withstand up to 50 meters of water pressure.

Pros: Wrist-based Spotify app controls Battery can last up to seven days with regular use Upgraded comfortable and breathable wrist band You can open up the accompanying app to get even more detailed information, including a workout intensity map to view changes in your heart rate along your favorite routes.

If you’re looking for more detailed information, you can try out a free 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium for more personalized ways to stay active and better manage your sleep and stress. The wristband is comfortable and breathable, which allows the Charge 4 to seamlessly transition from the pool or gym to your office and back home.

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Fitbit’s Versa 2 is an improved version over the original tracker, including a lighter and sleeker all-around design and built-in Amazon Alexa. This Versa 2 also lacks GPS connectivity, but it is waterproof up to 50 meters and can handily track your water-based workouts.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that’s geared towards swimmers, the Ionic is a top pick for features such as built-in GPS and swim mode. To help keep tabs on your general health, the watch tracks your sleep stages, resting heart rate and cardio fitness level.

The fun doesn’t stop when pool time is over, though, as this waterproof Fitbit for swimming tracks active minutes, steps and more throughout the day. Kids can challenge their friends to step competitions and send messages back and forth.

Virtual badges and screen-based celebrations make hitting targets and milestones that much more rewarding. The battery lasts up to five days with regular use, and a bit less with animated clock faces.

Pros: Has over 15 different exercise modes Automatically records sleep stages Battery lasts up to seven days per charge Diving in for a swim isn’t an issue with this fitness tracker, as it’s water resistant up to 50 meters.

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When you’re not using this waterproof Fitbit to track your swimming sessions you can safely wear it in the shower or pool. Goal-based exercises are available for over 15 types of workout, including swimming, running, biking and circuit training.

Whether you’re working out in the water or on land, the available 24/7 heart rate monitoring is a handy feature. Features you’ll find on the Charge 3, but not the Inspire HR, including floors climbed, quick text replies and Fitbit Pay, which allows you to make purchases directly from your watch.

Whether you're already a Fitbit fan and want a product that will hold up in the water, or you're ready to invest in a waterproof fitness tracker, we have you covered. The waterproof Fit bits listed above can withstand everything from showers to splashes to laps, cannonballs and more.

In addition to withstanding splashes and showers, these models can be worn in the pool and ocean. For starters, as with other types of moderate to vigorous workouts, swimming can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, according to Harvard Medical School.

In a Johns Hopkins Medicine article, Dr. Seth Martin explains that one of the main benefits of wearing a tracker is that it provides an objective daily record of how much exercise an individual gets throughout the day. This in turn often motivates people to move more, whether it's taking the stairs instead of an elevator and carving out time for a dedicated workout each day.

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The newest affordable fitness tracker, the FitbitInspire HR, was released earlier this year. I have been a Fitbit fanatic for years, always excited to try out the latest model.

One of my top priorities when shopping for fitness trackers is to find the best waterproof fit bits. I was so excited to hear that Fitbit was adding another waterproof tracker to the lineup.

For purposes of this review, to give you an idea of the type of life I lead, and the kind of things I've used the FitbitInspire HR for… I'm a work at home mom to 2 school aged kids. Weekends are more relaxed, and I have to really work to make sure I hit my goal.

I'm not a big athlete at this point in my life, but I do like to work out 2-3 times a week….when I am not in physical therapy. It's been through hectic morning routines, minivan dashes, a family vacation with TONS of walking, as well as several workouts.

If you have previously used a Fitbit Flex, Alta, Zip or One, this is going to fall in the same space, with some notable upgrades mentioned below. You def need to check the specs of any tracker you buy to confirm if it is waterproof.

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You can choose to wear Fitbit Inspire as a wrist watch or buy a clip style holder. You can set Fitbit Inspire up to show your call, text and calendar alerts.

If you are coming from an Apple Watch, Ionic or Versa, the small screen may be a turnoff. Perhaps they will add more options in the near future, and if you are not quite as picky as I am then it probably won't be an issue.

Fitbit Flex 2 used to be my top recommendation for Best Budget Buy, but it looks like the torch is being passed on to FitbitInspire ! Final Verdict: FitbitInspire or Inspire HR would be perfect for anyone who wants a basic waterproof fitness tracker with a good balance of upscale features and simple design, all for a relatively low cost compared to all the other brand name trackers on the market.

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