Are Golden Corral Restaurants Closing

Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
• 9 min read

The franchisor said that “some” of the buffet chain’s 454 franchised stores remain in operation, offering takeout and delivery. GoldenCorral said that it will provide food for the furloughed employees to feed their families and will assist them in seeking unemployment benefits.

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RALEIGH, N.C. (CNCT) GoldenCorral Corporation announced that it was forced to suspend operations for 35 company-operated restaurants as a result of COVID-19. The announcement that company-owned restaurants were suspending operations was shared during a virtual town hall meeting with company leaders, coworkers, and franchise owners.

Operating GoldenCorral franchise restaurants will continue the precautions they have been implementing, including providing sanitizer stations throughout each restaurant, handwashing every 20 minutes, sanitizing food preparation areas every 30 minutes and replacing serving utensils frequently. The buffet chain has reopened locations in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

GoldenCorral also said it has implemented a series of safety measures at its restaurants, including rigorous cleaning standards, employee temperature checks, hand sanitizing stations, and social distancing procedures. Social distancing methods will include table spacing, floor makers, and beverage delivery.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story said GoldenCorral filed for bankruptcy, but to clarify, it was a franchise company that did so. Metro Corral Partners, a GoldenCorral ® franchise entity, notified us in advance of their intention to file voluntary Chapter 11 reorganization.

We are working with the Metro Corral leadership team and anticipate that they will continue to operate 24 of their 33 GoldenCorral franchised locations in Georgia and Florida. “The pandemic's business impact on our segment has been significant,” said GoldenCorral Corporation CEO Lance Ternary.

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“Recovery has been steady, but slow, and some franchisees will not be able to continue to operate without additional financial relief.” New service models have been developed to comply with variations in local guidelines and provide our guests an enjoyable GoldenCorral experience.

Regardless of the service approach, all utensils are changed out every 20 minutes, and new social distancing and enhanced sanitation protocols are in place at all restaurants. At the beginning of October, news surfaced that Metro Corral Partners, which owns over 24 locations of the iconic buffet and grill GoldenCorral, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“This was an incredibly difficult decision, but these locations were already suffering from declining sales before the pandemic,” Jason Kemp, the Vita Nova Brands president says in a statement, “with expiring leases without our ability to extend under favorable terms, we needed to make the tough call to redirect our resources to other locations in order to continue to operate our restaurants under our new concept of ACE (all-you-can-eat) and Marketplace.” The 1069 Restaurant Group, which is owned by husband and wife duo Eric and Diane Hold, operates 33 locations of the popular buffet chain through subsidiaries in Florida and Georgia.

The company has reported a debt of $49.7 million in their court filings, a downfall attributed to restaurant closures and a drop in sales during the pandemic. However, according to Restaurant Business, the company is moving ahead with plans to reopen 18 more locations by the end of the year, despite the bankruptcy.

Raleigh, North Carolina Now there’s a lot of crying over diced onions and even though the company claims some restaurants will remain open, there are doubts.

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Chipotle has had its share of problems making people sick, literally. It tried catering to people with unique diets, like veto, but sales didn’t improve.

That along with rising labor costs forced Red Robin to close a number of stores. After 12 straight periods of declining sales, the company is desperately searching for more investors.

Word is, unless they find more money and stakeholders they may be forced to cease operations. Other restaurants that may not make it to the end of 2020 include Ruby Tuesday’s, Checker’s and Rally’s and BJ’s Brew house.

One thing that’s painfully clear in the restaurant industry is that buffets are falling out of favor. Over 250 of our dining rooms have re-opened and even more are open for Takeout, Curbside Pickup, or Delivery.

Visit GoldenCorral.com daily for a list of open locations and to place an order online. Sign up for our Good As Gold Club to be the first to hear news about your local restaurant.

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Visit Goldencorral.com to hear from our CEO and learn about new service models and enhanced sanitation measures. When the GoldenCorral opens its new restaurant in The Greens at Millville later this year, it will be vacating its existing space at 5252 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., which has been home to the res tau… Continue reading this story and get ACCESS to all our content from any device with a subscription now.

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If you want to eat everything in the GoldenCorral restaurant then choose to visit GoldenCorral restaurant from Monday to Friday because on Saturday and Sunday you will get breakfast only. Saturday and Sunday GoldenCorral restaurant Provide Sirloin Steak & Egg, Omelets, Egg Plain Blueberry Pancakes, and Cinnamon Rolls, Casserole.

Furthermore, another alternative is Google Maps by which you effectively can get GoldenCorral Near Me locations. I shared all the important details with you regarding all I discussed above and if you do not want to ask me a question below in the comments, then you can call to customer care number of GoldenCorral.

Reviewed February 16, 2021 GoldenCorral is our restaurant of choice for food selections and price. Reviewed February 9, 2021 via mobile Pretty good meal.

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Food was hot and fresh and service was excellent. Reviewed January 8, 2021 via mobile Love this venue which never disappoints me, as I like to stop here during my travels.

Variety of food, fresh seafood, great salad bar. Reviewed November 4, 2019, Was traveling thought the area with family that loves GoldenCorral.

The cost seemed to be a bit lower than others I had eaten at before, and the...food was much better. While all of this chain serves pretty much the same things, the quality of the food at this one was much better than the others.

Reviewed October 11, 2019, We love to go to the GoldenCorral. The food is always good and the people are always friendly.

People often don't take the time to leave positive reviews, so we really appreciate that you did! Reviewed September 6, 2019, We went to GoldenCorral for Mother's Day, and although I was not excited about it (I was expecting bland, greasy, mass-produced food) it was DELICIOUS.

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I hadn't been to a GoldenCorral in probably 10 years or more, and I was very pleasantly surprised.... The food was delicious, there was a wide variety of dishes and plenty of healthy options as well. More We always strive to delight our guests, and sincerely appreciate it when you choose to dine with us.

Reviewed August 12, 2019, GoldenCorralrestaurants used to be one of our favorites, but the service is less and the food is poorer. We wanted a salad at a reasonable price.

There were limited salad ingredients and the dressings were watery. Reviewed May 23, 2019, We do not usually eat at buffets but found a craving for ribs and cotton candy, and they have both.

We were all pleased with this restaurant, it was kept very clean and fresh, well stocked, and the food was delicious. Reviewed April 11, 2019, via mobile Once again I tried GoldenCorral with friends.

She was sweet, entertaining, and made sure our drinks were refilled and plates removed. The BBQ chicken breast...were so tough none of us could eat them.

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