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• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Kart ell Compact Type 21 Double Panel Single Convector Radiators Add to cart We truly believe that we're helping our customers to build their dreams for their lives and their homes.

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A shower enclosure is a feature of many en suite and secondary bathrooms. Providing a quick and easy solution to a busy family’s bathing needs, a shower enclosure is built to fit conveniently in an alcove or corner of a room, contain any splashes and quickly deal with the flow of water from the shower.

Make your choice from the wide range of styles and budgets of shower enclosure available from TradePlumbing. All specifications and measurements are listed clearly next to all of our plumbing supplies, so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

All you need to do is speak to a member of our bathrooms team about your requirements by ringing us directly or requesting a call-back at a time that suits you. We have been manufacturing and selling HeatedTowelRails for nearly ten years and know what makes a great towel rail.

If you are installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom as a replacement for your radiator, then we can help you work out what size and style will provide the correct heat output. A hot water cylinder resides in an airing cupboard which is a boon for families when you need to finish drying your clothes and store your bedsheets and towels.

Trade Plumbing can advise you as to the best heating supplies for your property and recommend fixtures and accessories that will complement your installation. We provide everything from central heating units and boilers through to innovative heatedtowelrails and water treatment solutions, all of which are intended to make your experience of your bathroom just that bit more exciting.

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If your bathroom is well proportioned, we can offer you a choice of suites that showcase your room and make it the luxurious place to relax and escape from the busy day. Based in Colchester, Trade Plumbing has been supplying specialist plumbing and heating solutions to trade outlets and the public for over six years, though the family currently heading up the company has been a leading player in the bathroom showroom business for over three decades.

Our unbeatable knowledge in the field, coupled with our noticeable passion for providing our customers with an exceptional level of service, ensures that we’re the first port of call for customers looking for beautiful, practical bathroom products suitable for any project and any budget. You want to make the most of your living environment feel secure and comfortable in your home, all the while stamping your own unique sense of style on its internal design and decor.

We stock a simply unbeatable range of supplies and products and are adding to our collections on a daily basis. This ensures our customers are presented with fresh, contemporary ideas every single time they revisit Trade Plumbing for their bathroom needs.

Brandon BasicsMost towel warmers have a single power switch typically located at the tallest point of the rack, which isn’t always visible. The Brandon Basics towel warmer, on the other hand, has three buttons at its front for controlling power and setting timers.

Plus, it has 10 polished stainless steel bars to heat multiple towels simultaneously. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer an automatic shutoff feature, but it is quite energy-efficient, using about the same amount of energy as a light bulb.

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BEE.TECH amazon.this modern towel warmer is backed by a 2-year warranty that covers all replacements and parts. Buyers even have the choice to spend a little extra for a built-in timer that’ll shut the heater off after 2 or 4 hours.

WarmlyYoursamazon.composers won’t ever be the same with this towel warmer’s programmable timer function that adds another layer of control. This offering features 10 stainless steel drying bars, so you can warm multiple towels simultaneously.

Just make sure it's powered off before moving, though, as it can reach temperatures of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. HEATGENEamazon.this plug-in option with eight bars can heat two large towels or robes and is designed to run all day long.

There’s no need to worry about a timer or clamoring to shut it off, which means that it’ll always be ready on your schedule. Its utilitarian design blends right into your bathroom decor, and its larger size keeps warm, fluffy towels at the ready for multiple bathers.

Ambaamazon.this towel warmer is highly rated, partly because of its excellent ergonomics. It has four swivel-hinge units that can rotate 180 degrees, which aids the drying process for wet towels.

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Pottery Barnpotterybarn.composter Barn's towel warmer features a moisture-resistant finish, making it a good pick for tiled bathrooms with walk-in showers. This warmer's rapid-fire heating system means no waiting for warm towels.

Plus, this unit is made out of highly durable stainless steel, so it'll stick by your side for the long haul. It's large enough to hang two bath sheets and a hand towel, but it lacks an auto-shutoff, so we recommend pairing it with a timer.

It has enough room to hold 24 washcloths, plus, it includes a rack and a drip tray. The Paragon is the perfect option for spas or barbershops that want to give their clients a warm towel.

Runtalamazon.comic you're looking for warmth without sacrificing the aesthetic of your bathroom, check out this towel warmer from Rental. It'll fit right in with the rest of your bathroom, and it'll provide a hot towel for you when you hop out of the shower.

This model is a hydroponic towel warmer, meaning that it hooks up to your hot water system to save electricity. Most heatedtowelrails provide enough heat for your entire bathroom while, obviously, keeping your towels fluffy and warm.

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If you have a larger bathroom, it may need an additional source of heating to warm the room sufficiently. The majority of UK bathrooms are small, so while the room itself may be quite cold with tiled walls and floors don’t go over the top when it comes to heating.

Gone is the days of white or chrome radiators with our brilliant range of Anthracite HeatedTowelRails. They plumb straight into your central heating and provide excellent warming for your bathroom and towels.

They work just as well as other rails but look much smarter, distributing heat while blending seamlessly with your bathroom accessories. They plumb straight into your normal water system just like a standard radiator and work when your central heating is running.

Here, the towel rail is plumbed into your central heating system, just like every other radiator in the house, and the bars are filled with water. These towel radiators run on electricity and entirely independent of your central heating system.

They can be an excellent choice for homes which are not centrally heated or where the boiler lacks the capacity to run another radiator. Unless your bathroom is enormous, there is no need to run both a towel rail and a radiator in the same room.

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So, take advice from an electrician or plumber as to the most sensible place to locate your new towel rail. If you are competent at DIY and have the required tools, then replacing your radiators with a water-filled heated towel rail might be something you can tackle yourself.

You’ll need to get hold of a plumber if you are thinking of putting in a heated towel rail which will be attached to the central heating system. Check the specifications of the towel rail you’re thinking of buying and get advice from an electrician if confused.

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