Are Horseback Riding A Sport

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• Monday, 12 October, 2020
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There is a huge list of competitive disciplines in the horse world, and success in one doesn't mean a rider will be good in another, any more than a downhill skier could automatically expect to be equally skilled in cross-country skiing. Romans / Getty Images Sports require and build fitness: muscle strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and overall body awareness.

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The control it takes to use rein, leg and seat aids to influence a horse requires to be refined body awareness somewhat similar to a gymnast. While it's not necessary to be a bodybuilder to ride, dealing with an animal many times larger than yourself does require some physical presence.

Memorizing dressage tests and jump courses, following trail maps, choosing the safest route on a trail ride, deciding the most effective way to handle a horse that is acting up (that sometimes requires split-second timing) and always being aware of what your horse is thinking is a mental exercise. Riders also memorize how they will ride a particular course or cue a horse for a specific move, often within minutes of competing.

If you're still not convinced horseback riding is a sport, you should take a riding lesson with a coach who understands your opinion. After a full day of horseback riding, my neighbor complained about sore muscles and said his body felt like it does after playing a strenuous sport.

His tone implied that he doesn’t consider horseback riding a sport, and I felt stung by his words. Horseback riding is a sport ; it requires physical strength, skill, balance, and endurance.

However, there are times when horseback riding is leisure, relaxing, and enjoying nature, and of course, this isn’t a sporting event. Competitive horseback riding events are sports, and it takes more than just physical talent to succeed.

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If you’re interested in sportswear, I found some of the best prices on Pr oozy ; they sell outerwear clothing, sunglasses, and footwear. Horseback riding typically involves balancing on the back of animals six feet off the ground while running more than 30 mph.

The rider must retain mental sharpness during their ride to control a horse weighing over 1,500 pounds. Horseback riding is a sport ; it’s competitive and requires both rider and animal to have athletic ability.

I know a woman who volunteers to ride horses every time she thinks she is putting on a few extra pounds. In horse racing, the jockey has to decide if his horse does better running off the pace or breaking early and moving to the front.

In showjumping, barrel racing, and other horseback riding events, the rider has to know their horse and plan a strategy before the competition begins. They practice moves and try different training techniques and often work with their animals six days a week.

My kids played baseball, and often we would grab our gloves and toss the ball back and forth in the yard. The riders push their horse as fast as possible to each barrel, coax it to make a quick circle around it, and explode to the next.

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Showjumping is a timed event that requires a horse and rider to clear a specific number of hurdles set in a pattern. The team that clears the obstacles the fastest in the correct order wins the competition.

Showjumping is a team event that takes skill, athletic ability, and mental awareness. Showjumping is an exciting sport that takes a lot of hard work and practice to be good.

The horses and riders who compete in evening must have athletic ability, stamina, and discipline to succeed. It requires a horse and rider to jump a series of obstacles designed in a natural state, such as creeks, stone fences, and logs.

Cross-country is a timed event, and there are variations to the distances and courses, and some competitions include endurance racing. The activities are timed events and typically include barrel racing, pole bending, buddy pickup, and goat tying.

For example, buddy pickup involves a horse and rider racing to a person standing on a barrel in the middle of an arena. Gymkhana varies significantly by region and is sometimes included in county fair competitions and at rodeos.

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Many riders who’ve worked hard and trained their horses are insulted when others don’t acknowledge their athletic ability. But individuals who think that horseback riders aren’t part of the team competing are uninformed or antagonistic.

If you have been an equestrian for any length of time, you know the strength, determination, and mental focus that horseback riding requires. HorsebackRiding Requires TalentAs with any discipline, anyone can learn to horseback ride.

The kaleidoscope of talent required for an excellent equestrian includes strength, coordination, quick thinking, thoughtful strategy, high-level observation, and, most of all, intuition. Strength and Stamina Horseback riding requires hours of practice on horseback.

Strategy, muscle memory, and the understanding of horse behavior is all best cultivated in the arena. Some of the best riders will incorporate cardio to their weekly routine to increase stamina.

They may also add weight training or body weight exercises to strengthen their core, legs, and back to perform with higher precision on horseback. After all, the determination to win and the concentration to execute maneuvers with our bodies takes a focus that demands us to block out all other mental noise.

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What most other athletes may not understand, however, is the mental focus required in remaining in-sync with another living, breathing being. Horseback riding involves engaging and redirecting the distractions and opinions of a sensitive, thousand-pound animal.

Competition is also the driving force to handle pressure with a fighting spirit instead of a defeated or passive attitude. In horseback riding, sportsmanship is what causes the equestrian world to thrive for new competitors who will define the future of the sport.

They may feel uncooperative, and they might not understand what we’re asking because we don’t even speak the same language, but still, we trust our teammates with our lives. Think about the hours of training and schooling that you’ve put in with your horse.

In fact, when you think about it, it takes riders longer to learn the art of their sport and to be ready for competition than it does most other athletes. You can learn to play soccer, football, and lacrosse fairly quickly, and can be ready for a lower-level game in a matter of months.

Every time that we head into the arena on our horses, we’re taking a risk. Horseback riding is a risky sport, and injuries to riders are so common and serious that you could even argue that horseback riding, or at least some riding disciplines, could be considered an extreme sport.

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So many people argue that horseback riders “just sit there.” Not true. If we weren’t tough, we couldn’t participate in this thrilling and exciting sport.

There is enjoyment and fun in riding horses and many people crave for a taste of this feeling. According to the Australian Sports Commission, as is the case with many other national commissions, horse-backing is a human activity capable of achieving results with physical exertion and skill, which is competitive and acceptable as a sport.

Although it has existed for a long time in history, it remains a controversial sporting activity. You may think horses carry unskilled drunken human cargos while watching from a far.

We are rarely exposed to the technicality, training, sore in muscles, bruising, and chafing involved. The most horrific part is the mental challenge the riders endure during the activity.

According to the Australian Sports Commission, as is the case with many other national commissions, horse-backing is a human activity capable of achieving results with physical exertion and skill, which is competitive and acceptable as a sport. The Australian government leads many others in acknowledging this fantastic activity as a sport.

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However, there are more exciting issues related to the phenomenon to support the choice to call it a sport. Although they may not be intentional in their actions, as they rely on people for control, they are trusted to take instructions like in any other sport.

They use a different language, which is instilled in training over time but give the riders the confidence the trust them with their lives. In fact, it takes them more time to learn the art of their sport that with every other athlete.

Accidents may be detrimental hence the need for all the time possible to align the rider with the horse. The fact is; sitting on a horse idle will not generate any exciting movement.

We create impulsion and regulate strides to help the horse to balance. Moreover, there are many ways to affect the horse’s movement such as jumping hurdles.

The cost of owning a horse is equivalent to a regular car. Horses need a specific language of which you will have to learn and practice until you can communicate effectively.

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Others are cute and mostly inactive, as they do not have the muscle strength and speed to compete with the rest. The reason is that most people have little knowledge of what entails to ride a horse.

They deem it as simple and involving rather than an active act of physical competitiveness. To such people, it would be important to get them close enough so that they experience firsthand attachment to sporting horses.

They will realize it requires a lot of skill, physical strength, and most importantly; long hours of training to get it right. While most people are throwing or kicking a small ball around they are trying to ride a 1,000-1,500 lb animal that loves to go.

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