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Riding a horse is legal in many states of the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and many other places. However, riding a horse can be tricky in urban areas due to the vast number of vehicles and traffic.

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To help you understand bett her, I will describe all the rules and tips to ride your horse on the street safely. First and foremost it is essential to maintain the speed limits as mentioned on the roads.

One should reduce the speed during peak traffic hours to avoid any mishaps. If you are riding the horse in the dark make sure to keep a torch with you and also wear reflective clothing.

Do not ride speedily on the streets, maintain a proper speed and stop at all the signals. Avoid making loud noises to prevent any disturbance caused to other drivers and riders.

Some roads might have a sign for no vehicles and no horses, follow the rules and regulations stated for the streets properly. Also, always decrease your vehicle’s speed and give them the space to proceed ahead.

Riding a horse is legal in major countries, but every state might have specific laws for it. In my leisure time, I like to play with my cat or sip my long Americano reading my favorite book.

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Laws “which by their very nature may not have application” include fairly obvious things that do not apply to horses, such as rules about headlamps, windshield wipers, seat belts, etc. Lundberg points out that courtesy and common sense are called for by all parties, but, understandably, the burden for caution rests a little more heavily on the shoulders of the motorist because the stakes are so high.

These collisions are relatively rare and, as Lundberg writes, not tracked reliably in the U.S., but anybody who has had a near miss with a horse -- as I did once, in greater Zeeland -- will tell you it’s undeniably nerve-rattling. • There is no legal age limit for riding a horse, but novice riders should never go on roads without a more experienced companion.

• If you need to cross the road, wait for a comfortable gap in traffic and signal your intentions clearly to any vehicle that might be in the vicinity. The British Horse Society offers some suggestions for motorists about how to interact safely with equestrians: Slow down if you see someone on a horse, wait to see if the rider is comfortably in control of the animal before passing, check for signals, pass slowly and give the animal a wide berth.

The relevant portion of the Michigan Vehicle Code on lights and signage for implements of husbandry and SMS is here. Interesting side note: In Michigan and many other states, the rules about orange safety triangles apply to the Amish, whose horse-and-buggy conveyances are a common site in some parts of the country.

In Kentucky, an ultraconservative Amish group is fighting a series of recent arrests for failure to use the warning triangles, on the grounds the law violates their religious freedom. This is one of those “up to interpretation” sections of state law, but in general, if there is a line of traffic behind your romantic carriage ride, the driver might be guilty of a civil infraction.

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Flight Horses are 'flight' animals which makes them unpredictable and easily scared If something like a speeding car or a barking dog frightens a horse, its natural reaction will be to get away from whatever scared it.

Today, riding on the road may be part of a horse’s training program or just for leisure. For riders, it is an enjoyable change of environment, but there are safety risks.

These include, but are not restricted to, traffic speeds, road surfaces and motorists’ knowledge of dealing with horses. You can reduce these risks with road safety knowledge and training.

This is in order to control the LED horse, in the interest of safety of all road users. If the weather is bad, you should not ride on the road unless it is absolutely necessary.

This is particularly relevant at junctions where motorists are advised to keep a safe distance from horses and riders; slow down when approaching a horse and rider. This could cause the rider to lose control of the animal; if you are carrying a roof load or towing a trailer, take special care when passing horses ; if you drive a heavy goods' vehicle, know the dimensions of your load.

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Regardless of those laws, it is important that you are aware of the hazard you cause as a horse rider in a built-up area. I feel really silly bringing this up, but it is the biggest and best courtesy we can offer motorist on the road.

But riding in and around an urban or suburban area during rush hour is going to guarantee an accident. Running kids can spook your horse or soccer moms jostling in the line-up with their SUVs can be unpredictable.

The safest bet is to steer clear of high traffic times and locations. Use your hearing to detect cars early, this will give you the time to signal to any other riser to check their position on the road.

Stay back from the group and wait for a safe break in oncoming traffic. It seems a little over-the-top, but it only takes a child who is swapping from the opposite side of the back seat to lean out the window to spook a horse.

That dog could send the rider and horse galloping across the road and into oncoming traffic. In reality, there is no safe way to pass a horse, so a little fear can help you realize the risky situation you are in.

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Horses, whether lead or ridden a classed as pedestrians and should face oncoming traffic. Yet Texas law states that a horse is a non-motorised vehicle and should travel in the direction of traffic, not against it.

Horse riders should follow the road rules whether travelling against or with the traffic. Certain highways and busy roads will have a no Scooters, Tractors, Horse riding and walking signs at the on-ramp.

Whether you’re on a main highway or country lane, we’re here to make sure you’re safe when riding on UK roads. We think it’s essential that all owners and riders familiarize themselves with an up to date copy of the Highway Code, particularly the section relating to horses.

Below we’ve featured some rules and advice applying particularly to horse riders and owners when using UK roads. In most cases, the law will apply to them but there may be additional rules for particular paths or rights of way.

They have pavement barriers, wider crossing spaces, horse and rider figures in the light panels and either two sets of controls (one higher), or just one higher control panel for use by equestrians. This Code lays down the requirements for a road driving assessment and includes a comprehensive list of safety checks to ensure that a carriage and its fittings are safe and in good working order.

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The standards set out in the road driving assessment may be required to be met by a Local Authority if an operator wishes to obtain a Local Authority license to operate a passenger-carrying service. It is safer not to drive at night but if you do, a light showing white to the front and red to the rear must be fitted.

Safety equipment: children under the age of 14 must wear a helmet that complies with the Regulations. These requirements do not apply to a child who is a follower of the Sikh religion while wearing a turban.

A light, which shows white to the front and red to the rear, should be fitted with a band to the rider’s right arm and/or leg/riding boot. Ensure all tack fits well and is in good condition Make sure you can control the horse.

Before riding off or turning, look behind you to make sure it is safe, then give a clear arm signal. Keep to the left Keep both hands on the reins unless you are signalling Keep both feet in the stirrups Not carry another person Not carry anything which might affect your balance or get tangled up with reins Keep a horse you are leading to your left Move in the direction of the traffic flow in a one-way street Never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends.

Take great care and treat all horses as a potential hazard; they can be unpredictable, despite the efforts of their rider/driver.

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