Are Horses From Outer Space

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Writers have based their aliens, iconic and otherwise, on any and all species of terrestrial creatures, from lions to lizards (and dinosaurs) and even saguaro cacti. One obstacle might be the fact that horses are hooked animals, and therefore (humans might think) severely limited in their ability to build and manipulate technology.

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Elephants get around this problem by having long, supple, extremely manipulable trunks with a “finger” or two on the end. Horses don’t have anything close to this, but their upper lips are amazingly flexible and extensible.

I have one who can untie people’s shoes (and he has proved that he knows exactly where to tug, which means he has a sense of the structure of a knot; he also understands English sentences, but that’s neither here nor there, here), and there are horses who have to be locked in with combination locks or padlocks because their lips and teeth can jigger latches and fasteners. Once one of these equine geniuses figures out how to undo it, he’s staged a jailbreak and headed for the feed room.

Building would in some ways be easier for equinoxes than for preindustrial humans: horses are extremely strong, and can both pull and carry significant weights. Supposing the equinox has the intelligence to conceive of all the essentials, from life support to propulsion to stellar navigation, she’ll quite probably manage to construct something to suit.

The remaining two toes have essentially disappeared; there are faint remnants in the splint bones between the hooves and the knees or hocks. Julius Caesar supposedly had such a horse, and a few have been documented in the past couple of centuries.

The rider, a primate or other smaller creature with good eyesight and dexterous hands, executes the horse’s commands. Originally this might involve planting fields of grass or grain, building storehouses for fodder and shelters for horses and their helpers, constructing containers for water and feed, fashioning harnesses, and so on.

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If, on our alien planet, our equinoxes found a way to turn pests into an asset, they would have what amounted to swarms of living nanobots. Flies are far more random, but they do swarm, and if bred and eventually engineered for specific purposes, could build quite sophisticated mechanisms, all the way to computer parts.

Traveling planeloads and rogue moons as well as huge generation ships would be more than comfortable for a species that needs ample room to run. Next time I’ll tackle the issue of psychology and culture, because now I’ve started, I can’t stop.

Her most recent short novel, Dragons in the Earth, features a herd of magical horses, and her space opera, Forgotten Suns, features both terrestrial horses and an alien horse like species (and space whales!). She lives near Tucson, Arizona with a herd of Lipizzaner, a chowder of cats, and a blue-eyed spirit dog.

First seen in the October trailer that aired during Monday Night Football (and on Carrie Fisher's birthday, no less), they galloped along again Tuesday when a new promo clip from the upcoming film was published on Twitter and Instagram. The scene pops up about 25 seconds into the 30-second clip, and don't blink, or they'll gallop right out of the frame.

Thanks to the Annie Leibniz photo, and to video shared by The Star Wars Show on YouTube, we know a little about what the creatures look like. The tusks aren't enormously long, but they're sharp, and look like a useful weapon in close combat.

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One fan suggested Disney start marketing these creatures, and fast. “Disney better start building stables in Galaxy's Edge because I want to ride an Orbán,” one Twitter user wrote.

And either the breaks are decked out in war paint, or Finn's mount just naturally has a forehead and muzzle that look like a cartoon of a T-bone steak. The breaks are reportedly natives of the desert planet Pasadena, but numerous fans point out on social media that in one scene, they're being ridden on what looks like a grassy area.

“It has also been said Pasadena is the desert world, yet ... behold grass as Finn rides an Orbán into battle. Some wondered if the breaks really were from Pasadena, which might explain the non-desert background -- and maybe the long fur, which doesn't seem very useful in a hot desert climate.

In a scene from the recent promo clip and the October trailer, the breaks appear to be riding out for battle, with BB-8 rolling right along. For all its spaceships and technological travel, Star Wars characters know how to saddle up when they need to.

Luke famously rode a Taunton in The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduced fans to another horsey creature, the father. But considering how much buzz the port earned in the past, the Orbán deserves at least that much attention.

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More will doubtless be revealed when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens worldwide on Dec. 20, with previews on Dec. 19. The red roof is our house, the pointy things are DH's boats (some of them), the dark donut-thing is our pond, Poo Lagoon, and then highest up is the barn roof and horse paddock.

Ok, this is cool loamy ponies in the upper right-hand corner. The red is roughly their field (the fence and the tree line are the markers really, and then the road).

We also have a lot of small planes flying over our properties all the time. They take photos then try to sell them to people, but I find it a bit disconcerting.

It took about two years for Google Maps to catch up to the fact that we had built a barn But I used their images to plan my pastures! These images are really fun! This post makes me think of a news story from a couple of weeks ago near my town- a Houdini horse managed to escape and got himself lost on a mountain that was very difficult terrain to search by foot.

Apparently this drone company is starting to market themselves as useful in finding lost pets. I have images saved from the changes we made as we cleared and put in fence lines.

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At least eight Spanish shipwrecks have been discovered in the area, dating back to the mid-1500s, and any horses on board would have been close enough to swim to shore. Allyson was attempting to settle areas along the coastline, but the Spaniards' intrusion led to conflicts with local Native Americans, and there are records that show the settlers were forced to flee, leaving their horses behind.

Records show a ship in Greenville's fleet in the 1580s was caught in the infamous shallow waters near the Outer Banks and wrecked, leaving the horses onboard to swim to shore. Whatever their origin, the wild horses that have made the Outer Banks home are a true treasure, protected by the National Park Service, the state of North Carolina, and private funds and sanctuaries that ensure they will remain just that for generations to come.

Scientists previously thought the Przewalski's horses were a wild species native to the Eurasian steppes. Their results, published in the journal Science, found that these early domestic horses gave birth to now feral Przewalski's.

Researchers believe that, around 5,500 years ago, those people began domesticating horses and using them for food and/or transportation. Previous archaeological research in this part of Kazakhstan has turned up artifacts that may have been used to ride horses and the remains of what might have been corrals.

The paper suggests Przewalski's at some point escaped from early domestic herds. Previous studies have pinpointed their domestic inception to modern parts of Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

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