Are Horses Good Pets

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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Horses are unique animals, and they have always been seen as a sought after pet. Horses are great for people wanting a pet they can get out in the outdoors and enjoy an active lifestyle with.

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Horse riding is a great way to keep fit and healthy in the outdoors. You can explore nature while keeping active, all with the help of your horse.

In most areas, there are horse riding clubs and stables where you can form friendships. Whether your first pet is a goldfish that swims in circles all day or a dog who loves to play fetch.

Everyone loves their first pet and mine was a horse I got at 4 years old that was all my own. While dog and cats are very beautiful animals, there is nothing better than a horse naturally running and playing in a pasture.

Horses are large and delicate creatures who are striking, even at a distance. Whether you have been around horses your life or if you have just seen them for the first time, you can never get over just how beautiful the animals are.

It sounds simple and obvious, but when you think about it, it actually makes horses really special. Horse riding is so extremely diverse with many types of riding and even two different types of saddles for the two main disciplines.

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The fact that you can ride a horse gives it a unique status among domesticated animals. Like most other domesticated pets, horses come in all shapes and sizes.

There are many colors like bay or palomino, as well popular breeds like the American Quarter Horse and the Thoroughbred Race Horse breed. Thoroughbred horses have become popular in American culture because of races like the Kentucky Derby and the Legacy of the Triple Crown.

We have both made lasting friendships and family bonds while showing horses together. Though we don't always get along, horse riding has given my sister and me something that we will always have in common.

Report this Content This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator. November 25, 2014, Total Pets Articles, Horses are quite unique animals and it is often asked “Do horses make good pets ?” That all depends on what you want from a pet, if you want a faithful companion and friend, a sporting partner, a means of transport and garden fertilizer, the answer has to be “yes”.

As with any pet, you will have to accept responsibility for your horse’s well-being as well as the costs of ownership, which will be both expected and unexpected. Temperaments can range from flighty to docile and from pushy to easy, so once again the question “do horses make good pets ?” will rely on you being comfortable handling and responding to the temperament of your particular horse.

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If you do not have the facilities yourself to keep and shelter the horse, the cost of boarding or agreement can range from $300 to $2000 a month, depending on the amenities provided and the proximity to an urban area. Horses also need an annual check up by a qualified veterinarian, which usually involves a comprehensive physical examination (especially teeth) and vaccinations.

You will also need a farrier every couple of months to maintain your horse’s feet. Laminates is usually caused by stress, such as changes in feed or environment regimes, obesity or colic.

In order to build a relationship with your horse, you should ride it 3-4 times a week, which is an important part of the commitment that you must consider before purchase. If you are buying a horse for your child, there are plenty of camps and facilities that can help you and your child work through the care, feeding, training and riding, and all the other aspects of responsible horse ownership.

Leasing, where you have the horse for a specified amount of time for a set monthly payment. The benefits of owning a horse cuts across many areas and can include companionship, therapy, recreation and sport.

Horses are fast learners and quickly learn how to be kept under control. Good training and regular attention will see them become responsive to instruction quite quickly.

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Although most people would consider that a large animal like a horse would require higher maintenance, they are in fact relatively easy to keep fed and healthy because they are not very fussy. A horse’s coat needs regularly brushing to bring out its natural sheen.

Whatever needs to be done, it is all part of the rewarding experience of owning and caring for a pet. So whilst horse ownership certainly comes with many responsibilities, it can also bring fun and happiness to individuals and families, at the same time bringing people closer to the joys of life through ownership of a faithful companion pet.

Now that horses are no longer needed for transportation and farm work, they are often regarded as companion animals. The ASPCA also specifies “species suitable to be companion animals include dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs, and select other small mammals, small reptiles and fish.

The Missouri Horse Council maintains that horses are livestock and “supports the legal definition of all domesticated equines to remain as livestock and opposes the current social trend of referring to them as pets or companion animals.” This is a stance taken by many similar associations in the United States and Canada. Those who make their living as trainers, breeders, dealers and running boarding stables and schools may lose the benefit of being an agricultural endeavor if a horse were regarded solely as a companion animal.

A good deal of research into equine diseases, vaccines and husbandry is government funded. Husbandry and humane treatment laws might not apply if horses were designated companion animals.

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Many states are passing limited liability laws, which protect livestock owners and livestock event organizers (like cattle and horse shows) from lawsuits from anyone who is injured by a potentially large and dangerous animal such as a cattle-beast or horse. Considering that most of us do regard our horses not just as companions, but family members, our ultimate goal should be the best possible care, in addition to protecting ourselves.

They are not pasture ornaments, hay burners, or other labels insinuating they’re a waste of money; they are beloved pets and members of the family. Except it will be at least four years until their bones harden and I won’t ride any of them before their growth plates have fused.

They can trot forever, and they don’t ask to stop and sniff things, or want to chase squirrels into the trees. I’ve injured my knees from skiing and martial arts, so I mostly race-walk with my horses, and they love that too.

Mary Rostand is a lifelong educator who has turned to the concept of using nature, fresh air, farming, art, yoga and hanging out with horses to facilitate connection in teenage girls with moderate to severe social anxiety, depression or isolation. She runs summer camps, individual sessions and farm visits.

Tia (Aussie Shepherd/Tartan Bear Dog cross) being her usual fabulous self. Mini Patel Thompson is a natural health writer and Later Tapping instructor.

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