Are Horses Loyal To Their Owners

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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An emotional attachment may be defined as a connection with someone or something in such a way that you experience a range of feelings when there is any contact or absence. Horses and humans may develop a connection or trust through contact or riding or by way of grooming / care.

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Obviously this does not mean that what the horse is doing is as a result of them becoming emotionally attached to their owner as this may just be a reaction to another animal in their territory. Approaching a horse aggressively and shouting commands and orders will yield far worse results than if you place a comforting hand on their flank and speak to them gently.

We may react badly to a fright or to periods away from our loved ones and you may notice that the horse will react badly to this also and similarly we may approach people we recognize as the horse will gallop to you once they recognize you arriving. It is fair to assume from these examples that they have a certain capacity for emotional responses and that they are attached to you in some sort of way.

There is even evidence to suggest that dogs can sense their owner’s sadness and even smell low blood sugar in humans. Dogs have also been known to pine and ‘mourn’ the loss of their owners when they die by clearly displaying symptoms of distress and loss i.e. staying close to their owner’s grave or whining and even refusing to eat.

So taking all of this into account, it’s fair to presume that there is some sort of indication of a bond or emotional attachment between dog and owner. Similarly, horses have a herd mentality where they like to socialize and lean on each other for comfort and protection.

We interact with horses in similar ways as they must still learn to trust us if we are to train and ride them. “Equip social relationships are long-lasting and, in some cases, lifelong,” added the scientists, whose paper has been accepted for publication in the journal Animal Behavior.

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Ethologist Sanka of the University of Rennes and her colleagues studied 20 Anglo-Arabian and three French Saddle bred horses stabled in Chambered, France. The training program for the horses consisted of 41 steps associated with basic grooming and medical care.

The horses also seemed to accept new people more readily, indicating they had developed a “positive memory of humans” in general. “From our results, it appears that horses are no different from humans (in terms of positive reinforcement teachings),” according to the researchers.

Since horses are able to learn and memorize human words” and can hear the human voice better than even dogs can, due to their particular range of hearing, the scientists predict trainers could have success if they incorporate more vocal commands into their horse training programs. Written by Katherine Blockader There's no doubt about the mystique of horses.

They seem to capture our imagination and are a symbol of strength and freedom. There are a lot of traditions and lore around horses, and some information we hold onto may no longer be true.

A horse may have qualities that make them more suitable for a certain sport but that doesn't mean it likes it more. You both like a warm bed, the same kinds of food (to an extent), humans and dogs can survive by hunting, and both humans and dogs live in 'packs'.

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Horses are prey that hunters might like to eat, but they are herbivores and their social structure is quite different from dogs (and humans). Although many people believe their horses are companion animals, they are not the same as dogs.

Horses quickly sense which riders are clear communicators and make their cues irresistible. But they don't carry on a conversation the way you sometimes see in the movies, with the constant stream of screams, squeals, and nickers.

But it is really a complex structure of different materials including keratin, blood-rich tissue, and bone. Wonderful riders make riding look easy.

Watch racers or dressage riders and it seems the horse is going through the patterns on its own accord. It may look like sitting but riders use their legs, arms, weight, hands, balance, and brains to ride.

Dogs, when they are loved and respected have proven to do remarkable things like save babies from fires and sniffing out mines in war ridden countries. They stay extremely loyal and show how much they care and appreciate their owners, dogs will give you love the moment you come home from work every day.

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When you think of bald eagles you may think of the United States of America and the freedom it represents, but I also think of the beauty and strength the bird possesses. Bald eagles usually tend to keep their mating partners for life, they even build monstrous nests to show their fidelity.

Horse ranchers usually take very good care of their animals with special food and exercise and social interactions with their kind. Horses have also been used in time of war for as long as it's existed, some have been known to lay flat and still against their nature to give people cover and protection.

I've heard Arabians are loyal, affectionate, and are generally very healthy. I also want an active horse that I could ride decently long distances and/or gallop with.

Any breed could have a number of good dedicated loyal horses and others could have their bad apples. However, I will say this though, I was raised with Hanoverian's my entire life and I find them to be a very dedicated breed.

I own one myself, and we have several others and each always give 100% every time in show or just a simple trail ride. My horse Bronco isn't exactly a teddy bear but I know he respects me and as long as I take care of him he will do his job.

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As for a horse to ride over distances and go for an occasional gallop, it sounds like you'll want an Arabian for sure. Of all the school horses I rode when I was taking riding lessons at a local stable, my mother's favorite was Buster, an Arabian-pony cross, because he was incredibly sweet.

I see horses as individuals, some breeds do exhibit certain traits but it is never a sure thing. I don't' really think I have had experience with a wide enough variety of breeds to have an opinion.

The Arab and HQ are great horses but the personality of my Dakota is just different. In general (again every horse is different) people say (and I agree) that Dakotas are extremely willing, curious, and intelligent.

Not only that, but they are very sound horses that have great feet, are easy keepers and versatile. There are really only a handful of Dakotas around because the breed is endangered and a lot of them are living in semi-wild herds in ND.

I am absolutely sure I missed a few important points so If you wanted to learn more about them I'll post a link where you can read a bit on them. You could have an Arab who has been brought up by his mom out on 500 acres that would end up being a good horse, but not people oriented at all, and you could have a thoroughbred (just pulled a breed out of my @$$, not saying that they're normally unfriendly) that has been imprinted at birth who is the most lovey horse on the planet.

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It really depends, but Arabians ARE usually a good bet when looking for affection and a high play drive. Of coarse I love warm bloods, but they tend to be to expensive to not be put to use and sit in a pasture and sometimes get ridden, but hey if you have the money why not.

I disagree on what one person said when they said that horses art affectionate and you can't get one that's nice like a dog because I seem to think as many people would agree that their and their horses relationship and bond is way more than any person and dog could have. At the moment I own a Percheron/Quarter Horse mare who is absolutely wonderful and has the best temperament.

She is only 5 hands, but she is very intelligent, muscular, and loves to jump and go on trail rides. There is something to magical and special about them- they way they move, the way they interact, not to mention that they are very, very intelligent horses.

And they are built with dressage in mind- so a well-bred one will have astounding conformation (which means less risk of skeletal and muscular deformities and problems later in life...) We have always thought that the American Saddle bred horses we have known have genuinely liked people.

Maybe we're somehow prejudiced in favor of the four or more of them we have owned, but they are known as a versatile and beautiful breed.

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