Are Horses Street Legal

James Lee
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 16 min read

I feel really silly bringing this up, but it is the biggest and best courtesy we can offer motorist on the road. But riding in and around an urban or suburban area during rush hour is going to guarantee an accident.

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Running kids can spook your horse or soccer moms jostling in the line-up with their SUVs can be unpredictable. The safest bet is to steer clear of high traffic times and locations.

Drivers break for deer, Kangaroos (can’t forget the Aussies), dogs and cats. How can anyone speed past a horse and rider and not realize the risk they are putting themselves, their car and possibly their children.

It seems a little over-the-top, but it only takes a child who is swapping from the opposite side of the back seat to lean out the window to spook a horse. That dog could send the rider and horse galloping across the road and into oncoming traffic.

In reality, there is no safe way to pass a horse, so a little fear can help you realize the risky situation you are in. Horses, whether lead or ridden a classed as pedestrians and should face oncoming traffic.

Yet Texas law states that a horse is a non-motorised vehicle and should travel in the direction of traffic, not against it. Horse riders should follow the road rules whether travelling against or with the traffic.

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He's been in parades and doesn't spook at cars, bikes, ECT. So I did a bit of research---from what I understood, horses ARE street legal in Texas.

I suppose going through drive-thru would be more of a private property type thing. The people in the drive through might think it's awesome and excuse any “leftovers” or they might be annoyed.

You could offer to come back and pick it up (what's left of it) if your horse does go. I rode on the road a lot when I was younger including going into town and never got into any trouble.

So, make sure your horse is ready for that type of crap. Your non-horsey neighbor may see you and honk thinking that they are saying “hi” and not realize that it can spook a horse.

Do horses have to ride on the sides of the road, or can they be right in there in the lanes with the cars?? As long as they are obeying regular street rules, of course.

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Smaller towns are more lenient where bigger cities are strictly against it. Some smaller towns have ordinances that you have to clean up after the horse.

More and more drive through places won't serve you due to health risks and possible “messes” outside. They even have crosswalk buttons at intersections that are horseback height.

I have a YouTube friend that lives there that posted a video showing them. Just like riding a bike, follow the rules of the road but try to give extra room.

Where I live, it's not uncommon to see horses riding on the street. However, our local MCD's will not serve you if you ride through the drive-thru on your horse.

Also, just like riding a bike, stay in single file. Last year our sister site, AnnArbor.com, featured a guest column on this subject whose author, Kathy Lundberg, a stable owner, explained, “Only after dismounting is the rider considered a pedestrian and the horse an animal.

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“Otherwise indicated” would include most freeways and toll roads, where this would be stated with signage to the effect of, “No animals, bicycles or pedestrians beyond this point.” Laws “which by their very nature may not have application” include fairly obvious things that do not apply to horses, such as rules about headlamps, windshield wipers, seat belts, etc.

Lundberg points out that courtesy and common sense are called for by all parties, but, understandably, the burden for caution rests a little more heavily on the shoulders of the motorist because the stakes are so high. These collisions are relatively rare and, as Lundberg writes, not tracked reliably in the U.S., but anybody who has had a near miss with a horse -- as I did once, in greater Zeeland -- will tell you it’s undeniably nerve-rattling.

• There is no legal age limit for riding a horse, but novice riders should never go on roads without a more experienced companion. • If you need to cross the road, wait for a comfortable gap in traffic and signal your intentions clearly to any vehicle that might be in the vicinity.

(I wonder if I'm the only person snickering at the term “implement of husbandry” in the context of this week's silly holiday.) The relevant portion of the Michigan Vehicle Code on lights and signage for implements of husbandry and SMS is here.

Interesting side note: In Michigan and many other states, the rules about orange safety triangles apply to the Amish, whose horse-and-buggy conveyances are a common site in some parts of the country. In Kentucky, an ultraconservative Amish group is fighting a series of recent arrests for failure to use the warning triangles, on the grounds the law violates their religious freedom.

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This is one of those “up to interpretation” sections of state law, but in general, if there is a line of traffic behind your romantic carriage ride, the driver might be guilty of a civil infraction. Because of the variety of roles horses play in our society, the law’s treatment of them covers a wide range of often competing goals.

Some laws treat them as livestock, while others describe them as precious national symbols and extend significant protections to them. Their senses are generally considered to be superior to those of humans, especially their eyes, the positioning of which allows them to see a range of vision over 350 degrees.

Finally, horses are often brought into families as companion animals, enriching human lives Unlike many companion animals, dogs and cats in particular, horses are expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

Whatever their treatment under the law, it is undeniable that horses continue to play an important role in our society, as beasts of burden, symbols of the American spirit, and members of many human families. They are used as beasts of burden on farms, displayed for their beauty at competitive shows, and treated as companion animals by many families around the country.

Because of the variety of roles horses play in our society, the law's treatment of them covers a wide spectrum of often competing goals. Some laws treat them as mere livestock, while others describe them as precious national symbols and mandate significant protections for them.

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Their senses are generally considered to be superior to those of humans, especially their eyes, the positioning of which allows them to see a range of vision over 350 degrees. Though historically considered unintelligent, more recent studies suggest that horses excel at simple learning and are also able to solve advanced cognitive problems.

The genus Equus, to which modern domesticated horses belong, probably originated in North America around 4 million years ago, and then spread to the Eurasian land mass over, presumably, the Bering Strait. Interestingly, however, the late prehistoric North American horses died out around 11,000 years ago.

The most sensational role historically has been their use in warfare, where they have often proven to be decisive strategic factors due to their speed and strength. However, their most lasting role has been as a means of human transportation, engendering the expansion of various peoples across vast tracts of land.

Indeed, to many in America, including the United States Congress, horses are a proud symbol of westward expansion and development. Though horses are utilized far less today than in the past, they still play varied and important roles in human society.

In many cases, horses offer the best means of completing a task while balancing environmental concerns, such as avoiding damaging delicate soil or disrupting nature preserves with gas powered vehicles. Finally, horses are often brought into families as companion animals, enriching human lives through the reciprocal formation of meaningful social bonds.

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Like any animal, horses are affected by multiple legal regimes at the state and federal level. Passed by Congress in 1971, the Africa was implemented to address the drastic decline of wild horses and burros on America’s plains (16 U.S.C.S.

At one point numbering in the millions, by the time this legislation was put into force the wild horse population had shrunk to around 17, 000. Still, it can be hard at times to discern exactly what laws and protections are applicable to particular horses in any given statutory scheme.

The ambiguity in the New York definitions is typical of the general tension in the law’s treatment of horses. Because of this, horses are treated as livestock by some laws and companion animals by others, often with results that are difficult to reconcile logically.

While there are no horse slaughter facilities currently operating in the United States, it is important to note that only four states have explicitly banned horse slaughter or the sale of horse meat for human consumption, five if you count Mississippi which has declared horse meat to be unfit for human consumption. Certainly one part of the explanation is simply popular disgust at divergent and foreign dietary norms.

Horses in America are inextricably woven into our national narrative, recognized even by Congress as symbols of the “pioneer spirit.” Livestock or not, they are often treated as companion animals by families, as aesthetic objects by connoisseurs, and as protected wild animals by the United States government. If the current political capital being expended on behalf of horses at both the state and national level is any indication, then the arc of horse welfare certainly seems to be bending away from their traditional role as beasts of burden and towards there absolute admission into that pantheon of treasured American animals, next to dogs, cats, and bald eagles.

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We like to ride through the neighborhoods on the horses to look at Christmas lights. The horses have lots of reflective tape and red blinking LED lights on so drivers can see us.

So in lies the madness, the pursuit of the impossible in the face of the complete assurance that you will fail, and yet still you chase.flytobecat is offline I live in a rural community and there are about 6k people in my whole county.

And if you are going to do any more than a walk they need to have drilled on the bottoms. It is added to the regular shoe on the toes and heels in order to give he horses more grip on the slick pavement.

Indiana doesn't have any regulations against riding on highways or in town. We ride along the grass on the side of the road where possible.

I love to ride in town and most people git a big kick out of seeing a group or even single riders going through town. Run right up behind my horse and blow their horn trying to get them to spook.

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The worst was... when a semi squeezed me and my horse up against a rock wall and actually brushed the side of my foot as he went past me. My horse spooked, threw me, and drug me hanging from a stirrup down the highway.

Almost everyone was friendly, and they even waited for us to pass before they continued, except for two teenagers but can't really expect much out of the youth. We had to be in the road because of ice concerns but that said we were still on the shoulder past the white line.

No one gave us trouble and some will even stop if they notice we need to cross. We rode to McDonald's this summer and everyone was taking pictures and videos of us lol.

As long as they are obeying regular street rules, of course. Ones I saw were on the sidewalk just hanging out waiting for the crosswalk sign.

• Horses : 3 We used to road ride in town a lot! The only time this was a problem was when we were the only ones at a stop light and didn't have the weight to trigger it.

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While municipalities may control certain traffic movement or parking in their jurisdictions, it is clear that any such authority is “supplemental to the other laws or ordinances of this chapter and not in conflict therewith.” See s. 316.002, which also states that it is unlawful for any local authority (which includes all officials of the several counties and municipalities, s. 316.003(20)), to pass or to attempt to enforce any ordinance in conflict with the provisions of Ch.

316.002 and 316.007 operate to prohibit and have the effect of prohibiting any local legislation on traffic control or the enforcement thereof under the police power by a municipality, except as may be expressly authorized by the Uniform Traffic Control Law. The issue then is whether the use of public streets by horses, either ridden or driven, is covered by the provisions of Ch.

Moreover, s. 316.073 expressly states that every person riding an animal or driving an animal-drawn vehicle upon a roadway shall be subject to the provisions of Ch. Based upon the foregoing statutory provisions and definitions, it appears clear that the use of the public streets of a municipality by horses, ridden or driven, at least on that portion of the street used for vehicular traffic, is uniformly regulated and preempted to the state by Ch.

Section 316.008 expressly enumerates those areas within which municipalities may control certain traffic movement or parking on the streets and highways in their respective jurisdictions. Among those areas so enumerated, paragraphs (g), (m), (n), and (p) of s. 316.008(1) respectively empower a municipality in the reasonable exercise of its police power to restrict the use of streets; to prohibit or regulate the use of controlled access roadways by any class or kind of traffic; to prohibit or regulate the use of heavily traveled streets by any class or kind of traffic found to be incompatible with the normal and safe movement of traffic; and to designate and regulate traffic on play streets.

As previously noted, every person riding an animal or driving an animal-drawn vehicle upon a roadway is subject to the provisions of Ch. Therefore, under certain conditions, and in the reasonable and nondiscriminatory exercise of its police power, a municipality may regulate or prohibit the use of certain streets within the municipality by any class or kind of traffic or designate and restrict or regulate the use of its public streets as prescribed by the provisions of s. 316.008.

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When viewing one of the documents below, Use the back arrow on the toolbar or your backspace key to return to the Equine Laws Page. Click here for a listing of Everything Horses in Georgia.

21759 states The driver of any vehicle approaching any horse-drawn vehicle, any ridden animal, or any livestock shall exercise proper control of his vehicle and shall reduce speed or stop as may appear necessary or as may be signaled or otherwise requested by any person driving, riding or in charge of the animal or livestock in order to avoid frightening and to safeguard the animal or livestock and to insure the safety of any person driving or riding the animal or in charge of the livestock.” If you are on horseback and indicate to a car that you need it to slow down or stop to avoid a problem then the driver needs to respond appropriately.

21050 states Every person riding or driving an animal upon a highway has all the rights and is subject to all the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this division and Division 10 (commencing with ?20000), except those provisions which by their very nature can have no application.” While horseback riding, you are for all intents and purposes considered a driver on the road and need to follow all applicable traffic laws.

Some things riders can do to keep themselves safe and be in compliance with the law are signal appropriately, yield when necessary and stop at traffic lights. 21805 states “(a) The Department of Transportation, and local authorities with respect to highways under their jurisdiction, may designate any intersection of a highway as a bridle path or equestrian crossing by erecting appropriate signs.

The signs shall be erected on the highway at or near the approach to the intersection, and shall be of a type approved by the Department of Transportation. © Subdivision (b) does not relieve any horseback rider from the duty of using due care for his or her own safety.

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No horseback rider shall leave a curb or other place of safety and proceed suddenly into the path of a vehicle which is close enough to constitute an immediate hazard.” Riding in Southern California we should all be familiar with the yellow equestrian crossing signs.

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