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Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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What this looks like to me is an attempt to mechanize mind-to-mind communication: to break it down to binary bits and computerize it, with the ultimate goal of making it possible for anyone with the appropriate training to basically log in and connect. Dr. Rhine of Duke, who originally set out to debunk mediums and spiritualists, managed to collect masses of evidence, but it couldn’t be reliably reproduced.

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As genre readers and writers, we are happily freed from the need to be strictly scientifically accurate, unless we’re deliberately setting out to write in that mode. Last time I mentioned studies that showed how humans and horses could synchronize their brain waves, especially in the sense of one calming the other down.

Can it be reduced to extremely subtle physical cues with a healthy dose of speculation and extrapolation? But then please tell me how I felt the emotions of a horse fifty miles away, whom I had not seen in many months, with whose owner I was not in contact, but who was, at that moment, being put down for no damned good reason except the owner was too arrogant to ask for help from more experienced trainers and horse handlers.

Is it all this vast and subtle physical or ecological interconnection, which we view as paranormal because our senses, and our machines, aren’t finely tuned enough to detect it? Maybe that computer study will give us some answers, as it progresses and as researchers develop more sophisticated tools and techniques.

We can say that, yes, it is possible for horses and humans to communicate in ways other than the obviously physical, for their minds to meet and share emotions and concepts. Mostly, say animal communicators both official and practical, it’s emotions, impressions, visuals, sensations.

Animals do, to a remarkable degree, have the capacity to understand human language even if they lack the vocal apparatus to reproduce it. But words can be a fairly blunt instrument, a reduction of subtle communications to a few very broad concepts.

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A lot gets lost, and some things may get added which aren’t there in the original, but are influenced by the biases of the interpreter. Or we might go in the other direction, which tends to be the path more frequently traveled, and let telepathy be the best way for diverse species to understand one another.

She might convey her opinions in clear and unambiguous ways, or share information that allows some form of negotiation or accommodation, but her psychology and her priorities will not be identical to yours. She usually wants to work with you, as long as it’s a mutual process, but that doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily go along with what you want to do.

We humans are so hung up on being the pinnacle of creation that it’s hard for many of us to accept that other species may not share our view of ourselves. She supports her habit by writing works of fantasy and science fiction as well as historical novels, many of which have been published as e-books by Book View Café.

Her most recent short novel, Dragons in the Earth, features a herd of magical horses, and her space opera, Forgotten Suns, features both terrestrial horses and an alien horse like species (and space whales!). She lives near Tucson, Arizona with a herd of Lipizzaner, a chowder of cats, and a blue-eyed dog.

You may find that your horse gets tired, starts yawning or falls asleep during our session. Another advantage is that you get the opportunity to ask questions during the session and thus interfere with the communication.

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A reader once asked me: “If you can communicate through energy (telepathically) to your horses, why do you need to use body language, force or pressure etc. This is a good part of the reason humans have historically viewed animals as “dumb creatures”, because humans have a patterned, spoken language of recurring sounds, that are symbolic of fixed meanings.

Just in case you think our spoken language is stunning in its accuracy and efficiency, go ahead and play a game of ‘telephone’ or ‘whispers’. Or tell something juicy that’s sure to be shared many times (gossip) and then find out how your tidbit morphs over the next week.

Now try to direct your friend, using words only, how to draw a layout of your backyard, or your living room. Describe it as accurately and precisely as you can, using this amazing tool of spoken language.

Scroll down her post to where it says EXAMPLE and then grab a pen and paper and follow the instructions. So that’s why I find the most efficient, and most trustworthy, form of communication is the combination of verbal, telepathic, and body language all together.

So even though I think I’m just standing still, sending pictures with my mind, my body is no doubt speaking clearly as well. Even standing still conveys messages then there’s the whole concept of energy… chi, I, prank.

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But hi ski is like an arrow slicing through air, or the prow of a ship parting the waves. Here’s an example of how Mon taro’s lessons on combining I with body language created so much more peace and efficiency in my home.

Our house has half an acre with a huge workshop at the back that they have dubbed The Shed. My challenge is to walk into The Shed of blaring rap music, haze of cannabis smoke and empty alcohol bottles everywhere at 3 am and tell 10 huge testosterone-laden males that it’s time to shut ‘er down and crash or head home.

I start running As Above So Below as I walk towards the Shed, clockwise first to build my I, then counter-clockwise to extend it out around me. I unplug the music and speak in low tones, “Ok guys, time to shut it down, let’s go.” as I gesture with a relaxed, open palm to where I want them to exit.

My son argues with me, gets aggressive verbally, challenges me with his body language (squares up to me, pushes into my space). I simply angle away from him and continue stating calmly, that it’s late and time to sleep or leave.

The higher ranking horses were all clustered around the gate, as 11 pairs of eyes looked at me. So I’m just going to wait here until you guys figure out a way to make that happen.” And then I sat quietly, continuing to send them pictures of what I wanted.

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Baby PosaWithin 3-4 minutes, the lead horses (Mon taro, Aide, Tax, Juno) all stepped well away from the paddock gate, opening up a wide clear path from the barn to the gate. One could say that was just a lucky coincidence, but I manage the herd all the time with no halters, ropes, sticks etc.

I’m sure everyone reading this can tell a story where their horse communicated something noteworthy using a combination of body language, telepathy and possibly sound… Mini Patel Thompson is a natural health writer and Later Tapping instructor.

It is through this subtle communication that questions are answered, compromise is achieved and harmony restored. A few years ago, if I told people I had the ability to speak with animals, I would probably be referred to as nice but a little nuts.

Humans, given the proper mind set, training and outlook, have the ability to communicate with animals this way too. Telepathy knows no time or space, so I work primarily over the phone long distance to locations all over the globe.

When I ask an animal a question I receive from them pictures (like a movie playing in my head), thoughts (I will hear their thoughts in my head) and feelings (I will feel emotions and pain within my body). He was an overachiever and very eager to please but felt very frustrated lately because his body was not moving as efficiently as possible.

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He was having trouble getting his hind end underneath himself due to his stifle soreness. As I begin to ask them questions their personality will start to come through and the owners will usually have no doubt that I am actually speaking with their horse.

I also work closely with veterinarians and chiropractors who are open to the idea of animal communication, which helps to verify my findings in regard to the horses physical complaints. I have also spoken extensively with dolphins, whales, llamas, birds, gorillas, goats etc.

All animals communicate telepathically, but in order for them to speak to us, we must view them with respect and adoration. We must view all creatures as individual and incredible and then the telepathic doors will open.

When we are young we are taught the importance of verbal communication and our telepathy gets pushed aside. Telepathy is like a muscle, we must exercise it on a daily basis in order to keep it strong.

Morocco, a horse belonging to Mr. Banks, had the talent to thump out the amount of coins in bystanders’ Although some cases of equine telepathy were deemed as the observer-expectancy effect, where subconscious human body language is sensed and used by horses to obtain answers, these horses weren’t explained in this way, because influencing human contact was removed.

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The next famous psychic horse was Lady Wonder who was declared authentic by experts. In 1900, Wilhelm On Often of Lagerfeld was said to have taught his horse arithmetic.

Skeptics claimed On Often gave the horse visual signals to tell him which hoof to use and how many times to thump. After On Often, he left his horse in the care of Karl Krill, a friend.

In addition to Morocco, there was the British pony, Black Bear of Radcliff, who had arithmetical, spelling and telepathic abilities. Under his training and guidance, the equines learned to use decimals, read, spell and answer questions in a simple language Krill taught them.

During the process of testing, Dr. Camel asked Mohamed what the fourth root of 7,890,481 was. There many theories as to how the horses were able to exhibit their talents, ranging from an elaborate hoax to they were genuine.

Two interesting theories were that the stallions were tapping into some universal consciousness, and they were being influenced by ghosts. Professor Edward Compared, one of the foremost experts about animal psychology, concluded that the horses had genuine abilities equal to those of a fourteen-year-old.

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He stressed that Krill, consciously or subconsciously, didn’t influence the horses. Lady Wonder tapped a lever that turned over the correct letter or number to answer the question.

Claudia wasn’t always present when Lady was tested, which ruled out chicanery. July 1955: Someone asked Genoa’s University and president of the Italian Society of Parapsychology Dr. William MacKenzie if he remembered the talented horses.

Psychologist Oskar Amongst theorized that Hans’ telepathy was based on interpreting the interrogators’ body language. What appears to be a telepathic connection develops from experience and sensitivity and emerges when the horse and rider are working together in harmony with a common mind and purpose.

As prey animals, horses have heightened sensory abilities,2 which includes highly sensitive pressure and pain receptors in the hair and skin. Most riders use tactile signals to communicate with the horse, through tension in the reins, movement of the seat, and pressure and position of the legs.

Horses can feel a fly on their flank, so they certainly are capable of detecting the small shifts in muscle tension caused by a rider’s intention movements that precede and predict a deliberate rein or leg cue. What feels like mind-reading is, in some cases, simply reflect a horse making the most obvious choice before the rider signals it to do so.

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At any rate, a farm wife named C. D. Fonda, of Richmond, Virginia, saw something she desperately wanted: a two-week-old foal. Later, when some kids were visiting and playing with Lady, they attempted to hide objects from the horse and have her search for them.

Not only that, she seemed able to predict the future, like the time she spelled ‘engine’ shortly before a tractor came into view. Not long after, friends and visitors began showing up to ask questions of the mare.

She was asked what the name of a young boy she’d never met before in the audience was, and she correctly spelled out L-E-R-O-Y with the blocks. Eventually the wooden blocks were replaced with tin plates with letters and numbers painted on them, and held up by a string, much like a clothesline.

The authorities in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, already in the early 1950s had asked Lady Wonder to help them find four-year-old Danny Mason. They had heard how Lady Wonder predicted the winner of the World Series and now this little boy had been missing for months, they were counting on some sort of miracle.

In October 1955, three-year-old Ronnie Watch disappeared after he left three playmates in his front yard. The sheriff’s deputies and the Indiana state police, accompanied by about fifteen hundred employees of the local navy depot combed thousands of wooded acres looking for the toddler.

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Countless leads and clues poured in to the police department, but no solid evidence emerged. Journalist Frank Edwards, who was also a paranormal researcher, then news director of the television station WT TV at Bloomington.

He remembered the strange tale of Lady Wonder, contacted a friend who lived near Mrs Fonda and asked him to see if her paranormal mare could offer any help in finding Ronnie Watch. Edwards was unable to travel to Virginia, but he sent some colleagues to visit the paranormal mare.

“Do you know why we are here?” they asked the psychic detective, and by flipping out large tin letters that hung from an iron bar across her stall, Lady Wonder answered immediately: “B-O-Y”. When asked the toddler’s name, she responded: “R-O-N-E,” which is close enough for a 30-year-old psychic horse.

The book shows that our general perception about death is incorrect as it is not the end, merely a transition of spirit. Richard has shared his most private moments with readers, wrestling with confusion, enlightenment, joy and sorrow.

This story has been cleverly divided by author Richard Rowland into two parts, the way is connected to another is almost seamless. It may happen that sometimes your mind race ahead of the words on the page and you may wonder what the purpose behind telling this story is only to realize later that it was important for us to feel the spiritual growth.

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It shows how ancient wisdom and learning to explore new paths and modalities can benefit people and their loved one's facing life-threatening or altering prognoses and challenges. He used lessons learned from Pal and guidance from his wife, a trained holistic nutritionist, to face the challenge.

For many years, dog trainers and pet owners have been speaking of various cases of inexplicable insight in animals, looking like they might have telepathic abilities. Unfortunately, this topic has not been studied enough and tends to be considered pseudo scientific, while researchers and parapsychologists are more focused on humans.

According to sample research in England and the United States, many pet owners believe that their animals sometimes communicate with them telepathically. Researcher Rupert Speedbrake has conducted a series of experiments with hundreds of animal trainers, blind people with guide dogs, veterinarians, and pet owners since 1994.

Of course, some of these phenomena can be explained by conventional expectations, subtle sensory signals, random coincidences, and selective memory or imagination of caring pet owners. Dr. Speedbrake and his colleagues focused on the study of the ability of dogs to know when their owners are coming home.

Many pet owners say their animals are anticipating the arrival of a family member 10 or more minutes before he/she comes. In a series of experiments with a terrier named Jaycee, owned by Pam Smart from Rams bottom (near Manchester, England), the pet was responding to the intention of his owner to come home even when she was miles away or was returning unexpectedly.

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Dr. Speedbrake also conducted experiments in which Pam was returning unexpectedly, just after leaving home. The data show that Jaycee reacted to Pam’s intention to return home even when she was many miles away.

As such, professor Susan Black more that Speedbrake based his evidence on the comparison of 12 tests of random duration to the initial experiments where specific patterns of the pet owner’s journeys were present, and thus, the dog could have reacted to them. Anna Remind is a psychology enthusiast who holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences.

Anna is the author of The Power of Misfits: How to Find Your Place in a World You Don’t Fit In, a book that aims to help all introverts, socially anxious people, and loners find their path in this loud, extroverted world. Lady Wonder is said to have helped the Massachusetts police to find the body of a missing boy, to have predicted that Jack Dempsey would defeat Jack Sharia in 1927 (including two other documented heavyweight bouts), and to have helped discover oil.

The horse was trained to operate a device consisting of levers that activated alphabet cards. However, the magician Melbourne Christopher investigated the horse and noticed that the phenomenon was the result of cueing from her trainer, Fonda.

After a couple of weeks of relatively blessed silence, I received a call from the owner telling me that 1) She was disappointed in me, and, (2) She had found the source of the problem by consulting with a psychic. Time has erased the painful memory of exactly what that problem might have been, but it seems to me that it required putting a hay net in the stall, or perhaps opening a window.

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In a somewhat conflicted state of frustration, bewilderment, amusement, and curiosity, I did ask about the therapeutic encounter. I did see the horse again; from my view, he, now with a new hay net (of unknown color), persisted in his almost remarkable soundness, and, happily, the horse’s owner didn’t hold any grudges over the fact that I apparently lack special powers.

Really, though, I don’t get the psychic stuff, any more than I get some people’s fascination with UFO’s, Loch Ness monsters, or crocheting. I suppose that it’s mostly harmless, at least to horses, although, frankly, I don’t think it does much to move the Bell curve of human intelligence to the right.

As long as the owners are happy, the psychic doesn’t dispense medical advice, and the horse isn’t harmed, I’ve got other things about which I can worry.

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