Are Horses Turned Into Dog Food

James Lee
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
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Cows crippled with pain, unable to stand, their flesh torn from their bodies, their bones broken by forklifts, lying in blood and filth. Within days an FDA review was initiated, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine immediately stopped disposing of euthanized animals at Bravo Packing.

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According to Phyllis Antis of equivalent, the FDA “analyzed a sample of horse meat pursuant to a complaint from one Bravo Packing’s customers. However, it is unclear why a recall for the horse meat chunk animal food was never initiated.

And Bravo is able to circumvent the laws preventing the practice of transporting horses, holding them, or selling their flesh as long as they are in the business of making food for animals, not humans. Today, no pet food or animal feed company of any repute would dare use or list horse meat as an ingredient.

There was a time when the practice of slaughtering horses could have been halted by a law forbidding it in the State of New Jersey where Bravo Packing is located, but it didn’t work out that way. In 2012, Governor Christie of New Jersey signed a bill into law prohibiting the slaughter of horses and sale of horseflesh for human consumption.

Summary: This New Jersey law enacted in 2012 makes it a disorderly persons' offense to knowingly slaughter a horse for human consumption. Additionally, it makes the knowing sale or barter of horseflesh for human consumption a disorderly persons' offense.

Senator Bob Menéndez, a Democrat from the State of New Jersey, the home to Bravo Packing, who is one of the sponsors of the bill, said: “The gruesome practice of slaughtering horses for food has no place in the United States, and it’s well pastime for Congress to say once and for all that horse meat is not what’s for dinner,” said Sen. Menéndez, a regular recipient of the annual Humane Society’s Humane Champion award.

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But Bravo Packing is not an official establishment under USDA rule, so they are able to continue to slaughter horses. Horses have always played a vital role in the collective experience of America and that they richly deserve our protection and compassion.

We marginalize the experience and suffering from cows, pigs, and chickens while we shower our love and affection on our pets, including our horses. To allow the suffering of pets is unthinkable, yet we allow the systemic abuse and neglect of livestock to continue on a scale that is unimaginable.

It is easy to denounce our lack of morality and character for singling out one species suffering as more significant than another, revering one and eating the other. The main reason for this is because U.S. companies make more profit by selling it to countries where people eat the meat.

Cheaper dog foods contain by-products and animal digest (see my post on dogwood ingredients). The only way to be absolutely sure horse meat is not used in your dog ’s food is to read the label.

I know this is totally unrelated to dogs, but as an animal lover, the headline “Plant may slaughter horses …” in Saturday’s issue of The Forum caught my attention. Then their hind legs were shackled and the horses were lifted into the air upside down to have their throats sliced.

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In 2006, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an act to ban horse slaughtering. The North Dakota plant would slaughter horses that are no longer used for recreation, farming or racing, said The Forum.

Slaughtered horses are used for meat, gelatin, glue, pet food and leather products, according to the article. I could not find any pet food brands that admittedly use horse meat.

The photos are from a horseback riding trip I took with friends in Costa Rica a few years ago, one of the few experiences I have with horses. Store: Luckily, horse meat in pet food is illegal in the U.S., so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Although the use of horse meat in pet foods is frowned upon, it is not illegal in the United States, as this staffer says. In 2007, Congress prohibited the U.S. Department of Agriculture from inspecting horse slaughterhouses, effectively banning horse slaughter in this country.

The employee is correct in that ingredients must be listed on pet food labels and that if meat comes from a single source, such as beef or chicken, it can be labeled as such. In 1981 while Martin Tucker and I wrote the first of my two books, How to Have a Healthier Dog, we discovered the full extent of the negative effects of commercial pet foods of that time.

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In the second article, published on February 19, 1990, Mr. House, an investigative reporter, writes: “Each year, millions of dead American dogs and cats are processed along with billions of pounds of other animal materials by companies known as renderers. Yet federal and state agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration and medical groups such as the American Veterinary Medical Association and the California Veterinary Medical Association, confirm that pets, on a routine basis, are rendered after they die in animal shelters or are disposed of by health authorities, and the end product frequently finds its way into pet food … Now that the rendering companies are entities unto their own they can service many slaughterhouses, plus process any other animal remains that can be rendered.

Slate referenced the claim in a 2013& article, suggesting it could possibly be true due to a lack of stringent oversight of pet food manufacturers: FDA technically has authority, but the agency has passed this off to a set of partnerships and nongovernmental organizations that encourage mostly voluntary compliance with the few federal standards.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials takes the lead in setting and maintaining standards, but it conducts no testing of food and has no enforcement authority … even California allows rendered pets to be processed and sold out of state for pet food as meat and bone meal. The city of Los Angeles alone sends about 200 tons of dead pets to a rendering plant each month.

The mention of the term “animal shelters” as one source of material for rendering plants again suggests the possibility that cats and dogs are being rendered, but many shelters also take in a variety of other species (including ones more typically consumed by humans and their pets), such as chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, and various farm animals. Some versions of the rumor stem from legitimate instances in which pet food has been recalled over the presence of phenobarbital (a drug whose uses include the authorization of companion animals), a situation which occurred in February 2017.

In conjunction with this investigation, the Center wanted to determine if pet food contained rendered remains of dogs and cats. scientists, as part of their investigation, developed a test to detect dog and cat DNA in the protein of the dogwood.

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Presently, it is assumed that the phenobarbital residues are entering pet foods from euthanized, rendered cattle or even horses. Sucker Co. withdrew shipments of several brands of dog foods amid reports that the product was tainted with phenobarbital.

How the drug might have entered the pet food supply chain was unknown, but the company said they were “focusing on a single supplier of a minor ingredient used at one manufacturing facility.” Although advances in DNA testing have made it much easier to detect the possible presence of material derived from euthanized dogs or cats in pet foods, we have turned no reports documenting anyone’s finding that to be the case.

We have just moved to a different paddock to eat it out for summer, and we can't keep grain in the shed because of mice. So we keep it in garbage bins with click on lids just outside the shed.

Last night either someone left the gate open or the horses jigged the catch and got into the paddock with the shed. They knocked both bins down and ate about 8 kilos of Show torque (A grain free complete feed) and almost 20 kg of oats between four horses.

It's likely that two of them got the majority of the grain as they are higher in the pecking order. We rode two of them gently, they seemed ok, except Lucy was coughing a little (Dust from the oats?).

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The two lying down and Wilda were grunting a bit but no colicky signs. My mom sometimes forgets to close the gate that leads into the barn from the paddock, and the horses get in. We usually don't notice until a couple of hours later when we wonder where the horses are.

They've knocked down both garbage cans that were full of grain and there had been absolutely nothing left. It's not 100% they'll colic/founder wild, so really all you can do is what you're doing already; keep an eye on them. If they're passing manure normally, the likelihood of impaction colic is probably pretty slim at this point.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the only thing bad that comes out of this is that you have to buy more grain. Keeping an eye is too little too late, laxatives should have been given immediately.

You could end up with serious founder issues that ruin the horse for life. Dad is keeping an eye on them during the day and I might call our vet for her opinion on my lunch break.

Hopefully that means they ate the grain over a longer period of time. The plus side is that oats are safer than sweet feed or other grains because they have the husks still on them and no added sugar.

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Plus, hopefully the horses that ate the oats also ate some complete feed, so even though you don't want them over-eating on either, maybe the complete feed helped dilute the grain a bit. I'd bet that any founder will be so mild that it won't make a lot of difference in the long run.

The kind of founder that cripples horses is more often the chronic kind versus the acute situations like this. Anyone that has horses will have something like this happen eventually. Over the summer I was careful to keep the grain locked up but I never considered the dogwood.

I woke up one morning and one of the horses had knocked over my dogwood barrel and eaten most of it. Keeping an eye is too little too late, laxatives should have been given immediately.

You could end up with serious founder issues that ruin the horse for life. I believe the reason to give mineral oil via tube is to help flush out the bowel before it has time to absorb the extra nutrients & toxins that can form, get it out of the system ASAP.

Ive a little ban amine or Dexamethasone, drench with a gal. I'd bet that any founder will be so mild that it won't make a lot of difference in the long run.

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The kind of founder that cripples horses is more often the chronic kind versus the acute situations like this. Anyone that has horses will have something like this happen eventually. Over the summer I was careful to keep the grain locked up but I never considered the dogwood.

I woke up one morning and one of the horses had knocked over my dogwood barrel and eaten most of it. Hunter swiped a mouthful of dogwood from the bowl in the barn one day while we were going to his stall.

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