Are Horses Used To Make Soap

Christina Perez
• Sunday, 03 January, 2021
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They used to make soap from horse fat and glue from the hooves. Bone and blood meal- feed or fertilizer (it is high in nitrogen and calcium).

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Horse byproducts ARE still used in the production of Glue, Gelatin and soap as well as lots of other things :) especially now that all horse slaughter plants are closed, this isn't even possible.

I was so impressed... we put it in jars and have about $60 worth of store bought detergent sitting at home that only cost us $20 bucks... including jars and all the ingredients.I did my first load of laundry with it.testing on towels of course and it did great and had a lovely smell to it :) have my clothes in now hopefully I get the same results. Her next experiment is making body soap and face wash.

• Horses : 3 Although it has been a while because I buy organic cleaners now, I've made household cleansers and laundry soap before. I've also made goat milk soap and got my close friend started in it as a business.

She makes and sells soap, lotion, creams, shampoo, and lip butters. Why did I turn it over to my friend?? Because I'm too busy making goat milk fudge.

I made homemade soap ... Not only did it smell fresh and clean but it lasted a LONG time....:)There's a recipe out there, where you melt down previous homemade soap and add coffee (grounds?) You can put used coffee grounds in it and it will make a soap that not only looks and smells good, but takes funky odors off your hands.

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• Horses : 0 oh very interesting .Lockwood do you know of a site or a book that would have more receives for this soap making fun :) • Horses : 1 This reminds me of a stand in the NZ mall that I tried to walk past.

All organic handmade soaps. Crickey they were the craziest combos ever, and they smelled dreadful. I used to carve soaps when I was little :) It was really fun and made my hands smell pretty.

In the world do you find coffee fragrance oil??? Here is a basic soap recipe that adds the scrubbing power and odor eliminating benefits of coffee grounds.

Preparation: Mix your lye solution first and set it aside to cool. Measure and heat your solid oils until completely melted.

Pour the raw soap into your mold and let it sit for 12-24 hours until it has cooled off completely and is hard enough to cut. This reminds me of a stand in the NZ mall that I tried to walk past.

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EW WWW! I'm all for interesting combos, but yeah some people go a little bit overboard. I used to carve soaps when I was little :) It was really fun and made my hands smell pretty.

And, for those who don't wish to work directly with lye, but want to do more than just rematching (melt and pour) there are specified oils available now that take the lye step out but leave the rest for you to do. Substitute double strength coffee for your water in the lye-water solution.

In the old westerns and Bugs Bunny cartoons that pretty much formed my thought processes as a child, they would always threaten to send the old horse to the glue factory. You get points for acknowledging Cecil as the man, but if you’d done even a little of reading, you’d have come across the horse/glue factory connection pretty often.

When asked how he achieved this, he replied, I whisper in the horse’s ear: Roses are red, violets are blue. They take fat and bone trimmings from grocery stores, waste scraps from restaurants, and dead animals.


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Conkers are a kind of horse chestnut and are easily available in the fall from trees or from gourmet nut stores. Discard the brown peels and rinse the white innards gently.

Pine tar has long been used in Scandinavian nations as a preservative for wood which may be exposed to harsh conditions, including outdoor furniture and ship decking and rigging. Tar and pitch for maritime use was in such demand that it became an important export for the American colonies, which had extensive pine forests.

Pine tar was used as a preservative on the bottoms of traditional Nordic-style skis until modern synthetic materials replaced wood in their construction. Pine tar is used as a softening solvent in the rubber industry, for treating and fabricating construction materials, and in special paints.

Pine tar is combined with gum turpentine and boiled linseed oil to create a wood preservative. This allows it to permeate deeper into the oakum and fiber of the wood and lets the tar seep into any pinholes and larger gaps that might be in the planks.

Pine tar is also sometimes used illegally by pitchers to improve their grip on the ball in cold weather. This is not allowed due a regulation prohibiting the application of any foreign substance to a ball (except grip-improving Baseball Rubbing Mud applied by the umpires).

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Pine tar has historically been used for treating skin conditions, usually as additive in cold process solid soap or lotions. Due to the high presence of phenol in the early manufacturing of pine tar, it was deemed a carcinogenic.

Pine tar was banned by the FDA along with many other ingredients categorized as over the counter drugs, due to a lack of evidence of safety and effectiveness for the specific uses named. However, clinical tests in Australia in 2017 demonstrated that the greatest risk comes from acute sensitivity for those with severe dermatological conditions, and if it comes in contact with the eyes.

It is important to note that the number of positive reactions for wood tars was not significantly greater than those for other common allergens. In addition, the concentration of pine tar in topical products available in Australia is up to 2.3%, which is up to four times less than that tested in these studies.

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