Are Horses Waterproof

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• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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A way to prevent this issue from escalating is for you to ensure that any under blankets are not hanging below the level of the outer blanket, so that it does not absorb the moisture running off the drip lines or down the horse’s neck. Waterproof horse blankets are covered in a membrane coating that has holes smaller than water molecules.

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This prevents water from reaching the horse, but makes the material breathable. Cheaper blankets use a denier that has a coating without proper perforations.

Just like camping in a tent with no ventilation, the inside of the blanket will become very damp, very quickly. Once a horse begins to sweat, either from activity or from being over-blanketed, the inside of the blanket can become as wet as if the rain soaked through.

If your horse is already wet, or even damp, it needs to dry completely before applying the blanket. Pawing in a water trough, turning upside-down in the pouring rain for a roll, laying down in a puddle, and any other crazy activity your horse can dream up will end in a wet blanket.

The waterproof coating will also be damaged by a horse that repetitively rolls in the mud or sand while wearing their blanket. This method should be used sparingly, as it dries out the skin and hair and can dull the coat.

Cordoba nylon that has been coated with urethane has been one of the main waterproof materials used for horse blankets and sheets. An extremely tough, abrasion resistant combination, urethane coated Cordoba, unfortunately is not breathable.

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A waterproof -breathable fabric has a semi-permeable membrane which means that it keeps water out but allows moisture from normal respiration and sweat to escape through the special pores. If a sheet is too warm for the ambient temperature, no matter if it is made of the best waterproof -breathable material in the world, the horse will sweat.

A regular or high cut neck is better at keeping water from leaking into the shoulder area. A well-fitted sheet in the neck area should act like a gasket against the environment not an open invitation to rain seepage.

I've found that a synthetic fleece wither helps prevent hair loss in the mane. Sheets that are cut out of one piece of material do not have a center back seam which potentially is more waterproof.

Sheets that are made of fitted pieces with a center seam, possibly shoulder panels, and having hindquarter darts have a great-looking fit, stay put and look nice, but if every single seam is not taped and sealed, there will be leakage. Most important are adjustable, heavy-duty elastic leg straps and I like them to have swivel snaps.

I prefer the leg straps to have swivel snaps on both ends, so I can remove them easily for washing. Grommet front closures, although strong, are my least favorite because they are the most time-consuming to buckle and unbuckle.

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Rainy weather often occurs during the spring and fall shedding season, so I like sheets that aren't difficult to maintain during the hairy period. Finally, I want a turnout rain sheet to be comfortable for my horses in temperatures up to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit since I would like to use them during warm spring and fall showers.

If you use a horse blanket cleaning service, they may be able to add waterproofing for you. Depending on what route you go, you also need to option to do some touch-up work on the fly throughout the season.

Touch-up waterproofing is easy to do at the barn, no need to send your blankets and rugs out for minor service. Do it when you can, but don't get caught with an early cold snap and no clean blankets.

If you are cleaning and waterproofing in the spring, it's easy to store the blankets until fall arrives. Another option is the storage bags that you can suck the air out of with a vacuum.

Whatever storage option you choose, make sure it's rodent, mud dauber, and spider proof. You can re- waterproof your blankets any time of year with your choice of products.

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Clean blankets make the best canvas. My very old and faded horse blanket, re-waterproofed, and ready for another winter.

I like to hand them on gates, fences, or railings to cover them with a spray product. Some are for cotton, some for nylon, some for leather (like your paddock boots!).

After not using gloves and not covering my face the first time I did this, many regrets surfaced. Sometimes the sprays condense and drip around the nozzle, coating your hands.

Starting with clean blankets, you can apply the solution by hand. Typically, a warm wash cycle on the synthetic setting is best.

Another spray-on option, designed for tents and outdoor gear. Just like any other pet, horses require special attention as far as taking care of them is concerned.

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Horse owners are obliged to buying these animals many products to help keep them healthy and happy. It works by providing horses effective insulation when typical temperatures drop low and keep them dry in all kinds of weather.

Some leading blankets have also been designed to protect horses against UV rays and biting insects. There are dozens of great blankets out there in the market, which makes your choice an overwhelming task especially if you are not an experienced lot.

Its finest poly fibers ensure that blanket keeps the horse cozy and dry warm even in the worst of weather. It is fitted with double front buckles featuring Velcro closure and hood rings to attach the piece securely onto the horse.

This stylish and flashy piece features a 600D nylon waterproof outer shell for extended durability. It also features leg straps, tail guard, one surcingle, and double closure at the chest for proper fitting.

This piece of a colorful blanket is authentically-styled and features tail flap as well as working buckles on surcingle and chest. Its high-quality material is highly breathable and waterproof providing maximum comfort and warmth during cold seasons.

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Perfect for almost any climate and horse, this piece of a blanket features 200G of polyfill insulation and extremely robust rip stop nylon shell. Like other blankets of the same class, it features a shoulder gusset for complete freedom of movement and proper fitting.

It comes with a 210T nylon inner lining and soft fleece wither protector to prevent the horse’s coat from irritation. Perfect for almost any climate and foal, this product features 150G of polyfill and sturdy ‘rip stop’ waterproof nylon shell for extended durability.

With 300G polyfill, this blanket provides medium to heavy warmth and optimal protection against rain and wind. This waterproof blanket features a crater outer shell with taped seams to ultimately repel water and keep the horse dry.

Its breathable design allows moisture to be wicked away from the horse, thus preventing sweating besides retaining body heat. When the spring weather is highly unpredictable, it is a wise idea to get the Horse Nevada Turnout Sheet to keep the chill off your cheerful horse.

This lightweight, windproof, and waterproof sheet keeps your horse warm, dry, and comfortable during colder days. Unlike other horse blankets/sheets of the same class, this one features an improved design, which includes handy snap buckles located on the front side that can be fastened with one hand as opposed to conventional T-buckle closures.

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Its deep shoulder gussets provide your pony with unrestricted room to roam and better fit. It also features a soft fleece pad as well as higher riding neckline making this item wear comfortable.

The Stormcheeta Combo Horse Blanket By Shires is one of the best gears to beat the chilly weather. The highly affordable piece features 400G quilted polyfill, hard-wearing 2000 Shire Tex waterproof, and breathable outer shell with taped seams for horse convenience.

While its large pleated tail flap is designed to keep out drafts, the adjustable breast straps ensure that the piece is fitted appropriately to the horse’s body. The outer shell of this machine-washable blanket is made of fully nylon Rip stop for guaranteed durability.

Product dimensions -22.7 by 20.5 by 7.4 inches Item weight -5 pounds Color –Navy poppy red Material –Shire Tex 2000D ballistic nylon As stated in the introductory section, whether you are an experienced equestrian or the lot who is beginning to understand more rearing horses, it is imperative to ensure that your lovely animal is taken care of properly.

Since you are concerned about getting a blanket that lasts longer, it is important to choose the one made of highly sturdy material. A blanket that is too small or too big would not provide proper coverage, which may result in an uncomfortable rubbing.

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To achieve this objective, it is recommended that you take your time getting the measurements of the horse before buying what you have deemed to be the ideal choice for your animal. Whereas you should work within your means, you should always keep in mind that cheap products can sometimes prove to be expensive in the end.

With these features, the blanket serves not only to provide warmth during the colder seasons, but keeps the body cozy, cool, and comfortable. While it is an overwhelming task choosing the best piece, with the list above, there is no doubt that you will find an option that best suits the needs of your horses or ponies.

Get one today and let your horse live a happy life comes the winter, come fall, or during any other colder days! Whether you need help choosing the perfect blanket for your horse or are looking for tips on clipping, we’ve got you covered.

Because your horse was designed to spend his days roaming outside, he is naturally equipped with tools to keep himself warm when the temperatures start cooling down. The individual hairs stand up rather than lying flat against the skin, which traps warm air close to his body and insulates him from the cold.

His body ferments roughage in the hind gut, which creates heat that helps maintain his core temperature, which is why many horse owners feed more hay in the winter. The lower critical temperature of an individual horse will depend on the temperatures that he’s accustomed to, the amount of body insulation he has (such as the length of his hair coat and the amount of body fat), and whether he lives inside or outside.

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Every horse is an individual, and the decision to blanket should be based on their unique needs (and not just because their owner is cold! Shorter periods of daylight trigger horses to grow longer, coarser winter coats.

When it gets chilly, the hairs stand on end to trap warm air close to the body, insulating the horse from the cold. Access to shelter can help horses cope when winter weather's at its worst.

As horses get older, they become less efficient in many body systems such as digestion and immunity. The ability to maintain their core temperature, or thermoregulation, is one of these systems. One way to help senior horses retain body heat is through blanketing, using the correct fill or weight of blanket so that overheating does not become an issue.

Turnout sheets and turnout blankets are waterproof and designed to be worn when your horse is outside, while stable sheets and stable blankets are not waterproof and meant to be worn when your horse is inside. Choosing between these types can be overwhelming, but we’ll take a closer look at the differences here to help you ensure that your horse’s wardrobe is properly stocked.

And just like the ones on your bed, horse blankets come in different thicknesses or amounts of warmth. The amount of warmth a blanket provides is measured in grams of fill (basically “stuffing”).

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Horse blankets are constructed in three layers: the lining, the fill, and the shell. The lining, which is typically made of cotton, poly-cotton, nylon, or mesh, reduce friction and can even help smooth and polish your horse’s coat.

As we described earlier in this guide, blankets can have anywhere from 0 to 300+ grams of fill, depending on what amount of warmth they’re intended to provide. The shell, which is the outermost layer of the blanket, is what protects your horse from the elements.

Shoulder gussets offer a bit more “give,” allowing greater freedom of movement. A tail flap offers full wind and rain protection for horses who spend a lot of time outside.

Optional nylon or elastic leg straps help prevent shifting and keep the blanket secure in windy weather. Hoods and neck covers are separate pieces designed to attach to the turnout blanket for more complete coverage.

Usually made from cotton, poly/cotton, nylon or canvas, stable sheets are designed to keep the coat clean and provide a light layer of warmth. Usually made from poly/cotton or nylon fabric and embroidered with the horse or barn name, scrims are generally considered to be more about style than function.

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Anti-sweat sheets are a great option after summer rides when you want to keep your horse clean while he cools out. Some fly sheets offer UV protection, while others may be treated with insect repellents for extra bug-blocking power.

Traditional rain sheets cover the horse from the poll to the top of the tail, however they’re not very secure and therefore not recommended for use in turnout. Square coolers are oversized and loose, draping over your horse from the poll to the top of the tail and hanging just below the belly.

Regardless of the cut, coolers are made from fleece or wool that draws moisture away from the skin while trapping heat; helping to keep horses warm and dry, not cold and clammy, as they cool out after winter riders. They come in a range of weights, offering different levels of warmth so that you can dress your horse according to the weather.

Because the exterior material is not waterproof, stable blankets are generally used when the horse is in the stall. Their exterior material has a waterproof coating and a breathable membrane to keep your horse warm and dry through the worst winter weather.

To measure your horse for a blanket, start at the center of your horse’s chest and run a cloth tape measure along his side to the point of the buttocks where the “cheek” meets the tail. Include the widest part of his shoulder, and keep the tape measure level and taut (we suggest having a friend help you).

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The number of inches is your horse’s true size (note: some blanket brands run a little large or small, so we recommend checking out the hundreds and hundreds of product reviews left by horse owners like you! Test the blanket’s fit by watching your horse walk and graze in it.

Whatever you’re battling–whether it’s shoulder rubs, wither woes, or which neck style is right for your horse–we’re here to help! Due to your horse’s body type, some blankets fit too snugly in the chest, shoulders, hindquarters, and withers.

Look for: Blanket styles that are known for being cut for stock horses, like Rocking’ SP and Big D, as well as blankets with the following features: Cut back wither: A cut back wither will help take the pressure of your horse’s wither area, preventing uncomfortable rubs. Look for: Blankets that feature extra padding at the withers or a higher neck style.

Plus, it offers poll-to-tail coverage to prevent any rain, snow, or wind from reaching your horse. Due to your horse’s body type, some blankets fit too snugly in the shoulders and hips.

These causes pressure points that lead to uncomfortable rubs, especially when your horse is moving around. V-front closure: Blankets with a V-front are cut a little higher over the shoulder and neck and come together lower on the chest, helping eliminate some traditional pressure points.

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Nylon and polypropylene are both stronger than polyester, so consider blankets with outer shells made from either of those materials. If your horse is going to be outside you’ll want to put on a turnout, whereas you can choose a stable if he’s only going to be in the barn.

In addition, the temperature outside isn’t the only factor to consider when you’re choosing the right blanket for the weather. Cleaning and storing your horse sheets and blankets properly is essential to making them last.

Read on to learn more about our smart storage tips and to check out our blanket washing guidelines. On a chilly winter day, the last thing you want to be doing is digging through piles of blankets in your tack room to find the right one for the weather.

If you’re tired of struggling with unruly blankets or leg straps hanging out all over the place, we’ve got you covered with a how-to video on the easy way to get a tidy fold in no time flat! Storing your horse’s blankets properly during the off season will protect your investment and help ensure that they’re ready to go when the cool weather comes again.

Once your horse’s blankets are clean, dry, and in good repair, store them in a sealed container such as the bag they came in, a tote or trunk, or a vacuum seal storage bag to keep dirt, mold, mildew, and any pesky critters out. Just use a stiff brush to get any excess hair, mud, or dirt off the blanket, hose it off, and hang it to dry.

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To help prevent the color from fading, consider hanging them in the shade rather than in the sun. If you’ve never used a blanket laundry service before, ask your barn mates or other riders you know for recommendations.

If you’re noticing that water no longer “beads off” your horse’s turnout blanket or sheet, this may indicate that it needs to be re-waterproofed. If you’re planning on washing your horse’s blankets yourself, then it may make the most sense for you to re- waterproof them yourself while you’re at it.

After you’ve chosen a product, read the instructions on the bottle carefully and apply it as directed for maximum benefit. A winter turnout blanket with tail cover, suitable for severe weatherBlankets are often used when shipping horses to prevent chills and even out temperature changes.

Some designs also have small straps that loop lightly around the horse's hind legs to prevent the blanket from slipping sideways. Modern materials similar to those used in human outdoor wear are commonly used in blanket manufacture.

If horses are blanketed at the beginning of the autumn, especially if kept in a lighted area for 16 hours a day, they will not grow a winter coat. Blankets also protect horses that are kept with a short clipped hair coat for show purposes.

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If a blanket is put on a horse at the beginning of the winter in order to suppress the growth of a winter coat, or if the horse is kept clipped in cold weather, the blanket cannot be taken off until warmer weather arrives in the spring. If a horse is subjected to cold weather without either a blanket or a natural hair coat to keep it warm, it may become ill, and vulnerable to sicknesses such as influenza.

They are usually made of some type of nylon or strong synthetic fiber, but with the capacity to “breathe” so that the animal remains cool. Most have a smooth nylon lining in front of prevent hair from wearing off on the shoulders.

They are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the rise of insect borne diseases such as West Nile fever. A horse wearing a summer fly sheet with attached neck cover, light blankets ward off insects and prevent coat bleaching blanket may be supplemented with a neck cover or a full hood.

A cooler or a mantle, is a large, nearly square blanket with ties that is draped over a horse that is hot and sweaty from an intense workout, or one that has just been bathed and is wet all over. It is designed so it can be tied shut in front; most designs have a small brow band which can be used to keep it positioned well up on the neck, and it may have a loose cord that goes beneath the tail to prevent the wind from blowing it off from the rear, but usually it has no other straps or attachments.

In windy weather, a loose surcingle may be added to prevent the cooler from blowing completely off. A traditionally-shaped blanket of loosely crocheted cotton, called an anti-sweat sheet, is used to absorb moisture.

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