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Get ready for some amazing facts about horses and zebras ! They are all living in Africa (no zebras on other continents except in zoos) and they belong to the “Equine family of the Equus genus”.

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It was very common in South Africa and it was often described as a horse and zebra hybrid. You cannot train and teach a zebra to be ridden like a horse.

We find a very different type of animal with the zebra when it comes to domestication. This all has to do with the herd mentality among horses which would don’t find to the same extent with zebras.

Among a group of horses, we will always have the leading alpha male which is the leader of the flock. They do move around in groups but that’s more because there are obvious benefits than because they follow the leader of the flock.

As we looked at above, the horse’s legs are longer and it also enables it to run quite a lot faster than the zebra. The seating area of the horse where you mount the saddle is also very different build on the zebra.

Zebras don’t have the wither which is where the neck of the horse begins. Some people believe that zebras are faster than horses, but they are wrong.

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As you can see below horses are faster than zebras and there’s a good physical explanation for that. This is a clear physical difference between the horse and the zebra.

Zebras are typically around 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the shoulder to the hoof. The horse, on the other hand, is more like 5.5 feet (1,68 meters) from the shoulder to the hoof.

Horses have long beautiful manes that can be braided in many ways. As you can see from the picture above, the mane of the zebra is standing up and looks much more like that of a Donkey.

We all know that a horse will neigh and you can also hear this sound among a flock of zebras. The zebra can also produce a barking-type sound that is more similar to that of a smaller dog.

There is a tiny bump where the horse withers is but nothing to support the saddle or keep the rider in place. The dip is also absent and that makes it very hard to ride the zebra even if they had the temper for it.

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We will look a lot more at why it’s almost impossible to domesticate and train a zebra in the next section. They will both kick a fellow stallion if they are provoked They both have hoofs that are similar They sleep standing up.

They are both herbivores and will eat primarily herbs, leaves, and grass in the wild. Zebras and horses belong to the same family tree.

That the main thing there is to say about similarities between zebras and horses. Other than that, they have an obvious list of commonalities when you look at how they are built and how they move.

They are obviously closely related, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Zebras are closer related to horses than donkeys.

They all belong to the Equus family tree and zebras are directly related to horses whereas donkeys are one branch farther away from horses than zebras are. As you can see, they are all a part of the “Equus” family tree which we mentioned earlier.

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Kings (Found in Kashmir, Kazakh, and the Tibetan plateau) Persian Managers (Endangered species native to Iran) Turkmenistan Kulaks (smaller breed found in Central Asia) Most racehorses and draft horses are a bit bigger than zebras.

But zebras are still taller than some smaller horse breeds. So it’s quite hard to tell whether they are intelligent enough to do much else than just living their life on the African Savannah.

Remember, they are very aggressive and people have not managed to domesticate them in any way or to ride them. The Equine family again belongs to the Perissodactyla order, that includes Tapirs and Rhinos as well.

The resulting animal is called a “Horse” if it is a cross between a horse and a zebra. The cross between a Zebra and a pony is more commonly referred to as a “Zone”.

Typically, horse’s are more difficult to train than a regular horse or pony. Their instincts are heightened from the infusion of wild zebra bloodlines.

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Monkeys have long ears, like regular donkeys, but have more characteristics from the zebra mixed in as well. Much like with the horse / zebra cross, Monkeys may retain more wild instincts from their Zebra parent and caution must be applied when training them however, with the right training, they can make excellent companions.

In the wild, the natural thing for prey animals is to fight or flee. With the zebra, if they are contained in a small space like a corral, the fight option becomes much more exaggerated, and they may attack by biting, kicking or stomping.

While the wild mustang horse does have similar instincts, far fewer of them would choose fight over flee. If you look at a zebra, you will notice their flat back and Mohawk looking mane.

One of the interesting things about zebra is that they are all white with black stripes. You should expect that the taming process for a zebra would be much more difficult than that for a wild mustang.

A Zebra is much more prone to fight than flee when confined to a small corral. That being said, a zebra foal who grows up surrounded by humans is less likely to be scared and try to attack out of fear.

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Dominance may still play a part but their fear level should be greatly reduced when they are born in captivity and handled regularly. In captivity, however, horses and zebra can often live off of the same type of diet.

For captive zebra and horses, a good quality diet consists of hay or pasture, vitamins, minerals and salt. In fact, a horse and zebra can share the same pasture and receive much of the same nutrition.

Diet should be customized to each individual but the basic elements are the same for both horses and zebra. Typically, the training is more difficult and has to be approached by a trainer with skill in order to work through the natural instincts, but the zebra hybrid is capable of functioning just like a regular horse, with the right training and temperament.

Running in a zigzag motion helps prey animals to confuse and evade predators. Zebra herds will often move in a zigzag pattern to reduce the chances of being taken by a predator like a lion or cheetah.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some facts about zebras, donkeys and horses. Zebra and their hybrids are very interesting to see in person but, for the most part, they should only be purchased from experienced trainers.

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If you are willing to put the time and resources in learning how to handle a zebra hybrid, the result can be a fun and interesting looking companion! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This is a question many people who are intrigued about zoology and exotic animals may ask. The answer to this question has long since been established by biologists based on careful research into these amazing creatures.

To call zebras little more than African horses with black stripes might be a bit of an oversimplification. Based on what we currently know about evolutionary biology, horses may have originated in the southeastern region of Europe.

Zebras originated in the continent of Africa and fossil records prove this to be true. The resultant hybrid, however, would not be able to reproduce due to differences in the chromosomes.

This is why we have not seen these new creatures emerge even though horses were long since imported to Africa many, many centuries ago.

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