Are My Little Ponies Valuable

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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Remember those vintage My Little Pony toys you or your sister played with when you were a kid? Well, it turns out some of those happy little ponies can sell for obscene amounts of money on eBay.

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The pony culture has even given birth to an unexpected breed of adult male fans, aptly named Bronzes (who you can read all about here). That said, it's important to note that not all My Little Pony toys are worth a lot, no matter how old they are.

A great deal of determining the value of rare My Little Pony toys is simply a matter of supply and demand. In general, ponies that were either only available in countries outside the USA or through mail-order programs will likely sell for a great deal more than those that were available in stores nationwide.

Packaging is also a big factor, as a pony in mint condition that's never been removed from its original box can easily shoot up a few hundred dollars in value. Among the rarest princess ponies of the G1 Pegasus Pony collection is Princess Priština, who sports a pretty turquoise coloring with a mane made of yellow hair with green tinsel.

One eBay user recently hit the jackpot when they came across this hard-to-find collectible in mint condition. While finding one out the box can net you as much as $65.00, an original pony in her unopened packaging can increase the price substantially.

Collecting My Little Pony toys is an adorably rewarding experience. There are a lot of rare ponies to find, but there are some that top the charts.

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Get ready every pony because we went to equestrian and hunted down the eight ponies which would make your collection not only the most magical, but also the most valuable ! The rarest pony that was sold in stores is well known to be Mimic the twinkle eye Unicorn.

This is our only pony set on our list, but we couldn’t bear to part them. This mother and baby set was another mail order pair.

It came with the mail order Sweet Scoops pony (don’t worry she made the list too). While many people kept the Pony, The charm was attached to a bracelet and often went missing over the years.

This variant of Baby Moon dancer was made in the Greece and that makes it pretty special. The mail order Sweet Scoops is one of the most sought after My Little Pony Toys in the world.

It’s the best place on the internet to meet fellow fans, show off your collection, talk all things geeky, and buy and sell cool stuff with people who love the same things you do. So you have purchased a bag of MyLittlePonies from a boot or jumble sale with a view to selling them on eBay but you are unsure where to start.

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The first thing to know is that My Little Pony is extremely collectible so there are may fan sites and informative websites to find on the internet. These can prove to be a wealth of knowledge when you come to identify the pony, and to find out some more information about them to use in your listing.

It is well laid out, easy to search and pretty to look at There are mmanysites you can use, these examples are just my ffavorites By using keywords such as the color, the symbol, year of issue (found on the hoof) you can bring back a series of images of the pony you have, then click on your chosen image to take you to a site which will give you a name and some more useful information about it.

8 1/2" Pinky pie & Flutter shy and two huge (11" tall) Pink G1 ponies with rainbow hair. Clean. The show follows Twilight Sparkle on her journey to discover the magic of friendship and make friends with 5 other ponies : Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Flutter shy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

They have battled many enemies along the way, such as Night Mare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Samba and Lord Tire, and have used the legendary Elements of Harmony and newly discovered Rainbow Power to defeat them. These characters are contested by the Dazzling, Queen Chrysalis with a plethora of love absorbed, and Samba who have shown power comparable or even superior to that of 1 Ali corn.

Lower tier top tiers such as Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, potentially Trixie with the Ali corn Amulet, Star swirl, and more scale to beneath that, due to Star swirl replicating Celestial's feat with 5 Unicorns every day. The Pony of Shadows is also a powerful entity, able to survive being hit with the Elements of Harmony.

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Most relevant characters scale up to Rainbow Dash as well as mid-level Unicorns, giving them solid faster than light speeds (3.56 c). Even faster are characters such as Star swirl and the Ali corns who scale from The Storm King being able to move the Sun at tens of thousands of times the speed of light.

With Sunset Shimmer bringing in magic from the Pony World, the verse is somewhat getting more powerful. The banished Sirens achieved their former power that was superior to Friendship is Magic's Star swirl the Bearded.

Many characters like the Humane 7 and most villains are Universal+ tier via scaling to Midnight Sparkle, who; with the Elements of Harmony, nearly tore apart her universe just to get to Equestrian. My Little Pony media, including the comics, novels, and even trading cards, all have to go through Hasbro corporate to be considered suitable for release, which involves properly aligning with the continuity of the main show so it doesn't contradict established canon, or future planned canon.

That’s why we decided to do this piece on the history of My Little Pony, conveniently broken down by decade! These Ponies were a bit more like teen kids, as they would do stuff like hang out at the ice cream shop or go on vacations.

Some main characters of the series even had crushes on some boy Ponies they went to school with. With the 2000s came several Pony movies, and we were introduced to some new characters, including Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and some tiny, flying Pony creatures called Breezes along with the return of Spike the Dragon.

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Some of our favorite movies of that time include Twinkle Wish Adventure, A Very Minty Christmas, The Princess Promenade, Dancing In The Clouds, The Runaway Rainbow and Friends Are Never Far Away. This series moved from Pony land to Montville and features six main ponies, the leader of the group being a Unicorn-later-turned-Alicorn Princess named Twilight Sparkle.

Among her friends are Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Spike, though they are different characters than their namesakes from the earlier movies. Applejack and Flutter shy round out the group, though there are plenty more Ponies and other magical creatures.

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