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While it can be frustrating trying to understand their reasoning behind deleting the option, there are most definitely advantages and disadvantages to each answer, in which we will cover here today. The NissanRogue offered an upgrade option for third- row seating (The Family Package) in the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Rogue models S and SV, but excluding the SL trim and the Hybrid.

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Nissan decided in later years that it was best to just completely rid the option for the third- row in the Rogue. Whether it be that they realized what was being compromised for this extra seating, or just how compatible it was, or was not, for their consumers when being compared against that of larger SUVs.

The third- row seating upgrade (The Family Package) in the Rogue has a cost of around $1,000. If you compare this to the competition price of larger SUVs this is more than considerably a cheaper option.

Depending on your intended use and the size of your family it may not even be worth shelling out that extra cash, but then again, it may be a perfect fit for you. Keep in mind the NissanRogue is already a compact SUV, so adding the third- row is going to downsize the amount of room given for other seating.

With that, you are gaining an extra row of seating, but losing a ton of space. The third- row in this SUV is not very big, only offering 31.4” of maximum legroom, so it would be perfect for a family with smaller children or pets.

If you’re looking to make regular use of the third- row seating, or any use of the cargo space at all, I personally would suggest a larger SUV. Coming in at #10 on the list the Honda Pilot has an average cost of $31,450 and third- row legroom of 31.9 inches.

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At #9 on the list the Ford Explorer has an average cost of $32,365 and third- row legroom of 33.3 inches. In at #8 on the list the Land Rover Discovery has an average cost of $54,795 and third- row legroom of 33.5 inches.

Landing at #7 on the list the Enclave has an average price of $40,000 and third- row legroom of 33.5 inches. In at #6 on the list the Chevrolet Traverse has an average cost of $29,930 and third- row legroom of 33.5 inches.

At #4 on the list the GMC Yukon XL has an average cost of $52,200 and third- row legroom of 34.5 inches. In at #3 on the list the Chevrolet Suburban has an average cost of $50,800 and legroom of 34.5 inches.

Landing the #1 spot on the list the Ford Expedition Max has an average cost of $52,130 and legroom of 36.1 inches. The NissanRogue is quite stylish for its price, but the consumer reviews seem to be a mixed bag.

Third row seating offers 50/50 split and also folds flat for extra space. First, if you’re looking for a brand-new SUV with third- row seating the NissanRogue will not be a good fit, as it no longer comes with that upgrade option.

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Seats and cargo space for groceries, camping gear, sports equipment, maybe a Great Dane. The Pathfinder is Nissan’s SUV for the driver who is always in search of their next adventure.

It seats up to 7 and comes well-equipped in every trim with standard Automatic Emergency Braking], Hill Start Assist, dual power outside mirrors with LED signal indicators and Nissan’s innovative E-Z Flex Seating System featuring LATCH AND GLIDE®]. No matter how far you are travelling, you’ll keep passengers entertained with an available rear seat entertainment system that includes dual 8” screens, a DVD player and wireless headphones.

2020 NISSAN PATHFINDER STARTING MSRP $31,980] ENGINE 3.5L Direct-Injection V6 HORSEPOWER 284 HP MPG CITY / HIGHWAY 20/27 ] MAXIMUM TOWING CAPACITY Up to 6,000 lbs. Ft. with normal roof CARGO (2nd SEAT FOLDED)] 47.4 cu.

The largest member of the Nissan family, the luxurious Armada seats up to eight and offers a maximum cargo volume of 95.4 cu. Configuring and accessing that cargo space is made easy by the available power 3rd row seats that fold down at the push of the button and the available power lift gate.

When it comes to safety and convenience available Nissan Intelligent Mobility features like the Intelligent Rear View Mirror, Intelligent Cruise Control ], Automatic Emergency Braking ] and Blind Spot Warning ] reduce the stress of driving the Armada as much as the interior eases you into comfort. If you are the outdoorsy type looking to tow a holiday trailer or boat, the Armada offers up to 8,500 lbs.

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2020 ARMADAS $47,500 ] ENGINE 5.6L DOHC 32-Valve V8 HORSEPOWER 390 HP MPG CITY/ HIGHWAY 14/19] MAXIMUM TOWING CAPACITY Up to 8,500 lbs. In addition to seating for up to 7, the Nissan Pathfinder features available Intelligent 4×4, an available Motion Activated Lift gate and offers Nissan Intelligent Mobility Features ] like standard Automatic Emergency Braking].

Nissan’s largest, most capable SUV doesn’t just provide seating for up to 8 but an available Intelligent Rear View Mirror ], three rear USB inputs ] and an available Intelligent Around View® Monitor]. With seating for up to 12 in four rows, the NV Passenger has the most capacity of any Nissan vehicle and can also be configured to provide up to 281.9 cu.

Crossover SUV’s like the NissanRogue is one of the most popular as well as family-friendly cars and trucks on the marketplace. The Rogue uses a large amount of adaptability in seating and also cargo storage space.

One of the unique functions on the Rogue used to be a “Family Bundle” that consisted of the third row of passenger seats. Nissan manufactured Rogues with this choice in several design years, consisting of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

With the 2018 Rogue, Nissan went down the third- row seating choice and also became a lot more focused on making the most of the traveler as well as cargo area for five. Allow’s take a better check out the Rogue’s third- row alternative and discover the advantages and disadvantages.

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We’ll additionally supply the existing choices for Nissan with the third row of seating in this article. The enhancement of the third row was readily available with a “Household Plan” trim level.

Yet, a group of six or 7 adults will likely have an awkward road trip with little area to save their things. A lot of cars and truck professionals discovered it to be a tiny and also pointless seating choice.

The people that chose the 3rdrow, those family members with young youngsters, as an example, found it to be exceptionally practical as well as affordable automobile option. Crossovers in Rogues’ course are best understood for comfort and also storage space capability based on five travelers.

If you are in the market for a vehicle that seats more than five guests, Nissan has other choices to check out in its schedule. Having the alternative for a larger SUV with added seating and freight is a winning mix for convenience.

Its EZ Flex Seats System ™ creates an exceptionally flexible interior. The second row can slide back and also forth, supplying an additional 5 inches of legroom to the 2nd or 3rdrow.

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A youngster’s safety seat can glide onward when installed in the 2nd row to ensure that the 3rdrow is quickly obtainable for various other travelers. If you are in the market for a smaller sized SUV, you might discover a formerly owned older Rogue version with the 3rdrow mounted.

When buying searches for a third- prorogue, seek versions that are older than 2018 and have an S or SV trim level with the Household Plan already installed. If you are seeking a third row in an SUV, Nissan has outstanding options with a lot of space as well as convenience.

The main enhancement of the family members package is that convenient 3rdrow of seating. Various other enhancements with this package consist of back personal privacy glass as well as run-flat reduced rolling resistance tires.

The Rogue has been winning hearts and minds since its debut, and it’s ready to impress you with its available seating capacity. Both the S and SV trims have an available third row seat that comes with the Family Package.

Both the second and third rows can be folded flat to turn your passenger area into cargo room. There are other less common trims that also don’t feature available third row seating.

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You can create a shelf to store two layers of cargo. However, if you opt for the Family Package and get the third row seat, you will only have one divider available.

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