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Peonies are perennial garden classics, loved throughout the world for their extravagant, early summer blossoms. Alone or in mixed bouquets, they have an elegant natural beauty and a delicate, unforgettable perfume.

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It takes less time for the larger root to develop into a strong plant that produces lots of flowers. You can improve the quality of your soil by adding compost and an all-purpose fertilizer at planting time.

Loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole and add some compost and all-purpose granular fertilizer (follow package directions). Put the peony root in the hole so the eyes (the growing tips) are positioned no more than 1” below the soil line.

To ensure an abundant display of flowers, peonies should be grown in full sun. Though some varieties will tolerate partial shade, less light usually means fewer flowers.

Peonies should be grown in well-drained, fertile soil with a neutral to slight alkaline pH. Over time, peonies develop a large root system and become difficult to move.

When planting, take time to site your peonies in a place where they can grow happily for many years. As long as they are planted in well drained soil and get enough light, peonies will thrive almost anywhere in your landscape.

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All peonies flower in early summer, but the exact bloom time varies by cultivar. Peonies are ideal companions for other early summer perennials such as iris, albums and roses.

Their foliage stays attractive all season long, which keeps borders looking full and provides a lush backdrop for other flowers. A mature plant can easily measure up to 3 feet across, so it’s important to allow room for them to fill out.

Surrounding peonies with a support cage will help keep the heavy flowers from sprawling when they get wet. Use a ready-made peony support or fashion your own from wood slats or 4" steel reinforcing wire.

Peony stems may be cut while the flowers are in tight bud and stored in the refrigerator (in water) for several weeks. After the flowers have faded, use scissors to remove the spent flower heads and the top 6 to 8” of the stem.

Removing as little foliage as possible will help the plants produce the energy they need for next year’s flowers. In fall, wait until the foliage is yellow, then cut back all the stems to within an inch or two of the ground.

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Pull any mulch or other debris away from the crown of the plant to keep the eyes from getting buried too deeply. Cut back the foliage and carefully dig up the entire root ball, which may be as large as 3 feet in diameter.

The less the roots are disturbed, the more quickly the plants will recover, though you can usually expect to lose at least one seasons of flowers. A fungal disease called Boris sometimes causes buds to blacken and shrivel as if they have been burned.

The best control is preventative: remove spent flowers as soon as possible, avoid wetting the foliage with overhead irrigation, and encourage good air circulation by not crowding plants. Right before they bloom, peony buds are covered with a slightly sweet, sticky substance.

In order to know the date the foal will be born, it is best introduce the stallion to one mare at a time. Hand breeding gives more control over the behavior and safety of the horses.

During the last month, the mare should receive a tetanus toxic shot. Not all reformers are safe for pregnant mares, so reading the labels is a must, to make certain the former is safe for unborn foals.

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Her forage or hay can be decreased and concentrates increased to make sure the foal's needs are being met without detriment to the mare. According to studies, a pregnant mare's pregnancy directly affects the fetal bone development.

Mares in these studies who were fed rations deficient in copper had 58 percent more bone and cartilage lesions by the age of three months. Breeders can get help in ensuring that their mares are getting all the nutrients they need from your local county livestock agent.

Birthing Process Miniature horses can have foaling problems due to their small size. This means that the owner needs to know the approximate date she is due, and to observe the mare for signs of labor. Signs Nearing Labor The mare will slow down her activity 2 or 3 weeks prior to the birth.

She may begin to secrete a clear liquid from her teats a few days before foaling. If edema occurs, which is swelling of the legs, udder, and ventral line under the belly, hand walking the mare can help relieve the pressure.

She may bite at her sides from the pain, swish her tail, pace, lie down and get up repeatedly, sweat, and urinate. Then the water breaks. After the expulsion of this watery substance, the mare's contractions continue.

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If the foal does not appear within thirty minutes after the water breaks, or does not present front feet and nose first it is best to call the veterinarian. Once the foal is born, attention must be turned toward its needs, to ensure that it stays warm, begins to suckle, and appears normal.

It looks like Luna's struggling with foals, and it's obvious what's wrong with Celestial. I like hyper pregnancy that shows the mother having issues squeezing into tight spaces. A Pegasus so pregnant she needs a cloud to rest on, so she can fly around is pretty hot.

This can be taken further and Vegas could be considered ridiculously fertile in some cases, but that conflicts with the common thoughts about Earth ponies, so it would need to be balanced. This is a Hearth's Warming story, inspired by a prompt I asked for, and which I've greatly elaborated upon. I don't intend to release any new stories this year, but I may revise some of my older work, to eliminate typos and other minor errors I noticed after publishing, or I may not.

I understand that writing good feedback can be challenging in itself, but I'd be elated to know what your favorite aspects of my work are, or what you'd care to see more of, or other relevant things. My goal for this year was to write at least twelve stories, an average of once a month, but I only met half of that.

There are so many nice ideas I can turn into pregnant pony prose that I want to work on. Which is why Thumb, the world's newest monkey, was given an especially fancy pair of pantyhose when he was born last week in Mexico.

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Thumb is the product of a love affair between a donkey named Ignacio and a zebra called Rays. The two would “visit” each other every afternoon at Reynosa Zoo in Mexico City.

Zebras have often been paired with various members of the equine family, but a donkey-zebra hybrid is particularly rare. Not all the combos of genes facilitate embryonic development to birth, so it's a bit of a crap shoot.

When donkey-zebra hybrids do happen, as in the case of Thumb, they are referred to by myriad names, including but not limited to: monkey, monkey, Nebraska, Sebring, zebra, zebras, Zedong and Lebanon. Aside from an interest in genetics, early scientists were keen to breed pack animals that were resistant to sleeping sickness, which afflicted purebred horses.

Apparently, folks first painted them, so they wouldn't blend in with the background in photos. The initial days of polo were marked by the use of puny ponies with a maximum height of 147 cm.

It is then when polo enthusiasts realized that the Argentine Criollo possessed the vital qualities of strength and durability for the sport. The Argentine polo pony is thus a cross between strong native Criollo horses and graceful English thoroughbreds.

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The shiny coat of the pony may give it an appealing appearance, but it is more sought after because of its speed, stamina, and endurance. The ideal Argentine Polo Pony has a steady gallop and its ability to stop and turn quickly on being prompted prepares it to deal with the building pressure on the field.

Generally calm but adequately competitive, the thoroughbred knows when to obey commands and when to overpower the opponents on ground. The lean and muscular framework of Argentine ponies is one of the reasons why players can safely rely on them.

The fertile and vast grasslands in Argentina, called Pampas, furnish the optimum conditions for housing and breeding of the ponies. The climate, fodder, and the intricate care of the breeders make Argentine ponies one of the best in the world.

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