Are Ponies More Expensive Than Horses

Christina Perez
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
• 8 min read

From brightly patterned rugs to glittery brow bands, there're loads of funky stuff you can get for ponies that just isn’t available in bigger sizes. It’s like ‘Napoleon Syndrome’ in that ponies may be smaller, but they obviously firmly believe they’re way harder and cooler than horses.

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During history, the animals were used to do the hard work on farms, transportation, in the battlefields during wars and also to entertainment. Before proceeding further, it should be mentioned that prices for horses of the same breed can vary greatly depending on their upbringing, age, and experience in competition.

Furthermore, the prices for elite racers can reach astronomical heights. This is the 8th most expensive horse breed in the world, and they cost up to $10,000 but can be found for around $2,500.

One of the main mistakes owners make is spoiling them because they are cute, and they will find it challenging obeying commands. Its temper is described as cold-blooded, which means this horse will remain calm and gentle when humans are around.

The Clydesdale is easy to train and is considered an excellent choice for people who are starting to learn how to ride a horse. However, in case he doesn't feel respect he can become stubborn and will refuse to follow orders.

The Appaloosa is one of the fastest breeds you can have, but they are also intelligent and an excellent choice for people who are learning how to ride a horse. Specialists say the breed is highly valued due to the combination of intelligence, refinement, and appearance.

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They look very distinguish, thanks to the large white spots contrasting with its black or brown body. The breed is also known for its amiability and intelligence, what makes this horse easy to train.

This animal was carefully bred for 50 years until they managed to create the perfect horse to pull a Gypsy caravan. Running is one of the most reliable features of the Gypsy Manner and the breed is very popular for jumping and racing competitions.

The name Mustang is a variation of the Spanish word “meeting,” that means stray animal. This Spanish breed is usually treated as domestic animals, but this horse has a wild personality and is known for its intelligence.

They are fast learners and easy to train, but the earlier you start the better. This horse is very loyal and once you have established a connection with him, he will be very easy to handle.

In the past, they were often used in wars due to the strength of their bodies and also their ability to remain calm even if they were on the battlefield. The Quarter horse is known for its strength and speed, combined with an adaptable personality.

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Their prices fluctuate quite a bit and can easily hit $50,000, but the owners are often happy with the animal. There are very few animals in the world that exudes elegance, power, and grace as the Thoroughbred horse.

This horse was bred for having a high speed, athleticism, and stamina. This is the most expensive horse on the list and its price varies considerably, anywhere from $10,000 to potentially millions.

The Bedouin people domesticated it, and they had a close relationship with humans. Those horses are being bought and sold by top name stud farms for use in high-level competition.

They are often imported from Europe or elsewhere, with impressive bloodlines and have antecedents with international competition success. When there is a slump in the economy it means fewer people all can afford to buy or keep horses.

In economic downturns, many people are forced to give their horses away or sell them cheaply because they can't afford to look after them. You may be able to find a gem for less than this, but having that amount will give you the greatest number of choices.

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The way to make a horse worth more money is to ensure it is well-trained, healthy, sound, and well-behaved.Bloodlines and conformation are important too, but it's easy to forgive a horse's obscure bloodlines and less than perfect conformation if it is a willing worker that is safe to be around and fun to ride. It may have a good show record and probably is easy to clip, bathe, load on a trailer, stand for the farrier and veterinarian, and has all the good manners that make a horse fun and easy to handle.

However, having a bigger budget means that you have more choices and are able to pass up the unsuitable horses without too much regret. Make sure you have money to look after your horse and consider how you'll deal with veterinary emergencies if they arise.

This might sound like a dumb question...but does it cost any less to maintain a pony than a horse? When the purchase of my new house *finally* goes through, I hope to move my horse out of boarding and there with me.

I don't need another riding horse, so I'm thinking maybe a small/medium pony or a mini might be less expensive to maintain. If there's no difference in maintenance cost, I might as well get a larger horse I can ride...or a goat.

Not only because they are smaller, but if I am not mistaken, generally ponies are easy keepers and are more likely to have overweight issues than the opposite. Regretfully I cannot provide the city details, more experienced members will have to fill you in on that.

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I've never had a pony personally, but I would imagine the only difference would be the cost in food (IF they are an easy keeper.) Pony bridals, poles, blankets, things of that sort might run a little cheaper.

However, I usually discourage people from buying miniatures as companions for their full sized horses because even the mellowest horse can become grumpy, aim a kick that would normally hit a shoulder or butt, and kill the mini. What about a small/medium pony? Or mix-breed stands a better chance with a big horse than a mini, but honestly doesn't cost much more to feed.

My mini was costing me only about $20 a month in grain (a ration balancer) and ate a flake and a half of hay (about 7 lbs) daily, and she was actually rather fat at times. You'll need small-horse fencing (an extra strand at the bottom or electric works well) and either the ability to put a grazing muzzle on it most of the day, or a dry lot to keep both of your horses in during the day.

Really she could live without grain, but we give her a little each feeding, so she feels like she gets something, she's on daily former to. The pony eats half of what my boy does, but that's a ration balancer so it's cheap.

We have very lush pastures that keep my big guys more than fed in the summer, but they were detrimental for miniatures (and probably ponies) when it came to weight and eventually hoof issues. If you went that route and do have good pasture, it could be a problem without the use of a grazing muzzle or limited turnout time.

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As others have pointed out you may need to muzzle the pony if they're on pasture, or put them both in a dry lot. The savings in hay may not be worth the extra hassle. You might want to consider a full size easy keeper.

Like others have said you really have to limit pasture for a mini or pony either one so while my minis and riding pony (RIP) had to be kept on dry lots and fed hay year round, my full size horses only eat hay 3 or 4 months out of the year. The 13 hand riding pony needed the same farrier schedule as the horses.

Ending mentioned it not being a good idea to turn minis out with larger horses because of the potential for injury, and she is so right about that. Minis don't seem to realize they are undersized and have no qualms whatsoever about picking fights with horses 5X their size.

Minis don't seem to realize they are undersized and have no qualms whatsoever about picking fights with horses 5X their size. :ROFL: My 36-inch mini gelding I had liked to duke it out with my Frisian Draft cross 16+HH.

:wink:Mine are “air ferns” who get about 14 lbs of hay and .5 lb of soaked beet pulp (used to mix in their vitamins) per day. We fed what we could get because summers are brutal and hay is scarce, and the minis stayed as fat as pigs.

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Others have mentioned getting a full-sized easy keeper, and I've got to say that my Harbinger has been really cheap over the past five years. He could practically live on air, and he has not required any vet visits other than regular maintenance.

Not only because they are smaller, but if I am not mistaken, generally ponies are easy keepers and are more likely to have overweight issues than the opposite. Regretfully I cannot provide the city details, more experienced members will have to fill you in on that.

I have a stocky 13.2h Wear, she fits my WB size mare's tack for most things (saddle included). & while my pony does get fat off-air, she has a very special diet (due to a few things I won't go into detail about), she's the definition of healthy and sturdy pony, but she does require extra feed/different types/takes longer to make 4x per day than just tossing hay or leaving her in the pasture.

^ I assumed it was so because at my local tack shop I will occasionally find something and think, oh what a good price! ... oh, it's pony size not regular (for blankets, saddle packages, pads and such).

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