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The one thing that ponies are not, that many people are mistaken about, is that they are not baby horses. Both horses and ponies are of the same species (Equus Catullus) and come from the exact same family tree.

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However, ponies stay small their whole life, maturing more quickly than horses. Pony foals are tiny and will rapidly mature to the approximate size of their parents.

Horses are slower growing, some not attaining full mature size until they are six or seven years of age. In fairness to the riders and these mounts, these size standards help prevent ponies and small horses from showing against larger animals, whose size might give them an advantage.

It also isn’t safe to have very small children on tiny ponies riding around the same ring with larger horses. They can be quite wily, which is why it’s sometimes easier to find a quiet horse for a child than a reliable pony.

They can pull or carry heavy loads with more strength than a horse, relative to their size. Their coats tend to grow thicker in the winter, which often doesn’t shed out until the hottest days of summer.

They begin to grow back their thick coats as soon as the days start to shorten. They are heavier boned and shorter legged in proportion to their bodies compared to horses.

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In fact, it’s very easy to overfeed a pony, which makes them more prone to founder and laminates than horses. While some horses can be ‘hard keepers’ most ponies are the extreme opposite, apparently putting on weight just looking at the grass on the other side of the fence.

Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. When people hear the word pony, many will think of a small or dwarf horse.

Some kids immediately begin to think of the popular cartoon My Little Pony. A hand measurement is an ancient unit of length, now standardized at four inches (10.16 cm) and used today primarily for measuring the height of horses from the ground to the withers (top of the shoulders).

The unit was originally defined as the breadth of the palm, including the thumb before it was standardized. It is also arguable that ponies are much easier to train, and many breeds possess a calmer temperament compared to horses.

Ponies are generally calmer than horses and love the outdoors just the same. You will be glad to know that ponies like to eat the very same juicy meals that horses enjoy.

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Yes, you will not be too hard-pressed when it comes on to feeding your pony, especially if you live near grassy wide open spaces. Ponies also like to eat leaves, twigs, vines, shrubs, and various other plants.

Ponies and horses will naturally share the same duration in lifespan. A pony will naturally carry a single foal until the time of birth.

If you own or plan to acquire a pony any time soon, you will need in-depth knowledge on the different types. This breed can be either a pony or horse depending on the size reached at an adult.

The Black Forest chestnut pony can reach 14.3 to 15.2 hands. Colors include sorrel and dark chestnut with a shaggy mane and tail.

The Caspian was once on the verge of extinction, but surprisingly a few still exist today. You cannot deny the distinctive look of the Caspian pony, with its high set tail, flat croup, and narrow frame that stands at 10 to 12 hands.

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It possesses a silky mane and tail, strong quarter, wide chest and long back. This pony comes in attractive colors such as chestnut, palomino, dun, black, and gray.

The Connemara stems from lines of Arabian and thoroughbred horses. The Dartmoor is fantastic with children, and stands at 12.2 hands high.

Its kind temperament makes it a favorite among pony lovers. The Ex moor stands at 12.3 hands tall and comes in colors such as bay and brown.

The Flagella pony is the smallest in the world, standing at just 35 inches. This pony will be adored as a pet for children because of its gentle temperament.

This breed has two fewer ribs than other ponies and therefore is a bit fragile when it comes on to riding. They are normally used for pleasure riding but are also capable of herding cattle.

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The Galileo has sounds legs, a graceful neck, and a fine head. Don't be fooled by the size of a pony and think that it will just cost a fraction of a horse.

Feel the animal to ensure that there are no hidden faults before you buy. Many breeds have thicker manes, tails and coats than normal horses and will require a bit more grooming and brushing to keep them from getting tangled.

This will help your pony to build up its immune system against disease or infections around the home, barn, or the wider environment. There are charts online which will guide you on the schedule and type of vaccination needed, or you can simply consult with your local vet.

Now I always tell parents that shop with me that riding is a sure-fire way to keep their little girls in line, as it gives them discipline, confidence, and even though it can be expensive it still may end up being cheaper than years of therapy…or worse rehab! First we have the lovely Lindsey who had been styled by LA Saddlery awhile back in head to toe Anime.

To me this is a perfect example of a refined but modern show look that can be easily worn in a jumper or hunter class. She is wearing a soft white and light blue striped Le Fast shirt under a gorgeous brown plaid Grand Prix coat with a pop of dark tan and orange on the collar to brighten up her face.

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The natural and organic hues of the brown as well as the subtly of the collar details are a perfect match for her beautiful blond locks and light complexion. The navy, french blue, and white really contrast well together and look sharp with her stunning chocolate hair and olive skin.

And since the whole “plaid incident” I also am quite attached to the Le Fast shirts, and wanted to show how incredible they look without a coat. If I could go back in time when I was these girls age, I would have a little sit down with myself and explain that while boys can be quite dreamy and very exciting they will rarely give you the same sense of security, confidence, and unconditional love that a pony can provide to a budding young woman.

Build a healthy relationship with your pony first and when you have successfully created a strong bond and established mutual trust and understanding with him, then you can move onto boys…well preferably men, though they may be near extinction at this point! They are based on Peanut Big Top and Confetti Carnival.

A second wave of fruit themed large ponies has also been released and each comes with a hairbrush and accessory. Description: Juggles is a white and bright, neon orange horse with stringy blue hair.

Its muzzle is soft pink, while it has a star marking on it's eye and left leg. Juggles' outfit is neon pink with a ruffled neon orange neck, a red heart-shaped patch on the flank and red puffy pom poms.

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It seems to wear neon pink shoes on it's back legs. Includes: Juggles comes with a yellow brush and a red dog shaped balloon.

Its horn matches its purple coloring while its hair is carrot orange. Checker wears very little clothing, relying on pink accessories instead.

Half the size of the bigger horses, these ponies have a theme to them as well. Includes: Comes with purple brush and magenta hand fan.

Description: Dull teal in color, Snap Pea has neon pink hair to match it's left front leg and right back leg. Snap Pea wears a white flowery shaped skirt and a daisy head ornament, while around it's left back leg is a flower wrapped around it.

Description: A unicorn with a clear orange horn, clear orange legs, and a solid dark yellow head and torso. She wears a necklace, white tutu, and has a peppermint decoration clipped to one ear.

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Description: A unicorn with a clear pink horn, clear pink legs, and a solid puce head and torso. Includes: She has a lavender and magenta bow clipped to one ear.

Its possible wings, ears, and front legs are dark magenta colored. Description: Mocha is brown with white stringy hair and icing all over its head and back with pink sprinkles, as well as its left frontal leg.

Description: Light pink with Neapolitan (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) stringy hair. Waffles' horn is actually a chocolate ice cream in a cone, to match its cone-style legs.

Its hair is white, fading into brown-tan, while it has thick slightly burnt marshmallows for hooves. Around it's neck, Mallow wears a pink collar that matches its brush and flank heart.

Description: She is a pretty pink Pegasus with a glittery finish. Her bodysuit is a brighter colored pink with what seems to be a butterfly ornament on it.

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Description: Features adorable blue pajamas that glow in the dark, along with glow in the dark blue lanyard hair. Description: Features adorable pink pajamas with glow in the dark bows, along with glow in the dark green lanyard hair.

Description: Features adorable purple pajamas with glow in the dark stars, along with glow in the dark orange lanyard hair. Description: Features adorable orange pajamas with glow in the dark markings, along with glow in the dark pink lanyard hair.

Add a photo to this gallery Three packs of little cuties just waiting to be part of any pony collection. Yet, the carousal ponies lack names and only feature three per pack.

Carousel 1 Pony 1 is fuchsia pony with curly ivy green hair worn with a thin black band and a curled tail. Pony 2 is orange with bright yellow braided mane and tail with matching bracelets and a red bow on the hair.

Carousel 2 Pony 4 is pink with burnt orange pig tailed hair and a basic tail. Pony 5 is chiffon yellow with neon purple wavy hair and tail.

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She has a yellow hat and a magenta bow on her tail and left back leg. Carousel 3 Pony 7 is orange and looks like Pony 6, but she is orange and hot pink themed with a pale pink horn and a red flower.

Its horn is also neon green and it has black dots on its sides. Pony 11 is yellow with a long pink flowing mane covering one eye and a curled, up raised tail.

She has a white collar and green colored wings on each side of her body. She has very pale blue skin and slightly darker blue mane and tail.

She wears a bronze crown on her head and has small purple markings on her body. She has lilac skin and very slightly darker mane and tail.

Holiday Edition A set of two Christmas themed Carousel ponies. Pony 13 is red with long curly white hair and matching tail.

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Lalaloopsy Land's very first breed of magical ponies with beautiful wings. Description: Who has light blue body parts and wings.

Add a photo to this gallery Recently discovered, this super soft pony is just waiting to be brought home. They are about medium-small in size and made with a sparkling material and yarn hair.

She has bright hot pink cheeks and a cone-themed crown that is pale brown and tan. Mocha: Mocha is Brown with very pale, creamy white hair and markings decorating her body with a few sprinkles decorating it.

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