Are Prolite Girths Elasticated

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• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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Manufactured under license from Fairfax Saddles Ltd's intellectual property rights, this design of girth is scientifically proven to dramatically increase the horse's freedom of movement. The design of the Polite Girth has been scientifically proven to dramatically increase the horse's freedom of movement, and the high-tech fabric covering has properties that keep it cool, dry and breathable.

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Available in dressage and jump, standard fit and narrow gauge (for horses measuring less than 20 cm between the front legs), black and brown. If there is a size and color configuration that is not currently available, please get in touch so that we can order it for you.

You've just added this product to the cart:View CartContinueThis website uses cookies to improve your experience. The role of the girth is often overlooked, but it can be responsible for the horse being reluctant to move forward due to discomfort in the elbow...

I bought a Polite version for Kira as she was borrowing Millie's but needed the narrow gauge and I wasn't about to spend another £200 on a girth!! I had been using a professionals choice girth before (excellent if you have problems with slipping) but she wasn't entirely comfortable.

Brilliant, thanks, I too can't justify spending £200 on a girth Just had a look at the pro-choice ones but think I prefer the shape of the polite ones (he has a bit of a belly which can pull saddle forwards haha!) Well, the polite is made under license from Fairfax, so the outer materials should be the only difference Only thing I don't like about mine is that I didn't want the martingale loop, but they all have them on.

My saddler says the polite is the same girth as the Fairfax, just not covered in nice leather (she sells both). I have the polite version, bought for a 'compact and round' mare (in the words of my saddler!).

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I had been using a professional choice (which is great for stabilizing the saddle), but had noticed marks behind her elbows. My mare was a bit girth before, but now she is completely comfortable, and it did improve her way of going.

I was about to say they come up slightly big, but then realized I don't actually know what size the saddler sold me! My boy's not so much 'girth' but he does have very pink skin and particularly in the winter he seems to get little rubbed areas behind his elbows with his usual leather girth.

I like that the Polite is shaped the way it is. Size wise I, I bought a 44" which was a bit snug, but he was overweight, also I think that was because they don't have elastic. I'm thinking I could stand black to save 130 if I covered it in brown dead sheep...

Haha Millie looks bigger in pics too, but they are both little squirts. Photos taken from a position slightly above us (up on a mound etc) are highly amusing as it looks like I ride a team of Shetlands.

I can't promise that your horse will like it or move better in it, all I can say is mine is visibly more comfortable and seems more consistent in the contact. She is 14.2 and took the standard version. She's a KPN x Welsh and has a fair amount of space between her front legs.

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I need a girth for new saddle, but it's not coming til next year so still withering about another the same as I've got or trying a polite. Yesterday, a friend and me attended a pole work clinic which involved a 20-minute hack to get there, a hours lesson and a 20-minute hack back home again so nothing too strenuous or out of the ordinary for my girl.

I measured the space between her legs and she was clearly a regular gauge and the girth is her usual size, so I don't believe that it is due to be fitted incorrectly. I've emailed the shop I brought it from along with a photo of the rub and have asked for my money back but have also emailed Polite too as I'll be interested to hear what they have to say about this, especially seeing as the girth is actually marketed at being a comfort product.

Mine came but is too small, ordered a 48" which would usually fit, but his other one was elasticated so guess he needs the next size up in this one, however I ordered 48" narrow, and it doesn't come in a 50" so not sure what to do he's very narrow in front, so the standard would not fit I don't think I think a lot of it depends on what girth you have used previously as obviously elastic will stretch which would lead people to believe that they come up small if you order your usual size, and it doesn't fit.

I ordered the standard one, and it was quite wide, significantly wider than the narrow gauge one. Will be bareback riding and lunging for us this week until the sore heals and then back to our Stubbed string girth I think Just hope I can get a refund and use the money to spoil her at Olympia to say sorry for hurting her.

I think a lot of it depends on what girth you have used previously as obviously elastic will stretch which would lead people to believe that they come up small if you order your usual size, and it doesn't fit. I ordered the standard one, and it was quite wide, significantly wider than the narrow gauge one.

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Will be bareback riding and lunging for us this week until the sore heals and then back to our Stubbed string girth I think Just hope I can get a refund and use the money to spoil her at Olympia to say sorry for hurting her. Do you have any idea whether it was the shape of the girth or the synthetic covering that caused the rub? My share horse has a Fairfax girth with his dressage saddle, and it really makes a difference.

I'm in the process of buying a GP saddle to use on him, and was planning on getting a Polite girth (because Fairfax is out of my budget!) I think it was the synthetic covering that had dug into her when her legs were moving forward as it's quite stiff as Ester correctly states.

A properly fitting girth is essential as it keeps the saddle securely in place. Girths are made out of a variety of materials and are available in many types of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, each offering unique benefits to the horse.

Ideally, for a long girth, the buckles will not be located high under your thigh where they can feel bulky. If the girth comes too close to the edge of the saddle pad or flap, your horse’s skin can feel pinched.

Have a helper hold a fabric tape measure with inch increments on approximately the middle billet hole on one side of the saddle, while you stretch the tape under the horse, one hand’s width away from the back of the elbow, to the corresponding billet hole on the other side of the saddle. The various materials used to make girths offer unique benefits to the horse and rider, affect price, and even solve problems.

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Additionally, consider that girths are available in straight styles, fashioned like a belt, or with anatomical contours that are designed to provide room for a horse’s elbows during movement. The most important aspect about the shape and material of your girth is that it works well with your horse’s unique conformation, movement, and skin to distribute pressure evenly along his barrel.

It needs to work with the horse, moving ever so slightly with the hair (horizontally) and not against it (vertically) in such a way as to cause rubbing or chafing. The belly guards protect the horse from being injured from shoe studs while its hooves are tucked up tightly over jumps.

Elastic ends make the girth fastening process easier, and provide some flexibility and comfort for the horse as his rib cage moves during exercise. Leather girths are offered in many shades of brown to coordinate with saddles, and in black for dressage.

They are easy to care for, and quality leather girths become softer and more luxurious with conditioning. This type of girth may have elastic on one or both ends, and can be found in straight or contoured shapes.

Neoprene girths are typically wide and have elastic ends, so they offer a good amount of comfort for horses. Synthetic girths are offered in contoured and straight styles and are easy to clean with soap and water.

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Made of mohair, wool, cotton or nylon string, this type of girth is a popular choice for combating slippage, for horses that get irritated skin in the girth area and to alleviate certain pressure points. The strings that make up the girth can move and act independently of one another so that some horses do very well wearing them.

Cotton string girths should be hand-washed in cold water (warmer temperatures may cause shrinkage) and hung to dry. Genuine wool or synthetic fleece may be attached to fabric or leather girths to help horses who need a soft surface against their skin.

Genuine wool lining has the added benefit of helping to wick sweat away from the horse. The fleece on many leather models of this type of girth is attached with hook and loop closures for easy cleaning.

Often selected for either the horse's preference for the softness or the affordable price, this simple type of girth can be machined or hand-washed in cool temperatures and hung to dry. This is a temporary measure used to extend the length of a girth that is too short to fit a horse.

They provide cushioning that relieves pressure points that can cause girth gall, absorb sweat, and alleviate sensitivity issues in horses with delicate skin. This type of cover helps to wick away moisture and provides some relief of pressure points.

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