Are Prolite Girths Good

Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 7 min read

For what feels like the longest time, I've been looking at different ways to improve All's comfort when riding him. I ended up going for a Polite dressage girth that is manufactured under license from Fairfax Saddles Ltd's intellectual property rights.

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On their website and what everyone who I spoke to about this girth said is that this girth helps to increase front leg extension and to increase hock flexion too, so I was incredibly excited to see if it made any difference to All. At €120 I didn't want to receive a girth made from a weird material that would break after a few rides in the cold Finnish winters, but it turns out this material is actually a highly technical and has properties to keep it cool, dry and breathable as well as being antibacterial and hypo-allergenic.

Even with good reviews and recommendations from friends, the girth has still managed to surprise me with how much of a difference it had on All. It's got a bit of a hefty price tag (massive thanks to Henri + Sent for getting this for me as a Christmas present ) but it's a lot cheaper than the original leather FFairfaxgirths and I honestly do think it is worth the price.

So a lot of people (including myself) have been waiting in anticipation for the new Polite girth to come out. So in theory it is the same girth (but synthetic) at a fraction of the price, which is why I was eager to try it.

Email is VERY girth with both of these (and anything else I've had her in for the past 7 years, including fleece lined long girths with my old two-flap jumping saddle). I also got the narrow gauge version as when I measured between her front legs she was on the smaller side of 20cm, and I was wondering if this was the issue I've had with other girths before (worthiness, and she gets girth galls very easily).

Overall I would say I'm really pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone who was looking at a Fairfax but didn't want to spend the money. I've had a lot of views on this review, so I just thought I'd add an update on the use of this girth.

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I do think she improved with the girth initially, but she gained a couple of sores, which I think were due to the synthetic material staying quite hard. She was diagnosed with ulcers in Dec '15, which may have contributed to her worthiness getting worse.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check out our Polite GP Girth Black review, at AdventureReviews. Whether you are a first time visitor or a regular, you will soon learn that AdventureReviews is the best place to be when choosing your next outdoor or adventure product.

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So our advice here is to stick to the brands that you trust, but also (and sorry to sound like a broken record) read plenty of reviews, customers will be your best gauge as to how good the quality of the product is. During the process of developing our product reviews we scan the web to find the best prices, using our comparison tool we mentioned earlier.

This tool also looks out for lots of other factors e.g. the retailer that offers the best Polite GP Girth Black reviews and also the online stores that have it in stock. The technical design of the Polite Girth can help to improve neatness over the fence, reduce pressure making it more comfortable for the horse and increases power on take off.

Manufactured under license from Fairfax Saddles Ltd's intellectual property rights, this design of girth is scientifically proven to dramatically increase the horse's freedom of movement. The design of the Polite Girth has been scientifically proven to dramatically increase the horse's freedom of movement, and the high-tech fabric covering has properties that keep it cool, dry and breathable.

Available in dressage and jump, standard fit and narrow gauge (for horses measuring less than 20 cm between the front legs), black and brown. If there is a size and color configuration that is not currently available, please get in touch so that we can order it for you.

The Polite Girth needs to be sized and fitted correctly in order to ensure the maximum benefits. Or, if the palm of your hand lies flat between the front legs, the horse is more likely to be a standard fit Horses with a forward girth groove will also benefit from the increased elbow clearance provided by a narrow gauge girth (see pics below) If your horse has wrinkly skin behind his elbows, opt for the narrow gauge version.

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Make sure you fit the girth with the curved section facing forward (towards the forelimbs). For a short (dressage or event girth) fit the longest length possible, so the buckles fasten away from the pressure-sensitive area behind the elbow.

On a dressage saddle, aim to have two billet holes remaining on both sides. Don’t pull the horse’s front leg forward after birthing up.

We have found that stretching the horse’s front leg like this simply draws more skin forward into the sensitive area behind the elbow. This is part of the design which allows the muscles of the shoulder girdle to move, instead of being blocked.

You've just added this product to the cart:View CartContinueThis website uses cookies to improve your experience. My Cairo vet has suggested that a Fairfax or similar girth might be beneficial for Kevin.

They are quite difficult to find, and I think this may be the biggest difference in the Fairfax compared with other 'curved' girths, which are basically straight with a wiggle in them. And of course there is an enormous difference in elbow room from straight girth.

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So your horse's reaction to it will depend on what you swap from. The other thing I do is use them long on a short-girth saddle, so they almost meet the flap Fairfax now recommend that too. It slipped like hell, it was plastic feeling and hard, the martingale attachment was terrible.

I have a friend who recently bought the leather one for her horse and I can't see any difference in how he is moving. I recommend Heritage anatomic girths sold on eBay for about the price of the polite, English made in high quality leather.

They are a direct copy of the Jaguar Harry Dabs which sells at £140. Made in Wassail, English leather. I have a mostly Clyde, smaller than Kevin.

I have one in a Fairfax (noticeable difference in way of going) and one in a polite which I think is a really decent compromise. I haven't found another synthetic girth that is so padded underneath the buckles.

With the Thorogood etc type you can clearly feel the buckles on the short girths and my cob found that v uncomfortable. My horse has a really broad rib cage, narrow shoulders and a forward girth groove.

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All that happened is the saddle shifted forwards and the girth rubbed poor horse's elbows to bits. Glad I got mine second hand as for me, it was a total waste of money.

Swapped between an Albion legend girth, Thorogood and professionals choice. She has a forward girth groove, so I thought I could do worse than the polite.

I have found that of my customers some have got on well with them, others not so much, some horses really hate them, and I've yet to have any issues with them being needed to keep a saddle back, so no evidence they do that.

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