Are Quarter Horses Good For Barrel Racing

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 14 October, 2020
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Preparation and training are key to winning a barrel race. The horse breed you choose to race can have a significant influence on how well the preparation goes.

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They are bred for speed and are easily able to take the turns of a barrel race. Their colors can vary from bays to dapple grays and all the way to the rare whites.

Sometimes they do not have toes, which can make things easier or harder. Rasping once a month is easier, but needing a wedge for shoes is harder.

Working with a thoroughbred takes a lot of effort. The flashy colors and markings of the Paint Horse bring tons of attention to the arena no matter what class or road they are on.

Paint Horses are the easiest to train and a good breed for any rider. Much like Paints, QuarterHorses are an even-tempered breed, which makes training relatively easy.

QuarterHorses often have their own shows that include speed events. The Appaloosa is a lovely breed of horse that has its own racing events.

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PRC barrel racer on January 20, 2021: In the real rodeo world you won’t see hardly ANY thoroughbred writer is misinformed.

Thoroughbreds run longer faster Quarter horses are sprinters. Not as fast as HQ on a small pattern and don’t stop as well which is needed to go into a turn.

In my opinion, any horse can barrel race (ETC) if it is trained to do so. My Two has proven to be wonderful at barrels and poles, she even jumps a little for trail riding.

A full bred HQ can be considered grade because its parents are not registered any breed of horse can be grade it is just a term used to say the horse cannot be registered Alpha, is a breed registry, It was originally started to register, quarter horses that did not meet inspection requirements.

Thoroughbreds can make great barrel horses if you have the patients to train them right. And paint horses are a breed not just quarter horses with spots so if you're going to right a comment make sure you have the facts and not just saying what you think.

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I can't say I would use another thoroughbred for the barrels, she had her pros and cons, but I am enjoying my quarter horse. I have never met a paint they didn't try your skills as a rider, unless hey we're lesson horses of course.

Thoroughbreds make great barrel horses I own one and trained her myself. People doubted me and Dream but SWE proved them wrong she's running times at the 1D level.

The American Paint Horse is a breed of horse that combines both the conformation characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white and dark coat colors. The “paint” color can show up in virtually any breed.

She was 17.3 h and would come as close to barrels as any HQ. If you haven't actually ridden a thoroughbred as a barrel horse then I wouldn't say they make bad barrel horses.

QuarterHorses can be brown, black, gray, whatever color, that doesn't matter. He's a lot of power, and he will be great so the haters should just be quite all you have to do is train but some people are just lazy or don't have time to see how good they are.

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For those that don't know what an appendix is it is a mix of thoroughbred and quarter horse. My uncles and my cousins and I ride, and we know that they are not good barrel racers unless you like not being close to the barrels and getting a worse time.

Their legs are far to long, and they'll have trouble getting close to the barrels. It is a beautiful thing to watch as horse and rider become one, and they speed around those barrels and to the finish line to get the fastest time they can.

But some horses are bred to just barrel race as the cost of them can rise up into the six figures. Well, many kinds of horses are taken into consideration for a barrel race, and they well-trained in many areas.

It shows the competitive ability of a horse and showmanship of the rider. Horses who trained for barrel racing start at the age of five years.

Now we will talk about the breeds of horses that chosen for barrel racing all over the world; Thoroughbred species don’t get easily irritated and aren’t harmful in any way.

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They are great horses for racing, and they are hard to handle being the ball of energy they seem to radiate. Most women like to ride a quarter horse during the barrel race because they have a great sense of winning and have high speed.

American quarter horses are the best with all the right qualities which are desired to fit barrel race criteria. The beginner riders can easily handle a quarter horse.

Quarter horses are high in demand due to the perfect abilities of a racing horse. The quarter horses have powerful legs which makes them a lot easier to take turns without hurting themselves or anyone.

Long and strong legs are faster to carry and thus quarter horses are the best racing horses out there. It’s a horse with a large built, but they are very soft and warm to handle.

As you can see they are the same as quarter horses, so they carry the same abilities to be a great barrel racing horse. They are beautiful to look at and are attention seeking horses when racing in the event.

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They are fast and are quickly turned around matching the speed of a great racing horse, and they are not hard to control either. Last but not the least we have grade horses which don’t have a real background, but that doesn’t make them any less of a barrel racer.

Grade horses never let you down no matter in which situation of the race they are put in. If you look up a bunch of pictures of appendix quarter horses you will see that some look more like quarters horses and some look a little slimmer and much more like thoroughbreds which is normal.

He was much more slender than a quarter horse and his stride was amazing he lived to be 25, and we miss him every day. Quarter horses are honestly considered the best kind of horse for barrel racing because of their speed and ability to move fast and quickly.

The best barrel horse is athletic, smart, fast, and has sound conformation. If you are looking for an equine activity that combines speed, athleticism, and teamwork, then barrel racing is the sport for you.

To be competitive in barrel racing, you need to partner with an agile horse that is powerful and fast. It includes the bone length, the angles of the joints, muscling, and the total balance of a horse.

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Good conformation is critical to the performance of your barrel horse. A horse with poor conformation is prone to injury, harder to train, and subject to lameness.

The shoulder and pastern angles should be between 40 and 55 degrees to distribute weight properly and prevent injury. Horses with a short back and long neck move easily and are more balanced.

From the front of a horse, the shoulder, the center of the leg, and the hoof should be aligned. Good conformation for a barrel horse requires proper balance, and structure.

The barrel pattern involves setting three 55 gallon drums in the shape of a triangle. Many competitive barrel racers come from quarter horse racetracks.

The two leading sires of barrel horses, Frenchman's Guy, and Dash Ta Fame, are from racehorse stock. In fact, Dash Ta Fame won nearly $300,000 racing and has sired 80 stakes winners and earners of more than $17 million on the track.

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Frenchman's Guy’s offspring have earned nearly 10 million dollars, and he is consistently among the leading sires. After a horse learns basics is essential it spends time under a western saddle, riding trails and pastures before it’s trained for barrel racing.

Casual riding is needed for a young horse to grow and develop, both mentally and physically. Frequently we would saddle the young horses and ride them around during rodeos before they were ever started on barrels.

Eighteen seconds is a good time for a standard pattern, but there are factors to consider, such as the running surface and the relation of the barrels to the fences both can slow a horse. Barrel racing is calculated to the 100ths of a second, and one wrong move can make the difference between winning and losing.

If you don’t complete the pattern, you are disqualified, and if you knock a barrel over five seconds is added to your score. In 2011 at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Carlene Pierce ran one of the fastest recorded times, at thirteen and forty-six seconds.

The top money barrel racer, according to the National Final Rodeo standings, is Hailey Kinsey, she won $192,832.00 in 2018. In 2019, she has earned $154,610.50 and has yet to compete for the biggest prize, the National Finals Rodeo championships in December.

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In 2018 London Gotham at ten years old became the youngest barrel racer to advance to RFD-TV’s the American Semi-Finals. She broke the age record previously held by Chain Chamberlain.

In 2015 Chain Chamberlain won the RFD event and also advanced to the Elite Rodeo Associations World Championships at 11 years old. Barrel racing rules are listed on the National Barrel Horse Associations website.

In 2017 Hailey Kinsey established a new arena record at the National Finals Rodeo (NFL) held in Las Vegas with a time of 13.11 seconds. The NFL championships in Las Vegas is perfect for determining the fastest riders.

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