Are Racks Back In Fortnite

James Lee
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Fortnite’s annual holiday event is back, and this time, it brings a surprise: the return of airplanes. The timing is perfect: planes were first introduced in season 7, back in 2018, which was also a winter-themed update for the game.

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These epic quests are simplistic in nature, and gamers can complete them easily in team rumble or while playing solo in a squad lobby. Likewise, the legendary quest in week five focused on gamers eliminating IO guards in Fortnite.

For example, gamers can collect a certain amount of gold bars, execute bounty contracts, and so on to earn free XP from these NPCs. Recently, Predator made his debut in the world of Fortnite.

Included is the Predator’s ship which appeared to crash at Stealthy Stronghold. Once you have killed Predator, you will also unlock the skin on the battle pass.

The apartment is located in the Hunter’s Haven point of interest. Visiting Predator’s apartment will unlock the Bio-helmet Online emote.

This emotes will allow you to take off Predator’s mysterious mask, revealing his terrifying face underneath. As this is a brand-new challenge, you can expect to encounter many enemies trying to complete the same objective.

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With the popularity of crossovers, there is no doubt that Epic Games will have more in the works. Fortnite's fans are speculating that a Lara Croft collaboration is in the works.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The developer supported, community run Subreddit dedicated to Fortnite : Save the World from Epic Games.

Build forts, co-op, kill monsters, save the day, bacon. Currently, a collection of 40 NPCs are scattered across Fortnite's massive map and offer players special bounties to complete.

Upon completion of those additional tasks, players are rewarded with Gold Bars that can be exchanged for extra rare items and resources. According to a tweet from noted Fortnite leaker HYPER, those newly installed NPCs may be getting updated to offer players even more useful services in the future.

If this leak turns out to be true, then players can look forward to more opportunities to rack up more currency and supplies during each match. Fortnite's NPC responsibilities look to be expanding along with the notable selection of recognizable skins players now have access to.

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The holiday-themed rewards available during this special event include the Shield Surprise Back Bling and Frosty Globes Pickaxe. On top of all that, players can participate in Lams (Limited Time Modes) such as Air Royale and Shock wave.

If you’re grinding out your Battle Pass and want to earn some fairly straightforward XP, here’s our cheat sheet for this week’s Fortnite challenges, which will go live at the same time as always. If you’re struggling with so many other players trying this as well, drop at the watchtower and the other small houses dotted around.

It makes take you a minute, but if you harvest at least three of the buildings and surrounding objects, this will be completed. Check the kitchens and back gardens and then get chomping and this should be ticked off your list.

Don’t forget to keep working through your punch card if you want to make quicker Battle Pass progress. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site.

Completing missions will unlock additional content and earn Battle Stars to reach tier 100 on the pass. Another big change in Fortnite's new season is the inclusion of Prestige missions.

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Once a set of challenges is completed, players can choose to redo the tasks. Epic Games For week 10, Epic gave players some relief as the season comes to a close by only releasing a set of daily challenges and no Battle Pass challenges.

Deal 500 damage with suppressed weapons to opponents Outlast 150 opponents in Solo or Squads mode 5 Assault Rifle eliminations Search 7 Chests at Loot Lake or Happy Hamlet Land at Lucky Landing or Retail Row in 3 different matches Search 5 ammo boxes in a single match Visit 10 different named locations Epic Games Zone Wars is a new limited time mode for Fortnite that went live on Friday.

Players have until Oct. 7 to complete all the challenges and receive the Zone Wars style. Epic Games Fortnite X Batman started Saturday and has its own set of Batman-themed challenges that are available until Oct. 1.

Epic Games Like the Explosive Bataan, the Grapnel Gun is found across the map during this event. Batman's trademark item will zip players to whatever spot the grappling hook connects to.

Gas canisters decorated by the Joker are found in the various points of interest on the island. The only difficult part is to get both the Grapnel Gun and Explosive Bataan in a match, since they're hard-to-find items.

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Rewards for completing challenges include new loading screens that offer a hint to a hidden Battle Star located somewhere on the island. Epic Games The hint in this screen is the scratching above the character's head, which shows D2, D3, E2, E3.

Look for a patch of dirt on a hill, and if you've completed all the challenges for week 1, the hidden Battle Star will appear. Epic Games The week 2 loading screens's hint is in the top left of the image.

The knife and fork represent the holes in the ground with similar shapes found between Fatal Fields and Salty Springs. Epic Games Week 3's loading screen features the Leftovers, and the secret to finding this Battle Star is the bus in the background.

Epic Games On the truck is the mascot of the Softer ice cream shop. Epic Games The clue in the week 4 loading screens is a little hard to see unless you increase the size of the image.

Walking to that location with all the week's challenges completed will trigger the appearance of the hidden Battle Star. The secret is in the green slime on the left, which reads E78 and F78, which translates to the map coordinates of E7, E8, F7 and F8.

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Epic Games Head to the spot on the map below, and if you've completed all the week's challenges, a hidden Battle Star will appear. Head to the small pond at Fatal Fields and the secret Battle Star will appear once you're close to the pier if all the week's challenges have been completed.

Check out the dock in Fatal Fields for the week 6 hidden Battle Star. Epic Games In the week 7 loading screens, the clue to the hidden Battle Star is really hard to see.

Epic Games The hidden star is near pools of water to the west of Sunny Steps. The unlockable loading screen for the week is inspired by the mode and has a clue at the top of the image.

Pay attention to the arrow for the clue to week 9's hidden Battle Star. While those are long gone, there is one remaining temple to the west of Pressure Plant, and that's where the secret Battle Star is.

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