Are Riding Lessons Allowed In Tier 4

Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
• 7 min read

This Q&A is designed to help answer some questions those living and working in the equestrian world may have during the current situation. This Q&A is designed to help answer some questions those living and working in the equestrian world may have during the current situation.


If you need to use shared equipment such as wheelbarrows or hosepipes, disinfect the areas you’re touching or wear disposable gloves Avoid activities that carry an increased risk of injury and consider wearing an up-to-standard riding hat while handling your horse Assess your horse’s diet, and reduce energy intake according to the reduced levels of exercise you may be providing Limit the number of visitors to the yard, and ask that those who do visit closely follow hygiene and social distancing guidance Wash hands thoroughly before leaving the yard If you have hand sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol, use it to clean your hands when you get into your car Wash hands with warm water and soap straight away when you arrive home Have a specific “yard visit” towel to dry your hands on Get changed immediately into clean, fresh clothes This should include things like which rugs he wears, what he eats, any medication, where you keep your equipment and his normal routine.

Other tips include ensuring you have sufficient supplies and keeping in touch with your fellow liveries and yard owner through a WhatsApp group. Yes you can, provided you are following the Government rules regarding outdoor exercise (see point above: Can I ride my horse ?” for more details).

Practices are open, and the British Equine Veterinary Association told H&H it has advised members to minimize travel, and contact with others, risk-assess all procedures and use professional judgement on what action may be deferred. BHS guidance adds essential visits for the welfare of horses, such as farrier, vet and physio, can continue.

Yes, farriers have been allowed to continue their essential services throughout the lockdown restrictions, while taking precautions and using their judgement as to matters of priority and urgency. Any registered farrier showing the symptoms of coronavirus should immediately follow the NHS guidance on Covid-19 at and must not practice farrier.

Where registers farriers use PPE, including face masks, this should be disposed of in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions and otherwise responsibly. Make Space : Keep at least 2 m apart from all other persons, or 1 m if wearing a face mask while at consultations and at all other times.

If challenged by the police or other law enforcement agency in GB registered farriers should present their registration card and draw attention to this notice. Where necessary police officers or other law enforcement agencies in GB should be asked to contact the FRC.

Details of the restrictions and local alert levels may be found in the relevant links provided. Employers have a duty of care to their staff and the Government is also encouraging everyone to wash their hands frequently to reduce transmission of the virus.

It also urges yards to ensure there is sufficient access to appropriate working hygienic handwashing and drying facilities and to provide sanitizer at key location points on the premises. “We would advise 1:2:1 instruction at a coach’s ‘home’ facilities with clients who keep their horses on site would be acceptable provided COVID-19 practices are observed.

All competition and organized training is cancelled during lockdown and arena hire is not permitted, in line with the Government rules that people must stay home. The Government guidance states organized outdoor sport for disabled people are allowed to continue.

“Where there are exemptions, RDA members have been asked to consider the moral imperative to help stop the spread of the virus and ensure that anyone involved in sessions is happy to do so,” said the spokesman. There is also an exemption for activity where it is judged to be medically required or as part of an individual’s normal educational provision.

However, yards may need freelancers to help cover staff sickness and/or self-isolation periods, plus the Government has announced some measures in a bid to ease financial pressures. The Government has announced it will help businesses with fewer than 250 employees by funding two weeks of statutory sick pay.

There should be no indoor mixing of households You may take part in local outdoor recreation, sport or exercise that starts and finishes in the same place, up to five miles from the boundary of your local authority area, provided that you abide by the rules on meeting other households Riding centers and equestrian venues can continue to operate within the regulations and travel restrictions, including arena hire, provided the appropriate risk assessments and mitigation actions are in place Organized sport and exercise for under-12s can continue in line with workplace and socializing guidance and sport-specific guidance agreed Travel within your own local authority area is permitted for outdoor sport, exercise and recreation. This provision includes travel to local facilities for the training and exercising of horses and ponies on equine care and welfare grounds.

Travel exemptions apply to the attendance of a horse or pony by a vet or other equine professional Coaches may continue to operate within the travel restrictions and should not deliver a session to more than one person aged 12 or over at a time Coaches should only deliver sessions within an individual participant’s local authority area. Up to six people from no more than two households can meet in an outdoor setting (including a private garden), but with social distancing in place.

During the last lockdown riding schools and pony clubs had to stop activity. Not trying to be provocative, but I fell off my horse unexpectedly in the summer and broke some bones.

DC will only be walking and trotting to minimize risk yet keep pony relatively fit at the moment. Seems that from the wording, if they aren't in the arena, but are outside/not in an enclosed space, they could theoretically go hacking, for example.

Best to check with the school tomorrow, though, as that's just from a cursory reading of the guidance. You're permitted to provide care to an animal, including travelling to horses and livestock.

The thing is that it is so easy to socially isolate for a riding lesson. I can understand the desperation of OP hoping some normality (that is extremely low risk) might continue.

Yes a new lockdown where thousands more people will lose their jobs, education is disrupted for millions of children, and people are dying .... and we should be really worried about riding lessons ???? I'd bloody give anything to be able to tell my DD that she could carry on one of the things that she enjoys doing.

@MrGruWeLoveYou totally agree. DD got way too attached to screens last time around, and began to get really down. Her only real hobby is horse riding, and she was delighted just before Christmas when I found someone willing to give her private lessons. It will be down to the individual riding school, so you may have to wait until tomorrow to check.

For my kids, riding lessons are the only ‘normal’ activity they’ve been able to do since November. It gives them an opportunity to go somewhere other than the park, they get some exercise, and the stables get some income.

That's out of order Moon dust riding school horses have to be fed and exercised and mucked out, shod and looked after 24/7 (including occasional veterinary care) whether there are paying customers or not. It all costs money and the price of hay and feed is very expensive currently.

And lots of children with physical, mental health and developmental issues benefit very much (in terms of morale, strength, behavior modification) from regular riding lessons. Riding schools are businesses like any other and if you've ever worked in one you will know it is a back-breaking way to make a living.

Her loan horse was just about the only thing keeping dd positive in a truly shit set of home circumstances Gutted for our riding school owners too who have worked so hard.

Running a riding school is expensive, and they need the income to be able to stay open and care for their horses. My previous loan pony, Jazz was sold to another local riding school when our riding school had to close in 2017. I am comfortable with where he is currently, I know that he's well cared for, and loved by all the riders, as I get frequent updates on him.

Also, if a riding school closed, they would have to sack the staff, and in the current climate, it's difficult to find work. We're in tier4 for another 30 mins anyway, and our riding schools were allowed to have private lessons but closed down anyway.

Bikers are advised that there are two differing approaches in England and Wales given the changes in rules announced over the weekend: Riding lessons and testing The government has confirmed that rider training, CBT and tests will be suspended in Tier4 from December 20, 2020, until restrictions are lifted.

For sporting restrictions, please follow this link to a guide on the Auto Cycle Union website. You can join the BMF and help us protect the rights of motorcyclists for just £28 a year.

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