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Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Originally a Dragon Slayer from four hundred years past, Rogue was sent to the future to assist in the destruction of Apologia.

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Ashamed of the meaning of his name, as a child, Rogue referred to himself as Rios ( Raise). Rogue is a slim young man of average height with rather messy black hair, which almost reaches down to his shoulders, along with some strands pointing upwards on top of his head and a prominent tuft obscuring most of his forehead.

Following the battle against the Dragons, Rogue gains a thin scar across the bridge of his nose. During the war against Tartars, Rogue put his hair up in a ponytail, furthering his overall resemblance to his future self.

Rogue wears a long, black cape reaching down to his feet, with golden edges, a much lighter collar circling his neck, and a prominent, white ribbon hanging down on his chest. Such cape bears a light Saber tooth's symbol on it, almost in correspondence to Rogue's left shoulder.

Below it, Rogue seems to wear a plain gray shirt with prominent brown cuffs and what looks like a large metal band circling each of his biceps. Following the Grand Magic Games, Rogue wears an outfit extremely similar to the one he wore before, however certain parts are reminiscent of his future self's own clothing, specifically the cloak, which is high collared and held closed at the sternum by a piece of fabric that stretches across his chest and is buttoned to the cloak on either side; it still retains the mark of Saber tooth on the left shoulder.

Additionally, the cross-adorned cloth Rogue wears around his waist now pokes through his waistband, which is wrapped around him one extra time to make room for his Katina, which he still carries. He now wears a light-colored leopard-patterned kimono that only covers the right half of his torso, beneath which he wears armor that is light in the chest but dark everywhere else; the neck of the armor coils around his own and fastens there appropriately, and his left arm is left uncovered at the shoulder, exposing his Saber tooth mark.

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Around his waist is a very long sash that ties on the right side of his body and loops around the left, and holds a design-adorned piece of white fabric in place over the top of his loose, black pants. Although he is part of Saber tooth and one of their five strongest Mages, Rogue seems to question the way their guild handles things, namely failure and weakness, and holds a strong belief on camaraderie.

After Yukon lost her match against Laura and was subsequently humiliated and excommunicated by their Guild Master, he told Sting that despite her failure, she was still their comrade. Sting, whereas, merely brushes off Rogue's comment, suggesting that it's the way their guild works and gave the matter little thought.

Rogue also seems to lack the sadistic tendencies shared among several of his guild mates. Rather, Rogue was looking away from the torture with a displeased expression, and he did not jump to Minerva's aid afterwards, unlike his team.

An orphan originally born over four hundred years ago, Rogue was raised by a Dragon known as Stadium, who taught him Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic ; during his tenure as Stadium's child, he became affiliated with the four other Dragon Slayer children, and met with them several times a year when their foster parents got together for meetings, wherein he and Sting would respectively idolize Gael and NATU. From here, Rogue was sent four hundred years into the future via the Eclipse Gate, arriving on July 7, X777, so that his foster parent could use the Ethernano-dense atmosphere to also heal his soul and recover enough to possibly defeat Apologia, alongside the other four wounded Dragons.

Sting points out that Rogue is lying, reminding him about how he admired NATU Dragnet and Gael Red fox so much seven years ago. As Sting calls him scum for abandoning his comrades, Lector and Frosh appear praising the two Dragon Slayers.

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Five days before the beginning of the Grand Magic Games, Frosh and Lector inform Sting and Rogue that NATU and his guild decided to participate. In the city of Crocus, Rogue and Sting defeat several Mages, after which they run into NATU.

While Sting and Rufus begin talking about War cry from Team Quarto Cerberus, Rogue walks away saying he doesn't care, silently saying to himself that he's only interested in Gael. On the Second Day, during Chariot, Rogue sees that Gael and NATU are also afflicted with severe motion sickness, quietly saying to himself that he believed that only he and Sting suffered from the condition.

Later on, as the Saber tooth lodgings are attacked by an intruder, Rogue and Frosh inform Sting and Lector, who have been awakened by the noise, about the situation. Sting and Rogue run down the hallway, looking for the intruder, only to find several of their guild mates being attacked by a livid NATU, leaving the Twin Dragons of Saber tooth speechless.

Rogue, completely shocked, wonders if Yukon's excommunication is the reason for NATU's intrusion. He watches as NATU easily defeats Bengal and furiously assaults Jimmy, only for the latter fight to be interrupted by Minerva, who reveals to have captured Happy.

NATU ceases fighting and, as he leaves the Saber tooth lodgings with Happy, expresses his belief on how a guild should be. Taking NATU's words to heart, Rogue silently realizes that Saber tooth is completely devoid of camaraderie.

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As Sting expresses his feelings about the Fourth Day, Rogue solemnly looks down, deep in thought. As the fourth day's tag battles commence, Rogue enters the arena of the Domes Flag, partnered with Sting, ready to fight Team Fairy Tail's Iron Dragon Slayer, Gael Red fox, and Fire Dragon Slayer, NATU Dragnet.

As NATO gives the signal for the match to start, Rogue and Sting rush towards Gael and NATU, but are instead intercepted by the latter two. Rogue turns his body into that akin to a real shadow and barrages Gael with multiple enhanced blows.

With NATO questioning the outcome of the match, Rogue and Sting rise once again and activate Dragon Force. In spite of the fact that he activated his Dragon Force, Rogue is told by Sting to leave the rest of the fight to him.

When Sting seemingly defeats them, having taken the battle underground, both he and Rogue deactivate Dragon Force. Rogue states that things change over time and that they have become “real” Dragon Slayers, additionally claiming the old generation to be over.

However, to his shock, both Old Generation Dragon Slayers rise from the rubble, unfazed by Sting's many previous assaults. Rogue then watches, to his discomfort, as Gael is knocked into a mine cart, with NATU proclaiming himself to be a good enough fighter for the Saber tooth Slayers.

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After the smoke created by the explosion clears, a weakened Rogue states that he can't see the bottom of NATU's power, and then falls to the ground, knocked out. When Jimmy questions how the duo could lose, Rogue says that he has nothing to say regarding his defeat, saying that NATU was simply more powerful.

Jimmy, however, thinks nothing of this and unleashes his rage on the Dragon Slayers, beating them, particularly punching away Rogue. After Lector is attacked by Jimmy, a frightened Frosh begins to cry as Rogue shields the Exceed with his body.

With the last day of the Grand Magic Games starting, Rogue enters the arena with the rest of Team Saber tooth. Rogue waits with the rest of his team as the rules for the final fight are explained.

Later on, during Minerva's battle with Era and Laura, Rogue remains completely silent. Rogue then questions his very existence and purpose, saying that Saber tooth doesn't understand the concept of friendship, thereby implying that he is weak and has no friends.

Rogue turns around, repeatedly asking who and where the voice is, while the latter tells him to kill Gael, claiming that it is his destiny. Rogue looks down with an expression of shock, seeing that it is his own shadow who is telling him to kill his idol, offering him the power to commit the deed.

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Rogue then cries out in agony and sends Gael flying back with one mighty sweep of his arm. With the crowd startled by this comeback, Gael recovers only to be told that Rogue has been overtaken by his shadow.

As Gael enters his new Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, he states that he'll make the possessed Rogue remember exactly what fear feels like. A dumbfounded Rogue inquires about Gajeel's newfound power, but is then assaulted by the latter's combination of the two Dragon Slayer Magics.

As an elated Frosh runs over to hug Rogue, the Shadow Dragon Slayer wonders if he lost, unable to remember the events that just transpired. Rogue later watches Sting and Lector's reunion and smiles along with a tearful Frosh, glad that the two friends have been brought together once more.

Rogue then gathers with Fire's Magic Guilds, cheering as they take up arms to battle against the upcoming attack from the Dragons accepting the King's request. Later, after being stationed to another section of Crocus with the rest of Saber tooth, Rogue watches as shock waves tear the surrounding land apart, and, as Sting deduces that the Dragons have arrived, Rogue correctly concludes that they've arrived at Mercuries, much to his displeasure.

As they fight, the group begins to become overpowered by the beast, though Rufus happily reminds everyone that Rogue and Sting defeated Dragons when they were young. Hearing Sting confess the truth, Rogue does so too, explaining that his parent Stadium was sick, and he merely killed him out of mercy.

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Hearing the truth in NATU's words, Rogue steels himself, pumped to fight harder. Momentarily, Rogue heads elsewhere to locate another Dragon as commanded by Sting, stating that the era of the dispassionate Saber tooth is over; rather, they will now move forward.

Surprised, Rogue asks why they know his name, to which the Dragon replies that they were given an order to spare him. Rogue yells out at the Shadow, stomping on it in an attempt to make it quiet, but Levi tells him that from now on, his heart shall be stained with evil, and he shouldn't fight his fate.

With a smile on his face, Rogue thinks to himself that if he were to fall into darkness, the light would surely kill him. Rogue then, accompanied by Sting, charges at Levi and Scissor Runner, ready to engage in battle.

Rogue then sits on the ground, accompanied by Sting, and expresses his doubt as to what worth he holds as a Dragon Slayer. At this point, Rogue corrects Sting; with a smile on his face, he states that, rather than coming out victorious, they protected their comrades.

Afterwards, he witnesses Yukon's arrival and watches as Sting tells her that she's welcome to return to the guild which now cares about its members. However, much to the surprise of Rogue and rest of the Saber tooth members, Laura appears and claims that Yukon's life belongs to her.

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Every other guild expresses their desire for Yukon, resulting in a fight which is then stopped by Arc adios who tells them to behave as the King is about to arrive. Rogue is then seen shocked upon witnessing NATU who appears while wearing the King's clothes and the crown.

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. He then listens as Lamar of the Magic Council appears, announcing the two guilds' common mission to investigate the island.

Upon their arrival on the island, the Twin Dragons of Saber tooth and their Exceed separate from the Fairy Tail Mages, searching on their own. As they hear havoc at the ruins, Rogue and other reunites with their comrades to find them battling a giant Sea Serpent.

As NATU, Lucy, Happy and Kokomo get trapped in the ruins, Rogue joins the Mages in their battle against the serpent. He then watches as a humongous Kokomo emerge from the ruins, attacking the serpent, while an antidote gas spreads from it.

During the confrontation between Fairy Tail and Tartars, as Hard Beer attacks Minerva in order to “clean up the garbage”, Rogue, along with Sting, Lector and Frosh arrive to assist in the fight. While Sting states that they have come to pick her up, Rogue tells the sobbing Minerva that where she belongs is Saber tooth.

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Rogue later comments on the content of Era's letter that brought them here, noting that they could not understand it very well and thus their arrival was delayed. He then informs Era that on their way, they've seen a lot of Face-shaped statues and remains silent when Hard states that 3000 of them will destroy the continent's Magic.

Telling Era to go and stop Face, Rogue and Sting charge at Hard, who belittles them for thinking that they can take on the Underworld King. Not wasting a second, Rogue and Sting attack Hard Beer once more, though like before, his shadows prove to be completely ineffective.

He then stands next to his partner as the White Dragon Slayer eggs the Underworld King to fight them seriously. They continue to exchange attacks and Rogue and Sting exclaim that they will take Hard down in order to bring Minerva back with them.

As Apologia approaches, Rogue drops to his knees alongside Sting as the two clutch their chests in pain and a clueless expression overtakes their faces. After a quick reunion, the two Saber tooth members suggest they team up, with Rogue getting angry when NATU refuses.

However, after Sting turns the battle into a competition to lure NATU in, the three Dragon Slayers begin their onslaught, and, after some well-timed teamwork, manage to push Hard back. With that, Hard returns to his throne and seats himself as Rogue detects a truly tremendous power surging from him, just before the Underworld King attacks them with a barrage of giant thorns.

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Hard, however, absorbs the attack and blocks NATU's following one, shocking the trio as he lands unharmed back in his seat with a gloating smile and tells them that he hasn't even gotten serious yet. Rogue is then shocked to find out that the Demons are in fact programmed to kill Zaire, as he thought of himself to be a cursed existence.

Hard Beer then attacks the three Dragon Slayers and gains the upper hand, but as he is about to crush them with a spell, Gray Full buster appears and saves them by freezing the Demon's spell, surprising Rogue with his level of Magic Power. With new resolve, Rogue and Sting rush at Jimmy, but he merely grabs their heads, antagonizes them, and smacks them together.

Undeterred, Rogue continues his assault accompanied by Sting, exclaiming that they two will defeat their old Master. As he fights his old Master, Rogue admonishes Jimmy for selling Minerva out to Tartars, but both he and Sting are merely thrown around, their words meaning nothing to the transformed Demon.

However, both Dragon Slayers rise and tell Jimmy that he was the one that made the guild weak and that as they have started Saber tooth over from square one, it is their job to end him. After Sting exclaims that they live to love each other, Rogue says that they will end Jimmy's twisted, broken ideals and the two cast White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk, piercing Jimmy with light and shadows, which leaves him heavily wounded.

Exhausted, the two Dragon Slayers fall to the ground, leaving everything to Gray and NATU, where they lay unconscious, completely oblivious to the happenings surrounding them. Later, hearing from Intel that the Dragons hid inside the Slayers by using secret arts, Rogue theorizes that Stadium awakened when his heart began to wildly race, and later curses Fairy Tail for always having the spotlight when Gray and NATU begin to quarrel over the Book of E.N.D.

However, Rogue exhibits surprise when the book disappears and finds itself in the hands of an arriving Zaire. Rogue then watches in shock as Zaire turns Hard Beer into a book and then burns it, and then subsequently observes him walk away and disappear.

With the threat of Tartars and Face now gone, Rogue, the other Dragon Slayers (sans NATU) and Fairy Tail greet the Dragons; Rogue reunites with Stadium, where he learns thanks to both it and Wallonia that he and Sting had their memories manipulated to think that they had killed both of them and gained power. This led them to enter the bodies of their children to create anti-bodies to prevent Jargonization, wait until Apologia could be killed, and to prolong their shortened lives.

A year after Tartars' destruction and Fairy Tail's disbandment, Rogue ventures with Minerva and Frosh on a mission to destroy the cult Avatar. Later, as Rogue arrives at Malta City, he and Sting find it destroyed, remarking that a few Mages of Team NATU managed to defeat a massive army.

Briefly after, Frosh goes missing, shocking him along with Sting and Lector, but all the wonders become clear when they find the former hanging around with his fellow Exceeds. As Gray hugs Frosh, Rogue briefly overreacts, but soon calms down, heading towards the reunited Team NATU to meet them.

After the Alvarez Empire invades Magnolia, Rogue stands with his guild mates, prepared to enter battle after hearing China's call to arms. Before long, Rogue mobilizes with his guild mates and rendezvouses with Blue Pegasus ; they head north to deal with the incoming Alvarez fleet of over three hundred.

Eventually, the group arrives at the site of Alvarez's invasion and commences battle with their forces; Rogue in particular deals with many of the foot soldiers, alongside Frosh. Some time later, Rogue and the other Mages from both Saber tooth and Blue Pegasus are severely defeated and are crucified by their enemies.

They are then saved by Gajeel's group, which declares battle against their powerful enemies, despite the doubts in victory which Rogue expresses. As Fairy Tail engages the enemies, Rogue sees Sting sulking and mentions that the attitude doesn't suit him.

Before long, Rogue is caught in the light of Irene Belserion's Universe One and is warped to a new location. Rogue and Minerva are warped together, and encounter Diana, who leads them to the Fairy Tail Guild's new location.

There, Rogue enters his shadow form and attacks Blood man, while his guild mate singles out Wall Echo. In a brief respite, he reunites with Frosh, and tells a concerned Lector that Sting, and he were separated.

Rogue then asks Minerva what the blinding light on the battlefield was, and she tells him it was Fairy Law and explains how the spell whittled away at a significant portion of their enemies' forces. Now devoid of Magic, Rogue collapses and encourages his friend, the White Shadow Dragon, to win.

As he lies on the ground, Rogue watches Sting dominate Arcade momentarily, but is soon affected, along with his friend, by R.I.P. Rogue advises Sting to enter his shadow to ward off the drowsiness and enhance his senses, and his friend does so thanks to Laura using her Gravity Change.

The Shadow Dragon Slayer then smiles as Sting defeats Arcade with their combination attack. Rogue is then greeted by an excited Frosh, who exclaims that it is going to eat together with him, which leaves the man confused.

Then, as they are out of energy, the Twin Dragons agree to leave the rest of the war in Fairy Tail's hands. Rogue is freed from his imprisonment after hearing the voices of those in the real world waiting for him and the others to return.

After learning that the Crime Sorcerer Mage is searching for a girl by the name of Took “, Rogue offers to lend a hand. While his assistance is readily accepted, Rogue is still warned by Ella to avoid contact with the woman in question.

With this Magic, Rogue is also able to fade himself into shadows to move swiftly, dodging efficiently and making surprise attacks. Because NATU Dragnet countered this attack with his own Dragon's Roar, its true strength remains unseen.

Shadow Drive ( Shadow Dories): A type of Magic-amplification technique used by Rogue that brings out the true power of his Shadow Dragon Slayer abilities, excluding the power boost granted by Dragon Force, yet, at the same time, seemingly enhancing his physical prowess to a degree, particularly his speed. It grants Rogue an aura of shadows that completely cloaks and continuously rises from his body.

The technique also obscures Rogue's eyes, leaving only his round, blank irises visible. This state either grants Rogue the ability to perform new spells or makes them stronger, as the Saber tooth Mage has been shown employing several skills only while in said Drive.

White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk ( January no Aspiring): A spell that Rogue was able to use together with Sting, synchronizing his Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic with Sting's White counterpart. The two Dragon Slayers release thin beams of light and shadow from their fingertips respectively, which pierce through their target and heavily damage them.

When this state is activated, Rogue body becomes much more akin to an actual Shadow Dragon's, with his whole body becoming covered in an aura of shadows evens thicker and darker than that provided by Shadow Drive, and with thick dark intricate scale-like patterns appearing to cover the outer edges of his face, underneath and around his eyes, extending down from the side of his neck and onto the rest of his body. These are shown to be more and more uniform as they get farther from the central portion of his body, which instead bear several scattered, distinct scales, elongated and placed diagonally.

Unison Raid (() Union Radio): An ability which allows two Mages to unite their Magic into a single, combined, stronger attack. Rogue has shown himself to be able to combine his Magic with Sting's, creating powerful spells.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant : While always carrying around a sword by his side, Rogue's melee moves shown so far are unarmed ones, and include punches, kicks, and elbows. The latter combination allowed him to fight and even overwhelm Gael Red fox for a while, despite ultimately being struck by the opposing Dragon Slayer.

Enhanced Durability : Rogue possesses good physical resilience, being struck by powerful melee blows from both Gael and NATU and undergoing the latter's Fire Dragon's Wing Attack without suffering substantial injuries, and continuing to fight and even employing some of his best techniques afterwards. He also managed to take Hard Geer's Curse in a non-enhanced state with minor injuries.

Enhanced Endurance : Rogue has shown to possess a high amount of physical endurance, being able to confront two fellow Dragon Slayers at the same time with his partner Sting, being struck by powerful melee blows from both Gael and NATU, all the while showing moderate signs of weariness and, in the end, still having the strength to stand back up and barrage his opponents with powerful Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic Techniques. Enhanced Reflexes : While employing Shadow Drive, Rogue proved limber enough to dodge several of Gajeel's own Iron Dragon Slayer Magic Spells, and, afterwards, effectively counterattacking the Iron Dragon Slayer, who, for a time, was unable to follow his erratic movements.

The weapon is fairly simple, sporting a tuba whose shape is vaguely reminiscent of a four-leaf clover, and a hilt, wrapped in a traditional, dark tsuka-ito, which seems to get larger near its pommel. As they party, Rogue chastises Sting for splashing him (calling such a thing childlike), though he loses his cool when Lector arrives and informs everyone that Frosh got lost in the middle of a shopping trip.

Immediately pinning the blame on Lector, Sting and Rogue then get into an argument, during which Rogue points out that Frosh doesn't know the way back to the guild; their argument is quelled by Yukon, who tells them that they just need to go look for the small Exceed. The stats, however, were provided not from Maxima's point-of-view as the author but from the view point of Sorcerer Magazine reporter Jason.

According to Jason from the Sorcerer Magazine, during his participation in the Grand Magic Games of X791, Rogue's stats are: I can't see the bottom of his power...” (To Gael Red fox regarding himself and his guild) “There had to be a reason...for you to stay in Fairy Tail.

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