Are Rogue And Gambit Still Married

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• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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The issue may not have seen Kitty Pride and Colossus get married, but their fellow X-Men decide not to put the evening to waste. The romance between Kitty and Colossus was finally ending in marriage, after all these years, and comic book readers were delighted.

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With the blessing of Colossus and Kitty Pride, Rogue and Gambit take over the wedding, and are married by the end of the issue. To Kitty, the complex on-again-and-off-again love story she has with Colossus makes for a shaky foundation for married life.

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Since the X-Men took their place as leaders of the new nation Krakow, love has been in the air for Marvel's mutants, especially with the strongly implied polyamorous relationship between Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey, creating speculation for other possible molecules. However, two of Marvel's most famous mutants, Rogue and Gambit, beat their fellow X-Men to the punch by getting married in X-Men: Gold #30, by Marc Guggenheim and David Marquez.

While each of these heroes came from a troubled background, they both overcame every obstacle in their path, finding love and establishing themselves as the ultimate X-Men power couple. The full details of the pair's first encounter were revealed in 2018's Rogue & Gambit miniseries, by Kelly Thompson and Père Perez.

For Gambit, this moment was love at first sight, while Rogue preferred to believe their introductions on the beach the following morning, where he offered her his trench coat, was their actual first meeting since they were free of external influences. One major problem was the mere fact that physical touch was impossible due to Rogue's powers, something that bothered her more than the risk-prone Remy.

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In Rogue & Gambit, Kitty Pride would task the pair with an undercover mission at a suspicious resort that specialized in couple therapy, making them the perfect candidates given their extensive history. After Rogue absorbed all the pain and powers of their past, it was a kiss from Gambit that allowed her to return to normal and set the stage for their wedding.

During their honeymoon, Rogue and Gambit were tasked with retrieving a crystal egg which they soon learned contained a young girl by the name of Sandra, the genetic offspring of Professor X and Majestic Linda. Although they tried to live a somewhat normal life after their return from space, the two X-Men were then captured and transported to Converse and cast as the star crossed lovers in dozens of genre pieces.

Again, with Rogue's powers at their deadliest, this experience proved to be extremely traumatic with Remy being killed during these false lives on multiple occasions. Besides installing new leaders, freeing other dimensions, and settling into a new apartment, Rogue also helped Gambit to maintain his rule as King of the Thieves Guild.

Currently, this X-Men power couple serve together as members of Excalibur, while still taking the time to enjoy married life in mutant paradise. Marvel Comics has promised that the wedding of the century would take in X-Men Gold #30.

The “‘Til Death Do Us Part’ arc of X-Men Gold has supposedly been leading up to the marriage of Piotr “Colossus” Rasputin and Kitty Pride, two X-Men who have been romantically linked to each other on and off since the early 1980s. Not willing to let all the work putting the ceremony together go to waste, Rogue and Gambit finally step up to get married after years of on again, off again courtships.

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Their romantic adventures will continue in a new series titled Mr. and Mrs. X, which kicks off in July. The series will be written by Kelly Thompson, who recently wrote the five-issue Rogue and Gambit miniseries, and drawn by Oscar Azalea.

“Part of writing other people’s characters in a shared universe are other ideas are going to end up supplanting yours. Guggenheim did promise that there will be more to unpack in regard to Kitty and Colossus relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. X will begin by filling in some blanks from Rogue and Gambit’s wedding that didn’t make it into the pages of X-Men Gold #30. “Because they are the X-Men, the sexy, fun times only last for two seconds before they have to save the world,” Thompson explains.

During the story, the kids are kidnapped by Mister Sinister as part of a larger plan orchestrated by the Extreme X-Men villain Khan. Rogue rescued their kids (along with Cyclops and Emma’s) but was ultimately murdered by Mister Sinister.

In Captain Marvel: The End one-shot, author Kelly Thompson was able to revisit her two favorite X-Men twenty-some-odd years in the future. Upon arriving she’s greeted by a cadre of superhero descendants including the daughter of Gambit and Rogue.

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But the Mr. and Mrs. X writer still has something to say about the recently-ended series starring everyone's favorite married X-couple, Rogue and Gambit. Specifically, Thompson shared her thoughts with Marvel.com on what she hopes the future of the two characters, and their relationship, will be, going against conventional comics' industry wisdom that superhero characters should never get married.

X-Men Gold Issue 30 cover (Image: Marvel Comics) While I don’t dislike Kitty and Peter being a couple, I am okay with the two not getting married (yet). X-Men Gold Issue 30, which serves as the finale of the ‘Til Death Do Us Part arc, gave us a quick recap of their messy relationship and then made its way to offer a somewhat understandable explanation behind Kitty getting cold feet on her big day.

While talking to Nightcrawler and Storm (Promo looked gorgeous in her dress), Remy decided to pop the question to Rogue. So, I am excited to see Kelly Thompson handle the two famous X-Men characters as a married couple.

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They’ve been through more breakups than the average soap opera couple and are constantly at each other’s throats because of the tiniest things. Her ability to absorb the powers and psyches of everyone she touches made her a pariah at a young age.

As a teen, she accidentally put her boyfriend into a comma after kissing him which led her to think she would never be able to have normal relationships. Rogue and Gambit met during the UNCANNY X-MEN “Muir Island Saga.” Soon after, they both joined the Blue Team in X-MEN #1 and began to admit a mutual attraction.

X-MEN (1991) #8 / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment Few comic couples have served up as much pure wit as Rogue and Gambit. It usually starts with Gambit saying some gross innuendo and Rogue firing back a sarcastic remark that leads to feisty bantering and, eventually, making up.

Few characters could put up with Gambit’s incessant flirting and wittiness, yet Rogue matches everything he says perfectly. For a lot of people, having a partner like that would be difficult, but since Rogue and Gambit both flirt this way, it works.

ROGUE & GAMBIT #2 / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment Their relationship also works well because of their similar backgrounds. Although he did eventually become a force for good when he joined the X-Men, Gambit has always been viewed as an outsider who can’t be trusted.

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Mystique and her partner Destiny raised Rogue from a fairly young age. Like Gambit, Rogue was raised thinking family and love were tied to power and immorality.

UNCANNY X-MEN #297 / Courtesy of Marvel EntertainmentWhen the past does come back to haunt them, they have someone there who understands what they’re going through. Nonetheless, there are a few that get past the normal twelve issue mark and stay together for the long run.

They aren’t always romantically together, but even when they’re not an official couple, they’re usually still together in some capacity, whether as friends or teammates. Some of those events, such as when Rogue accidentally put Gambit in a comma after kissing him, aren’t exactly positive.

Just like how their similar childhoods help them connect, their shared experiences as X-Men prove that their relationship is deeper than a fling. With the way the series is looking, I definitely think a romantic Rogue and Gambit reunion is in the future.

With rough pasts and even rougher accents, Rogue and Gambit were made for each other. Nevertheless, I’m confident that ROGUE & GAMBIT’s Kelly Thompson will do the famous couple justice and bring them back to their former glory.

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