Are Rogue And Nightcrawler Siblings

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Having proven herself to be one of the X-Men's greatest enemies, Mystique has been a prominent character in the mutant corners of Marvel's universe since her inception. However, one Mystique story fans don't know has less to do with her schemes and battles against the heroes... and instead, how she played a motherly role for two popular X-Men alumni: Nightcrawler and Rogue.

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In her first outing, she proved herself a capable villain after she drained Captain Marvel of her powers, and incapacitated multiple Avengers. However, it was later revealed in Marvel Super-Heroes #11 that Mystique, acting as Rogue’s adoptive mother, manipulated her into attacking the heroes for her own means.

In X-Men Unlimited #4, Mystique reveals that she mothered not only Kurt, but also Gray don Creed, leader of the mutant hating group 'The Friends of Humanity.' In the same issue Mystique would go on to say that Kurt’s birth destroyed her life by revealing the fact they were mutants to her husband, and the village they lived in.

In an act of cruelty, Mystique decided to throw the newborn Nightcrawler off a cliff to ensure her own survival at his expense. This abandonment would be one of the defining moments in Nightcrawler's life, leading him to be adopted and raised by the Roman sorcerers, Marsala Stardom.

Rogue and Nightcrawler began to consider themselves to be siblings when they learned about their connection. So, to be clear, Rogue's biological parents were called Owen and Priscilla, but she ran away from home as a child and was then brought up by Mystique and Destiny.

Nightcrawler is the biological son of a mutant called Azazel and Mystique (who was married to a human called Christian Wagner at the time) but he was raised in a circus by Marsala Stardom. This might sound funny, but some fans even pair Rogue with Kurt in fanfics sometimes.

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Not by blood and maybe not even by law, but since they both have Mystique as a mother of one sort or another, they consider each other siblings /brother and sister. Not by blood and maybe not even by law, but since they both have Mystique as a mother of one sort or another, they consider each other siblings /brother and sister.

The relationship between Nightcrawler, Rogue, Mystique and Sabre tooth is a tangled web that took decades to reveal itself in real time, and grew only more complex as the years went by. It’s a story of false identities, half- siblings, love, hate and lies, made all the more complex by a man purporting to be the inspiration for the Devil himself.

While in East Berlin, Mystique murdered an accountant named Lens Dauber to take her place, and became involved in German espionage operations. During that time, she met Victor Creed while on a mission, and the two secret agents snuck off from their respective agencies to begin an affair.

Tired of being in hiding with Creed, Mystique faked her death, leaving the real Lens’s body in a canal for the police to uncover as “proof” of her demise. While in human form, Mystique encountered a child named Anna Marie, who had run away from her father Owen and her Aunt Carrie.

Not only would Mystique show Anna Marie her true form, but she would also help the young girl manage the mutant powers she developed during puberty. Decades after giving birth to Nightcrawler, Mystique would finally reunite with her son while leading an assassination attempt on Senator Robert Kelly in Uncanny X-Men #142.

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While battling the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with his fellow X-Men outside the U.S. Capitol, Nigh crawler found himself under attack by Mystique, who had assumed his appearance. Before Nightcrawler could demand more answers, however, he was unintentionally distracted by Angel, allowing Mystique to sneak off with her secrets.

Rogue had not been present at the attempted assassination of Robert Kelly, but finally got her chance to fight the X-Men alongside Mystique in Uncanny X-Men #158. Victor Creed would finally learn about his child when kidnapped by Tribune, a man whose identity was concealed by a suit of green armor, and ordered to kill Mystique.

Victor tracked the shape-shifter to France, where Mystique stunned him with the revelation that she had been “Lens Dauber,” and that the man who sent Sabre tooth after her was their son. With the help of his telepathic companion Bird, Victor tracked down the Tribune’s hideout and entered the man’s mind, learning he was indeed Sabre tooth’s and Mystique’s son, Gray don Creed… now an adult and leader of the mutant hate group the Friends of Humanity.

Things came to a head in X-Men Unlimited #4, in which Gray don Creed, Rogue, and Nightcrawler traced Mystique to Alcott County, Mississippi. There Rogue dropped Nightcrawler off at the home she had shared with Mystique and Destiny, while she went looking for their mother near the riverbank where her powers first manifested.

At Rogue’s home, Nightcrawler encountered Gray don, who confronted him with information obtained from classified documents proving Mystique was both of their mothers. Infuriated by the Friends of Humanity’s attack on Destiny’s grandson, Trevor Chase, Mystique recruited her old Brotherhood ally Pro for what X-Factor believed to be an attempt on Gray don’s life.

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While that Pizza Hut went away, Tomás’ love of comics didn’t, and in time his room became stuffed to the brim with four-colored stories of drama, adventures, suspense… it’s a long list. He’s seen most CAU and ‘90s Marvel cartoons, and is pretty well versed in the comic book versions of those two universes (especially the X-Men and Superman).

The home of all things X-Men on Reddit, be it comic books, film, television, gaming or any other medium that Marvel's mutants have inspired people over the last half-century. The Marvel Universe is filled with crazy and convoluted family trees, many of which span multiple dimensions and timelines.

We've discounted pure God figures (like Zeus and Odin), cosmic entities (like Ego) clones (like the Cuckoos), and alternate-reality siblings (like Cable and Rachel Summers). Johnny and Sue Storm are the two most powerful members of Stan Lee's first super squad, The Fantastic Four.

The real kickers for Johnny are his Nova attacks; he's capable of channeling his entire being into devastating super-heated blasts that match the core temperatures of a normal star. Over the past twenty years, we have seen the Invisible Woman's abilities expand and improve exponentially.

Take, for example, Fantastic Four #549, an issue where Sue is kidnapped by the super villain Wizard and the Frightful Four. In a matter of seconds, she incapacitates the entire goon crew (which her three teammates plus Storm had failed to do collaboratively) and makes the 'fearsome' Wizard wet himself... and pass out.

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While he has played a part in foiling many of Thanos' devious plots and even briefly joined the Avengers, Eros is considered less powerful than the average Eternal. However, Thanos possesses powers far greater than that of the other Eternal due to his genetic variations (the Deviant Gene).

He's capable of absorbing massive amounts of cosmic energy and blasting devastating kinetic beams from his eyes and hands, overpowering even the strongest of minds (like the Hulk!) The Mad Titan is strangely enamored with the destruction of all living things, even courting Mistress Death and mastering forbidden black magic under her guidance.

By using bionic implants and other alien technology, Thanos has situated himself one of the most dangerous villains in the known Marvel Universe. We can't wait to see him take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the coming Avengers: Infinity War.

Locke (Elizabeth Braddock) is set to make her big screen debut in just a few short weeks, complete with devastating Psi-Blades and a few Hollywood tweaks. The most current version no longer needs to wear his super-sweet intergalactic crime fighting outfit to retain the superhuman abilities generated by Otherworld energy; nowadays, Brian Braddock's confidence levels dictate just how strong he becomes.

The mystical powers once imbued by his iconic suit, Star Scepter, and Amulet of Right have been transferred into his very being, allowing him to operate effectively all over the globe. Having battled schizophrenia from a very young age, Jamie didn't learn of his powerful mutant abilities until much later in life.

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Under different circumstances he might have become as popular or as powerful as his young siblings ; Jamie possesses the ability to influence and pluck the strings of the universe, allowing him to travel through space and time while bending reality to his will. Colossus (Piotr Rasputin) can transform his entire body into an armored shell of organic, living space-steel.

Gifted with two sets of powers (a mutant ability to teleport and a nearly-unrivaled control over magical forces), she has reigned as both Queen of Limbo and the Sorcerer Supreme. Magic travels between dimensions with ease, has mastered the arts of both Black and White Magic, and even harnessed the powers of the Phoenix Force after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men.

Seriously, there's just not much she can't do; Magic even created her own legendary weapon, the Soul Sword, and has yet to reach the upper tiers of her power on Earth. Marvel's Cinematic Universe offers a very different depiction of Wanda and Pietro Maxim off (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, respectively) than the comics.

Besides the fact that we've seen two iterations of Quicksilver so far (an X-Men version and an Avengers version), the most notable rift exists between the powers displayed by Wanda; her powers are limited to telekinesis and mind control on the big screen, while she wields the devastating and highly-unstable Chaos Magic on the printed pages. The quicker half of the Maxim off twins, Pietro is a speedster that has been known to move faster than the speed of light.

As we saw in Age of Patron, Quicksilver gives his life to save Hawkeye and an innocent Štokavian child. It's definitely not weird that these twin brothers, Wicca and Speed, are actually reincarnations of Wanda and Vision's magically-constructed (now deceased) offspring, Billy and Tommy Maxim off.

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Speed, aka Thomas Shepard, has a rather appropriate name; a speedster (like Uncle Quicksilver) capable of reaching at least Mach 4 velocity, he can also hyper-accelerate molecules, causing things to go KABOOM, or destabilize them, allowing him to walk through solid objects. His twin brother, Wicca (aka Billy Kaplan), seems to have inherited his power profile from their mother, Scarlet Witch.

This young fellow is fated to become the next Demise, a being of nearly limitless power that is capable of re-writing the rules of magic. The fearsome Summers trio is capable of manipulating various forms of energy; Scott (Cyclops) can emit powerful beams from his eyes, Alex (Havoc) can absorb cosmic energy and use it to create epic blasts of super-heated plasma that radiate from his entire body, and Gabriel (Vulcan) can... well, he can do pretty much all the things.

All things considered, it's probably best that Havoc and Cyclops will be showing up sans Vulcan in X-Men: Apocalypse. The third Summers brother once drained Adam Warlock's abilities in mere seconds and took on the X-Men, the Inhuman, and the Streamers at the same time.

Professor X can overpower even the most iron-clad minds, filling their heads with false memories or taking complete control of their bodies. He only became the indestructible behemoth after accidentally stumbling upon the Crimson Gem of Littoral and mumbling a few mystical, magical words.

Although his origin story is lacking (and his on-screen portrayal even MORE whack), Juggernaut is a nearly-unstoppable force that is widely considered to be one of the strongest entities in the Marvel universe. Thor and Loki have been at odds since the beginning of time, but that hasn't stopped them from showcasing their tremendous mythical powers all over the Marvel Universe.

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Although Loki depends heavily on mystical artifacts (like some Infinity Stones) to further his quest for intergalactic domination, the Trickster God of Asgard packs some pretty impressive firepower of his own. Loki's magical abilities are unparalleled across the Nine Worlds, and he is capable of imbuing himself (or others) with an almost unlimited supply of power.

Loki has fought Thor to a standstill on several occasions, wounded the Silver Surfer with merely his fists, and amplified Hydro Man's superhuman abilities to such great levels that he was able to take on the entire Avengers squad single-handedly (Avengers West Coast #59). Thor, God of Thunder and Great Hair, might be the most unfairly overpowered 'good guy' to ever hit shelves.

); he's survived concentrated blasts from the fearsome Celestials and spent some time casually reclining in the core of the Sun. See, Val doesn't have any superpowers to speak of per se; while her intelligence level is unquestionably superhuman, she was found to have no superpowers, mutant or otherwise.

An omega-level mutant, Frank has the ability to warp and manipulate the fabric of reality and all existing matter down to the molecular level. He's got the full range of psionic abilities (telepathy, empathy, telekinesis), is virtually immortal, and is so powerful that he's even defeated Marvel's Lord of Hell, Mephisto.

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