Are Rogue Bass Guitars Good

Christina Perez
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Before this, I owned a hollow-body shorty in the 90s by a company Applause -- sort of Ovation knock-off I guess. And more recently when I picked it up again, a no-brand P, just to see if I was serious about getting back into playing bass, keyboards having been my first love.

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I feel the Rogue is pretty versatile without a lot of buttons and switches; one volume and one tone pot per pickup. I don't know about your string choices, but I have turned into a flats' player, in particular Dun lops.

You can get these strung on this bass, you're not stringing through body or anything, but the High Mass bridge they have has pretty small holes. I had to shave a bit of the silk near the ball end of the string to make it fit through the bridge, the part where the silk thickens right before you get to the exposed core near the ball.

As to the High Mass bridge: I know some people will complain that these don't have as much sustain or sound metallic, I have not found that to be so on this bass. I get plenty of sustains for what I want, have mostly played it dry or with some fuzz, only recently been experimenting a bit with chorus.

I know Rogue is kind of an off brand, and some of their products have pretty awful reviews. Another often overlooked cheap 5 is the Squire Affinity Jazz V. The pop up on the GC used site pretty often for about that price.

I was never in love with it- super quiet and made more static than tone, and not exactly beautiful to look at. When I tried to get rid of it, Guitar Center told me I'd have to pay them just to take it off my hands.

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I eventually donated it to my school's music production program. If I remember correctly, there were only two factories making the viola basses in China.

The other Rogue models often aren't of the same quality- I've had two where the necks went south and pretty much unusable. Also, to get it to sound good requires upgrading the pickups and electronics.

Squire, Baez, Yamaha and as mentioned above is Rondo music are some inexpensive options. Rogue is the house brand of budget basses for Musician's Friend.

Before this, I owned a hollow-body shorty in the 90s by a company Applause -- sort of Ovation knock-off I guess. Minor FYI, Applause was/is not a knock-off, but the budget line of Ovation, being made in Korea as I recall.

Minor FYI, Applause was/is not a knock-off, but the budget line of Ovation, being made in Korea as I recall. Another often overlooked cheap 5 is the Squire Affinity Jazz V. The pop up on the GC used site pretty often for about that price.

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My cousin has a Rouge 6-string bass he bought a while back similar to what you show for a 5er. If much prefer SO basses because of the decent wood and usually fixable/moldable jazz clone designs.

Some Squire models can be great too, but they tend to cost just a bit more than SO or Rogue. On the contrary, when you buy a Beatles bass you want a cheaply-made, fully-hollow-body with thin wood that vibrates like crazy because that's basically what the original Beatles basses were, and it's part of the thump, hollow tone recipe.

Otherwise, for Rogue money I'd look at the “Brice” brand from Rondo music or more likely check my local Craigslist. One exception is that I might buy a rogue used locally if I found one that played well.

Even lesser known brands can sometimes turn out a pretty good instrument so in general I'd always prefer to buy cheap basses in-person. Another often overlooked cheap 5 is the Squire Affinity Jazz V. The pop up on the GC used site pretty often for about that price.

I checked out two of the cheapest ones when my younger guy was interested and ended up with Silver tone instead. He fills out of love with the idea of playing bass and I gig with it often.

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Posted by Lina on Fri, 12/07/01 – 17:19:51. I'm thinking about buying one off of Musicians Friend, the AE100 it is an Acoustic Electric Cutaway.

By keeping their quality high and their prices low, a Rogue is great options for bass players who are looking to hold down the rhythm while out on the road with their band. The benefit of this is obvious; a lightweight bass is more comfortable to play, meaning you can jam longer with less strain on your neck and shoulders.

Best of all, if you're a lefty like certain other iconic violin bass players, there's a left-handed version of this base that will suit you perfectly. Rogue also offers some fantastic five strings such as the LX405 Series III Pro 5-String Electric Bass Guitar.

We can negotiate on shipping with more info, I just don't want to be overcharged. Rogue VB100 Violin Electric Bass Guitar.

They give the strings a very silky sound, like the opposite of buzz. The styrofoam-like material underneath the bridge is not in the best shape, but I think most people remove that plastic eventually anyway.

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From Product Price $69.99 The Rogue VB100 violin is an electric bass guitar, features a European-style hollow body that makes it extremely light-weight.

With a 31-inch scale length, this Rogue series II bass guitar gives you a better sound and comfortable playing experience. The 22-fret neck of this Rogue electric bass guitar delivers extremely loud sound very easily.

The Rogue VB100 violin has a custom trapeze tailpiece that makes the intonation solid and rich. The 2 thumbsuckers in this Rogue series II bass guitar provides you with a clear and powerful sound.

The paranoid pick guard placed on this Rogue electric bass guitar gives it a modern and attractive look. The Rogue VB100 violin has a front and back body binding that helps in adding more definition and contrast.

Upon receiving my new rogue violin bass I could see it was well constructed and sounded very warm and played smooth. By Copenhagen Mar 06, 2017 Not Satisfied The bass here is very good-looking and has one of my favorite designs, but the problem lies within its quality.

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Aside from the quality, bass tone has a lot to be desired sounds diluted when plugged in. I had to do a little adjusting on the neck (very slight bow) but it was minor and easy to do.

I can't hold this against the guitar, for the price I wouldn't expect the manufacturer to get all the adjustments perfect and the bass was very playable as it was delivered, I am just a perfectionist! With money left over, I decided to buy a less expensive bass.

Being an ardent Beatles fan, I went looking for a violin bass, like Mac has. Long story short, I found one at a good price, bought it and am very satisfied with it.

I am sure it doesn't match up to a Hefner, but it plays very nice, has good tone and donation and has decent hardware. Rogue VB100 Review I was amazed by this bass guitar; Only weighs a few pounds, compared to a regular bass that feels like a bucket of lead.

If you are instead looking for the best electric bass guitars, you can read our guide on the best bass guitar brands. We have spent tens of hours listening to these different acoustic basses to make sure we know which ones have the best sound quality.

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Buying an acoustic bass guitar at an affordable and reasonable price is very important. Buying an acoustic bass guitar from a company with a great reputation is important.

The legendary American bass guitar maker also makes acoustic bass guitars. It also has a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, 3-ply gold pick guard, and a Viking bridge.

It is approximately 44 long, so it will fit in most acoustic bass guitar cases. A great practice acoustic bass, the Baez PCBE12MHOPN provides everything you need from an affordable acoustic bass guitar: mahogany top and back, maple fretboard, and Tortoiseshell tuning machine.

While it is certainly one of the more affordable acoustic basses on this list, it packs a lot into its package. If you’re looking for a beginner acoustic bass guitar, this should be at the top of your list.

Certainly not met for concert venues, this bass guitar features a 7545 EQ system which will deliver deep rich tones that are warm and inviting. Another great acoustic bass guitar for beginners that can be played with or without an amp.

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The bass itself features a spruce top, mahogany body, and rosewood bridge and fretboard. The body is 34 inches long and contains a Dean passive preamp with volume and treble controls so that you can plug the bass into an amp for a louder jam session.

This Baez acoustic bass guitar is great for any jam session. Plug in this bass guitar to any amp and let the Fishman Sonic ore pickup and SST preamp do its job.

The LTL4ZNAT comes with a Fishman Sonic ore pickup with a TL3 preamp that takes advantage of this bass guitar’s phenomenal acoustics. If you want to stand out from the rest of the band, this acoustic bass guitar is a great match.

They are many acoustic bass guitars to choose from, and you will need to find one that fits your style and sound preference.

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