Are Rogue Boneyard Bars Worth It

James Lee
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Boneyard bars are seconds quality Olympic barbells manufactured by Rogue Fitness that have simple cosmetic issues. Consequently, these bars are brand new, made in the USA, function just fine, but are available at a sizable discount.

rogue boneyard
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This is indeed the stainless steel model of the Rogue WE (Weightlifting) bar. The black Create shaft finish (between the knurled sections) looks great with the Rogue logo.

First, consider the two reasons that send bars to the boneyard : Finish blemishes and double tracked knurl. Both are primarily cosmetic issues, and aren’t going to decrease the lifespan or usability of the bar.

Rather than discard these bars, Rogue offers them at a discount with no warranty and no returns. It’s a nice program that allows you to get a potentially great bar at a significant discount.

If you’re considering buying a Boneyard Bar, let me to share my experience with you before plunking down your hard-earned cash. …brand new, seconds quality barbell off of Rogue’s standard production line.

These bars may have minor cosmetic issues such as finish blemishes or inconsistencies with the knurl. If any flaw is found on a Rogue standard barbell, it is added to the Boneyard.

rogue bar boneyard bella cerakote obligatory branding fitness
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These bars are guaranteed to arrive in new, ready to hit the gym condition. In other words, bars relegated to the Boneyard may have superficial issues that prevent them from being offered at full retail price, but are still good enough to be usable and are therefore sold at a discount.

Given how much a good quality barbell can cost, BoneyardBars are a tempting proposition despite the chance of ending up with a lemon you can’t return or replace. I like saving money as much as the next person, so I’ve put the Boneyard to the test to see if it’s worth a gamble on what I consider to be a crucial piece of equipment for any home gym.

The Training Bar was extremely dusty when I pulled it out of the shipping tube, but after cleaning it off I couldn’t identify the issue that consigned it to the Boneyard. Combined with the stainless steel finish, I have no worries of ever dropping this bar regardless of how sweaty my hands get.

On the other hand, the knurl is just a little too aggressive for my preference, since high rep snatch and clean work with this bar tends to tear at my calluses. The Rogue Training Bar is not the nicest barbell I own, but far from the worst I’ve ever seen.

The unfinished stainless steel knurling is great, although it’s a touch too aggressive for my personal preference. The bar I received had some very noticeable scratches and blemishes on the collars and sleeves, which may explain how it ended up in the Boneyard.

deadpool worth stupid emojis clips send
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190K tensile strength steel Diameter: 25MM Weight: 10 kg Overall length: 66.80” Loadable sleeve length: 6.625” Distance between the inside edge of the sleeves: 52.18” Bronze bushings Dual knurl marks w/ no center knurl Finish: black zinc shaft + bright zinc sleeves So despite the no return stipulation, I decided to ask for a Junior Bar replacement.

Rogue customer support replied and suggested I apply 3:1 oil to the sleeve, stand it upright, and let it sit overnight. I contacted Rogue again, with another video that clearly showed the oil had not helped.

I won’t bore you with the details, but this back and forth went on for several days before customer service finally agreed the bar needed replacement. I’ve dealt with Rogue Customer service before on defective products, and they’ve been very responsive and quick to replace the problematic gear, so I have to assume their reluctance in this case was because we were dealing with a Boneyard Bar.

I rate this experience as neutral, since despite the hassle I did eventually get a replacement with a non- Boneyard bar. Clear create was a fairly new addition to the Rogue lineup at the time I bought this bar, so I was surprised to see one in the Boneyard.

However, aside from the blemishes on the shaft I mentioned above I couldn’t see any obvious reason why this bar ended up in the Boneyard. I can’t tell if the Create was applied too thick (which may explain why it’s in the Boneyard), or if the knurling was just cut more shallow.

thread july imgur
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So imagine my surprise when I started seeing rust appear on the Bella Bar shaft, right where my hands had been during the WON! They couldn’t explain why the create bar was beginning to rust, but since the issue was purely cosmetic they weren’t willing to do anything about it.

Boneyard Bar or not, a cerakote-coated barbell shaft should not start rusting after a single use. I specifically bought this bar for the corrosion-resistant Create coating, so I’m disappointed about getting a lemon I can’t return.

I rate this experience as poor, and I would definitely not recommend buying a Create barbell from the Boneyard. If I buy another bar from Rogue, I’ll just suck it up and pay full price.

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