Are Rogue Guitars Good

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 9 min read

My initial reaction to its price was to stick it in the realm of guitars too cheap to play, but after a bit of study, I’d recommend it to just about anyone with the extra cash. When that time comes, you’ll be glad you had the Rogue Starter acoustic guitar sitting in the corner ready to fill your house with live music.

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Very affordable Good sound and playability for the lowest price Many finish options Painless bridge for easy restringing Versatile uses: travel instrument, student acoustic, project guitar For the cost of the Rogue Starter, it would be fair to expect a plastic toy replica of a guitar– with fishing line strings, a loose and rattling neck, and fake tuning machines glued to a cracked headstock.

Despite a few flaws that seem to plague all budget instruments, the Rogue Starter acoustic is inarguably pleasantly playable. One editorial review quietly claims it has a solid mahogany body, but I knew that couldn’t be true for the price.

While we wait for that, I connected with a second Musician’s Friend rep who told me, “the top seems to be a mix of laminate spruce and a couple other things. This is a handy feature for children, making restringing a bit easier than the pin method.

There’s not a lot special to mention the headstock of the Rogue Starter, except to say that some people complain that the tuning machines do not hold. Throughout many positive reviews for the Rogue Starter acoustic are a few major complaints as some unfortunate people receive what might just be a dud guitar.

It might be lucked of the draw, but judging from the reviews odds are you’ll get a guitar that comes ready to play. To be blunt, if it didn’t sound good enough to play, I wouldn’t be writing this Rogue Starter acoustic guitar review.

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It’s certainly not great, and if the Rogue Starter acoustic is going to be your first guitar in a long musical journey, you’ll definitely want to upgrade sooner than later, like to the S6 Original by Seagull. This is a pretty simple sounding guitar: not a lot of overtones or harmonic complexity up and down the fretboard.

The high end might be a bit tinny, with a slight harshness in the highest registers owed to the maple neck and cheap laminate soundboard. Unless you’re one of the unlucky few who are shipped a Rogue Starter in dire need of a setup, it is a surprisingly playable budget guitar.

With the range of finishes, it even makes just a good piece of art or a great gift for anyone who has expressed an interest in playing music. The last time I was searching for an inexpensive guitar online, it never crossed my mind that I could get one new at this price that would be worth playing at all.

This is truly one of the most affordable instruments I’ve seen, so unlike a pricey piano or violin, it won’t be such a problem if your child turns out to not be much of a musician. Finally, the Rogue Starter acoustic guitar is perfect for practicing upgrades and repairs.

Posted by Lina on Fri, 12/07/01 – 17:19:51. I'm thinking about buying one off of Musicians Friend, the AE100 it is an Acoustic Electric Cutaway.

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Whitmer links kidnapping plot to Trump's rhetoric I own four Rouge guitars and both an “A” style and an”F” style mandolin made by Rouge. I have an acoustic twelve string, six string and a four and five-string bass by Rouge. These instruments, though inexpensive are relatively well-made. These instruments are serviceable, dependable and with a little set up perform just as well as higher priced instruments.

Though I'm a beginner, my dad purchased for me a Rogue Dreadnought RA-090, and it was pretty good for something that only cost us around 50 bucks. If you don't want to spend your 200 bucks on a Fender or Yamaha or whatever, get a Rogue.

You'll save a lot of money and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. People know Fender guitars are pretty good for the buck.

Rogues are not quality guitars, don't waste your time or $$$. They are cheap for a reason but if you're looking on Craig's list try to score an Baez or something better.

The most expensive Rogue product hits just about $300, and the highest priced Value Pack reaches just around $370. While they make tons of different instruments, this review will be on a particular electric guitar by Rogue, called the Racketeer Deluxe.

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The fact that the neck is a bolt-on may take away some potential warmth from the guitar and instead lend itself to somewhat of a twangy response. The neck curvature is ultra-thin, meaning it’s pretty fast and lends itself to quickly soloing and smooth playing.

The white tortoise shell pick guard adds a vintage aesthetic to the guitar and definitely makes it look more expensive than it actually is. The sound is a bit thin, as is expected of budget pickups, but does have nice dynamic response, largely thanks to the thumbsucker with coil-splitting capability.

Cons: Pickups aren’t great, especially single coils Cheaper hardware, could be better Tremolo bar feels cheap and unreliable Despite the helpful addition of a coil-splitting thumbsucker in bridge position, the low quality of the pickups means that I can’t fully back the Rogue Racketeer and recommend it with a super high rating.

The versatility of the Racketeer is really its greatest appeal, sounding presentable across a variety of genres from jazz to rock, funk to metal, and so on. The pickups respond best with some overdrive or distortion, but the clean tone production is not bad and is passable for a beginner.

Opt for something a little more pricey, in the $200-300 range even, and you will be more satisfied with the reliability and quality of the guitar. Our writing team has deep experience in the musical space, specifically with guitars and “other lutes”.

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Before this, I owned a hollow-body shorty in the 90s by a company Applause -- sort of Ovation knock-off I guess. And more recently when I picked it up again, a no-brand P, just to see if I was serious about getting back into playing bass, keyboards having been my first love.

I feel the Rogue is pretty versatile without a lot of buttons and switches; one volume and one tone pot per pickup. And what I really like is how you get great response as you play different places on the string.

I don't know about your string choices, but I have turned into a flats' player, in particular Dun lops. You can get these strung on this bass, you're not stringing through body or anything, but the High Mass bridge they have has pretty small holes.

I had to shave a bit of the silk near the ball end of the string to make it fit through the bridge, the part where the silk thickens right before you get to the exposed core near the ball. As to the High Mass bridge: I know some people will complain that these don't have as much sustain or sound metallic, I have not found that to be so on this bass.

I get plenty of sustains for what I want, have mostly played it dry or with some fuzz, only recently been experimenting a bit with chorus. I know Rogue is kind of an off brand, and some of their products have pretty awful reviews.

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Another often overlooked cheap 5 is the Squire Affinity Jazz V. The pop up on the GC used site pretty often for about that price. I was never in love with it- super quiet and made more static than tone, and not exactly beautiful to look at.

When I tried to get rid of it, Guitar Center told me I'd have to pay them just to take it off my hands. I eventually donated it to my school's music production program.

If I remember correctly, there were only two factories making the viola basses in China. The other Rogue models often aren't of the same quality- I've had two where the necks went south and pretty much unusable.

Also, to get it to sound good requires upgrading the pickups and electronics. Squire, Baez, Yamaha and as mentioned above is Rondo music are some inexpensive options.

Rogue is the house brand of budget basses for Musician's Friend. Before this, I owned a hollow-body shorty in the 90s by a company Applause -- sort of Ovation knock-off I guess.

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Minor FYI, Applause was/is not a knock-off, but the budget line of Ovation, being made in Korea as I recall. Minor FYI, Applause was/is not a knock-off, but the budget line of Ovation, being made in Korea as I recall.

Another often overlooked cheap 5 is the Squire Affinity Jazz V. The pop up on the GC used site pretty often for about that price. My cousin has a Rouge 6-string bass he bought a while back similar to what you show for a 5er.

If much prefer SO basses because of the decent wood and usually fixable/moldable jazz clone designs. Some Squire models can be great too, but they tend to cost just a bit more than SO or Rogue.

On the contrary, when you buy a Beatles bass you want a cheaply-made, fully-hollow-body with thin wood that vibrates like crazy because that's basically what the original Beatles basses were, and it's part of the thump, hollow tone recipe. Otherwise, for Rogue money I'd look at the “Brice” brand from Rondo music or more likely check my local Craigslist.

Even lesser known brands can sometimes turn out a pretty good instrument so in general I'd always prefer to buy cheap basses in-person. Another often overlooked cheap 5 is the Squire Affinity Jazz V. The pop up on the GC used site pretty often for about that price.

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I checked out two of the cheapest ones when my younger guy was interested and ended up with Silver tone instead. He fills out of love with the idea of playing bass and I gig with it often.

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