Are Rogue Kettlebells Good

Bob Roberts
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
• 21 min read

Not only do they have the superior durability to the other kettle bells available on the market, but they have an unmatched feel to go along with it. Below, we will talk about some of the things that make Roguekettlebells unique and why they are so good.

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The entire makeup of the kettle bells themselves is premium with the highest quality iron being used. Because Rogue utilizes a proprietary casting process which allows each bell to reach it’s highest possible quality and have the best finish, they are much more comfortable to use not only has a flat surface for proper storage but also the handle itself.

Another good thing about the Rogue kettle bell is the fact it is made up of a single piece which means it is much more durable and more reliable than the other products available on the market. Instead of using caps, plugs, or other kinds of patches that other brands utilize in the marketplace, with Rogue, you are getting a complete single cast piece which is much more durable in total.

Another good thing about Rogue’s kettle bells is the fact they have a matte coat finish which not only looks great, but it will also help to hold chalk making it easier to get in great workouts. Rogue color codes the handles which helps you quickly and easily identify a kettle bell based on its weight.

This makes it much easier to get in a quick and effective workout with your kettle bells. The ability of your body to resist force and pressure has earned a popular term for itself, ‘strength’.

It is ideal for every person to stay healthy to carry out their daily routines seamlessly. However, healthy food doesn’t necessarily give strength to the body.

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A proper strength training is a panacea for a healthy heart, cholesterol control, and the right posture. As a matter of fact, your muscle growth is directly proportional to the mass of weights you lift.

Lifting heavier weights will ultimately help in the making of a stronger body and bigger muscles. Muscle building and strength training basically, requires the following procedures.

Rigorous bodybuilding doesn’t necessarily result in bigger muscle building. Therefore, to increase the muscle mass, the following strength exercises need to be gradually enhanced.

For activation and enhancement of various muscles, compound exercises are essential. Compound exercises enable the performer to lift heavier weights and the ultimate gain in overall muscle growth.

The exercises are heavy squats, bench, deadlifts, overhead presses, and barbell rows. Protein is the body’s prime ingredient for muscle building.

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At least 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is essential for muscle building. The standard weight training exercises are bench presses, curls, and rows.

Examples of fast exercises are snatches, swings, cleans, and jerks. Such workouts if regularly performed result in muscular endurance and excess fat melting.

Exercises like Turkish get-up, bent press, and windmill help increase shoulder flexibility and stability. Listing the Reliable Features and the Not-So-Promising One's Rogue Fitness Kettle bells need to pay heed to.

Possibility of an attached rubber plate at the bottom to snag ground. The suitcase handle of the kettle bell is extra thicker and thus, gives a better grip during workouts.

Tough athletes in wrestling, MMA, football, and hockey enhance their practices with the kettle bell. Kettle bell comes with an audio-visual guide concerning complete workouts, muscle strengthening, and cardio training.

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In comparison to numerous kettle bell developing brands in the race, Rogue Fitness has managed to remain the first choice of its customers. Wide handles of rogue kettle bell give an ergonomic grip.

A good number of kettle bell companies sell products both offline and online. At any rate, it won’t be wrong to say that Rogue Kettle bell isn’t just good-looking, valuable and durable.

However, the only flaw that the above-mentioned comparison was able to note in regard to this product was that the coarse grip felt rougher to some. The manufacture of Roguekettlebells depends on several requirements such as, premium material, single-piece casting, void-free surface, finish, colors, and wide flat machined base.

After all, the ultimate aim is to suggest better products to help all achieve their fitness goals. Kettle bells are easy to store, relatively inexpensive, and provide an efficient way to work nearly every part of the body in a short period of time.

I’ve tested multiple kettle bells for this article, but to keep things simple I’m only listing the options that earned at least three stars and up. The finish on these kettle bells is extremely drippy with no seams or burrs anywhere on the handles or bodies, with a coating that feels like chalk to the touch.

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Rep Fitness doesn’t bundle shipping into the costs of their products, and their base pricing is very reasonable. These kettle bells are a great value for the price, especially if you live close to Colorado to save on shipping costs.

They are a pretty good deal if you live close to Ohio, otherwise the cost of shipping makes them much less appealing. If you have large hands and prefer an aggressive grip, Rogue powder coat kettle bells could be the right option for you.

However, they don’t really stand out enough to differentiate them from the rest of the color-coded powder coat kettle bells I’ve tested. There are better options in terms of grip and finish, and the non-standard colors they use for weights drive me nuts.

Bottom line, don’t pay full price for Perform Better kettle bells. My review criteria is primarily centered on kettle bells I can use at home and at work with minimal need for chalk.

If you’re interested in diving deeper I’ve written a kettle bell buyer’s guide that answers every question I had when I first started. It also goes into detail on the criteria I look for, but the short version is a clean finish, a durable coating, and a properly sized handle.

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Cast-iron kettle bells are widely available at many price points, which I consider to be a very good thing. There are a couple of companies making steel competition-style kettle bells aimed at the home fitness market, which offer the benefit of consistently sized kettle bells without incurring the usual steel competition cost.

I’ve developed several kettle bell workouts for the club, ranging in intensity from beginner to high-level intermediate. All of my workouts are documented on their own page and I plan to add to the list as time goes on.

If you prefer to follow along to instructor-led workouts, I also highly recommend the well-designed program put together by Kettle bell Kings via their new Living. Fit online platform. The Living. Fit programs include workouts for all levels of kettle bell enthusiasts, from beginner to expert.

He describes an experiment performed using a do-it-yourself kettle bell made from parts found in the plumbing section at Home Depot. According to Tim Ferris the parts are supposed to cost under $10, not counting the weight plates.

First, it takes the guesswork out of deciding what size kettle bell to buy for two hand work. I was able to experiment with different weights to find a starting point I was comfortable with, eventually settling on 20 kg (44lbs).

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If you don’t already have a background lifting weights or being active, or if you are out of shape, consider working with a certified kettle bell trainer to get instructed in proper technique. Plumbing parts weren’t designed to sustain a dynamic load swinging in an arc.

This puts stress on the metal that will eventually lead to fatigue and fracture. I’ll get into the details shortly, but I first want to comment on the excellent packaging they used to ship their kettle bells.

This is a far cry from other vendors like Rogue Fitness, who typically just throw the bell in a box with some cardboard shims and hope for the best ¯\_()_/¯ I took this kettle bell outside on a hot Texas summer day to use for an Afterburner workout from my list of Kettle bell Club workouts, and I was able to keep hold of it without resorting to chalk despite my hands sweating like crazy.

This is an important point because the factories where kettle bells are made are dirty, dusty places. There’s lots of dust flying around that accumulates on the surface of the bells while they sit patiently waiting for paint.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, very few companies take the extra step to clean the bells before paint because it adds time and expense to the process. At the time I published this article, Kettle bell Kings is likely the only vendor taking this extra step, which results in a very durable coating.

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Most of the cheap kettle bells for sale on Amazon and other discount vendors fall into this category, I’ve even reviewed a few of them for this article. If you’re unfamiliar with Create, it’s an extremely durable thin-film ceramic coating developed primarily for use as a protective finish for firearms.

Create is extremely resistant to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals, and looks pretty cool at the same time. In recent years a little fitness equipment companies have started offering create as a coating option for barbells.

The create coating will cost a little extra, but the added durability means that kettle bell will last practically forever. Additionally, the create option allows for a nearly infinite amount of customization and personalization.

It looks like it could take a decent amount of abuse from a careless shipper, but the lack of reinforcement straps around the box could be an issue if the kettle bell has to travel a long distance. The finish on the Innit kettle bell is clean, although the textured coating is thick enough to potentially mask small imperfections.

Aesthetically, there are spots on the kettle bell where I can see how the coating application ran down the handle and dried, similar to how spray paint drips when applied too thickly. I thought maybe this was a fluke, so I intentionally banged the kettle bells together again with medium force and another chip flaked off.

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The coating chipped several more times during the testing period through normal use, mainly from getting bumped against other kettle bells. It’s a small difference, but enough to force an adjustment of technique for exercises like the overhead snatch.

Innit Labs kettle bells are a good budget option, but not the most durable of the bunch. If you do buy these, take wonderful care of them because the finish is prone to chipping.

The finish on the kettle bell is very clean, and although the casting seams are slightly visible on the body due to how thin an e-coating is, they are not prevalent on the handle at all. The Matrix Elite Precision line of kettle bells have a reformulated e-coat intended to increase grip over a traditional e-coating.

I tried damaging the coating by banging it against another kettle bell, and the Matrix Elite just laughed. The unique aspect of Matrix Precision Elite kettle bell is the redesigned handle.

The increased height means the kettle bell will sit just a bit lower on the forearm rather than resting right on the wrist bones, which is more comfortable for some people. The reformulated e-coat is stickier than the e-coats on the Dragon Door and even the Matrix Classic line.

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The friction is alleviated with light chalk use though, which is a small trade off for the durability and comfort the Matrix Elite Precision kettle bell provides. I ordered a kettle bell from Rogue last year, and it arrived damaged due to flimsy packaging.

This year, I’m happy to say they’ve improved the packaging because I had no problem with my order this time around ? The finish on the Rogue kettle bell is good, although I can feel a few small flecks of excess metal on the handle when I run my hand over it.

The powder coat on the Roguekettlebells is textured, with a feel of fine grit sandpaper. The handles of the Roguekettlebells are among the thickest of the test group, making them more suitable for people with large hands.

The price is good too, especially if you live close to Ohio and can take advantage of a lower shipping cost. They are a pretty good deal if you live close to Ohio, otherwise the cost of shipping makes them much less appealing.

If you have large hands and prefer an aggressive grip, Rogue powder coat kettle bells could be the right option for you. CFF offers a full line of athletic equipment, including kettle bells.

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The form-fitting foam is an extra level of protection that’s typically only used for shipping more costly competition steel kettle bells. The coating has a slightly aggressive texture, which works very well for maintaining grip without needing chalk.

The combination of finish and textured coating will hold a lot of chalk if needed. It’s clear to me a lot of thought went into the creation of the K2, and it shows in every aspect of the design and packaging.

I included Rep Fitness kettle bells in last year’s review, and they garnered four stars during testing. Not content with that, the folks at Rep Fitness have upped their game by improving on the issues I noted in the previous review.

The Rep Fitness kettle bells came well packed, with plenty of foam inserts and even bubble wrap on the 20 kg. Thankfully, I didn’t have to take him up on this, but it’s nice to see this kind of focus on customer service.

The powder coating has a very smooth chalk-like texture that provides a decent amount of grip without the need for chalk. The coating is also really durable, these kettle bells have withstood several hard blows without chipping.

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They offer an excellent value for the price, especially if you live close to Colorado and you can save on shipping. Fringe Sport is a strength & conditioning equipment company based in Austin Texas.

Since they’re local, I paid them a visit to pick up a few of their Prime Kettle bells to review. Every Prime Kettle bell comes packaged in a form-fitting cardboard box and wrapped with reinforcement straps.

The finish on the Prime Kettle bells is clean and the bottoms are ground completely flat. The powder coat kettle bell is evenly applied and provides a decent amount of grip.

The grip the is on par with the majority of powder coat kettle bells I’ve tested, providing a smooth yet “drippy” texture. When I first got them, I was surprised at how much larger the handle diameters were when compared to similarly sized kettle bells from other vendors.

I’m not a tall guy (5’8”) and many of the people I work with in my kettle bell club are even shorter than I am, both men and women. The handles do run fairly thick though, so these are a great option for people with large hands.

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Fringe Sport runs frequent sales, so if you’re patient you could score a pretty good deal on these. American Barbell is a strength & conditioning equipment company based in San Diego California.

Their barbells have a solid reputation in the home gym community, and they’ve somewhat recently added kettle bells to their product lineup. American Barbell kettle bells have a very clean finish and a slightly textured coat.

The bottoms are ground flat and wider than most of the other options, making them a very stable base for exercises like renegade rows. The handle dimensions overall are on the thinner side of the spectrum, making these kettle bells very comfortable for use by people with smaller hands.

Price-wise, American Barbell powder coats are super-cheap, but that savings is offset by the cost of pricing. I ordered a 16 kg Titan Fitness kettle bell off Amazon, and I was shocked at how bad it was.

For starters, the Titan Fitness kettle bell shipped in a single cardboard box with no padding or reinforcement whatsoever. The Titan kettle bell is the absolute worst I’ve seen so far in terms of how bad the finish was.

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I really don’t understand how a big-name fitness company could even think about putting their brand on a product like this. After contacting Titan customer service about a replacement and being told I wouldn’t be able to get one for two months, I simply sent it back.

It’s so bad it has the dubious honor of forcing me to create a ‘zero stars’ rating, because it’s completely unusable. The big draw is the price, I picked up a 35lb cast-iron kettle bell for $40 shipped, which is amazingly cheap.

The bottom is not ground completely flat and the coating is just a glossy black paint. I tried using it without any chalk and found that the tackiness made it more difficult for me to do snatches and cleans.

Aside from the bottom not being flat, the finish is good with no casting seams or burrs. The handle diameter is on the larger side of the options tested, although I no longer have it available to measure.

On the other hand, if saving money is your primary concern, and you’re willing to sacrifice some quality, the Yes4All is hard to beat. I know this because they’ve started selling their own brand of Amazon Basics Kettle bells.

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The only difference between them is that the AmazonBasics kettle bell has no branding whatsoever, only the weight stamped on both sides. Just don’t expect much for your money, since the Amazon Basics kettle bell is a cheaply made product.

The bottom is not ground completely flat and the coating is just a glossy black paint. Having said that, it’s still perfectly usable for swings, snatches, cleans, etc, and I’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper option for someone that doesn’t want to spend much on a kettle bell.

The tackiness of the paint makes it more difficult to do snatches and cleans with this kettle bell, but that’s nothing a light dusting of chalk on the handle can’t fix. Aside from the bottom not being flat, the finish is good with no casting seams or burrs.

The handle diameter is on the larger side of the options tested, measurements will be added later. If saving money is your primary concern, and you’re willing to sacrifice some quality, the Amazon Basics kettle bell is a decent option.

CAP introduced a new powder coat kettle bell into their product lineup sometime within the last couple of years, and I’m finally including it in the roundup. The finish on the CAP kettle bell is good, although I can feel a few small flecks of excess metal on the handle when I run my hand over it.

The powder coat on the CAP kettle bell is textured, with a feel of fine grit sandpaper. The handles of the CAP powder coat kettle bells are among the thickest of the test group, making them more suitable for people with large hands.

I was learning how to perform the kettle bell snatch at the time I owned these, and the burrs kept digging into my palms during the transitions. I toughed it out as long as I could but eventually used a metal file to smooth down the handle and make the bell a little more usable.

I painted it with Mausoleum to try and stem further rust damage, which is why the kettle bell is colored brown in pictures. The enamel finish on the large bell was extremely smooth and hard to hold once I broke a sweat.

I don’t recommend CAP enamel coated or plain “cast iron” kettle bells for your home gym. In fact, I actively recommend you stay away from them entirely because you will inevitably rue the day you purchased them.

The recognition is reflected in the price because Dragon Door kettle bells are the most expensive option included in this review. They don’t look great, but the coat on all of them is in okay shape considering they were stored year-round in a garage subject to three years of humid central Texas summers.

The ROC kettle bells all have prevalent seams left over from the casting process on the handles. These seams often pinched the skin of my palms, indicating a poor finishing and grinding process.

That extra money is clearly not being invested back into quality control at Dragon Door. There’s always a chance Dragon Door has upped their game since these bells were originally made.

Without knowing exactly what your current kettle bells look/feel like, I can tell you that things such as seams could indeed have been a problem exclusive to a batch, or perhaps they were kettelbells that made it past inspection.” In fact, several of the companies offer no guarantee whatsoever and will not accept a return at all unless your purchase is defective.

I’m willing to give Dragon Door the benefit of the doubt and assume their newer kettle bells have a higher quality finish than what I currently own. The best things Dragon Door ROC kettle bells offer is a 1-year satisfaction guarantee and a durable coating.

However, given the quality of the competition these factors aren’t enough to offset their substantially higher cost. Whatever it is, the coat provides just enough grip with low friction to allow for high rep work without needing chalk.

The burrs only exist on the smaller kettle bells that I don’t use as much, which might be why they haven’t been an issue for me. One minor nit to pick is with the quality of the paint job on the faces of the kettle bells.

This is a purely cosmetic issue that doesn’t take away from the usability of the kettle bells at all, but it does detract from the overall perception of quality. In case you didn’t know, prior to the pandemic pretty much every brand of kettle bells was manufactured in China.

Then coronavirus hit, people were stuck at home, and supply chains out of China were disrupted. This was the perfect storm for a massive run on fitness equipment, and several months later most companies are still having trouble keeping products in stock.

The finish on the Rogue kettle bell is slightly on the rough side, which isn’t a bad thing because it provides some texture for improved grip. The handle of the Rogue E-Coat kettle bell is probably the thickest of the test group so far, making them more suitable for people with large hands.

To be honest, I was excited to review this kettle bell since it’s the first one I’ve owned that is made in the USA. They are a pretty good deal if you live close to Ohio, otherwise the cost of shipping makes them much less appealing.

USA-Iron is a brand-new player in the kettle bell space, a scrappy upstart company forged in the crucible of the COVID-19 pandemic (see what I did there? As the name implies, USA-Iron is an entirely U.S.-based operation and is among the first few companies to manufacture their own line of kettle bells in the United States.

In case you’ve been asleep for most of 2020, prepare to be rudely awakened…prior to COVID-19 most (if not all) kettle bells were manufactured in China. Then the ‘RNA hit, people were stuck at home, and supply chains out of China were severely disrupted.

This was the perfect storm for a massive run on fitness equipment, and several months later most companies are still having trouble keeping kettle bells in stock. USA-Iron has stepped into the breach producing high quality kettle bells to make sure we can keep on swinging, and I’m very glad they did.

The powder coat finish on USA-Iron kettle bell feels very good in my hand during swings and snatches, with a slightly rough texture. I was told by the company owner that the powder coat paint formulation was specifically chosen to provide some texture for improved grip, and that choice is evident during use.

USA-Iron is one of the few companies I’m aware of that adds a separate wash step to the manufacturing process to clean dust off the kettle bell before the powder coat is applied. This is an important step because the factories where kettle bells are made are dirty, dusty places.

Lots of that dust settles on the surface of the bells while they sit patiently waiting for paint. The end result is a very durable finish with a textured coating that will hold plenty of chalk if needed.

I don’t knock them for this though, since the kettle bells are high quality and some people will really like the thicker handle size. However, people with smaller hands may find the thicker handle size more difficult to hold during longer workout sessions.

If that weren’t reason enough to support them, I like that the company is small and open to feedback, and the people there are very committed to producing a high quality product. The handle dimensions are on the larger end of the spectrum, so if you have small or medium hands you may want to look at other options.

The guy narrating the video, Pavel Tstatsouline, was affiliated with Dragon Door when the video was filmed, so the process likely shows how Dragon Door kettle bells were made back in the day.

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