Are Rogue Sharks Real

Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
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Summer’s here, the shark nets and drum lines are in place, and we’re already seeing the tragic results to marine life. It seems incredible to me that people are still basing their knowledge of sharks on what they learned from a 1970s Hollywood movie, so I thought we should bust this myth well and truly.

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The theory was originally proposed in 1916 due to an unusually high number of fatalities that occurred in New Jersey. “To try to make the facts as we know them conform to the ‘ rogue shark’ theory is stretching sensationalism and credibility beyond reasonable limits.” Biologist Richard Ellis.

It was in fact these shark bite incidents that inspired the novel Jaws, which was later made into a horrific movie, tapping into our primal human instinct of fear. It was actually an Australian scientist, Dr Victor Completion that first used the term Rogue Shark”.

In fact, the number of shark bite incidents is so low that scientists can’t find a statistically valid reason for why they occur. Recently, the Western Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, stated that a Rogue Shark” that stays in one area should be destroyed and removed.

This is despite the WA SharkS mart website clearly stating that the Rogue Shark” theory is unsubstantiated and acknowledging that the term is still around due to movies like Jaws. Firstly, we have learned more about the transitory nature of Great White Sharks, and we have observed them following the migratory patterns of whales and seals for food.

When Great White Sharks actually attack their prey, they swim to the surface at high speed and use force to devour their food. Just think about how human babies first discover the world around them when they haven’t fully developed all their senses.

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The unusually high number of fatal shark bites occurred in New Jersey, in a chain of events that many say inspired the infamous book Jaws, although the author denies it. Five bites occurred within 12 days in July 1916, leaving four dead and a region shaken and scared of animals they once paid little mind to. Charles Vans ant was the first death, bitten on July 1, the 25-year-old dying of blood loss in Beach Haven.

On July 12, young Lester Still well was bitten while swimming in Catalan Creek, 30 miles north of Spring Lake. Watson Stanley Fisher, 24, was fatally injured, being bitten in the leg in the process of trying to save Lester.

“So we had this sequence of South to North and you could follow both in time and space what appears to be movement of a single shark,” explained George Burgess, Curator Emeritus of International Shark Attack File (ISAF), who has been studying human-shark interactions for 50 years now. “The theory of a rogue shark is unlikely, sometimes a single shark may be responsible for subsequent attacks done in the same area, in a clustered pattern,” Fabio Hazing, a researcher at the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco in Brazil, told Prescience in an email.

A male great white shark (Carcharodon Zacharias) gracefully swims off the coast of Mexico’s Islam DE... Guadalupe. Hence, from my view of the situation looking back at it, it appears it was a single white shark in this series of attacks.

This article has tried to be devoid of the word “attack,” since scientists Dr. Christopher Jeff and Dr. Robert Hunter published a proposal to properly reclassify human-shark interactions in 2013 asked the media to retire the phrase 'shark attack' in favor of a less inflammatory wording. It is important to keep in mind that shark bites, especially fatal ones, are remarkably low (on average, six) given the sheer number of people who go into the water each year.

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… Read Foreknown as the “Mother of Sharks, ” I'm a Latina marine biologist who has a lot of labels: science communicator, conservationist, author, educator, podcaster, television presenter. You might have seen me on Discovery Channel's Shark Week, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, heard my TEDx talk or read my Scholastic books.

As founder of The Fins United Initiative, a program that teaches audiences shark conservation and education, I find it vital that we learn to co-exist with these oceanic predators. As far as Compulsion was concerned, the first thing to understand should be why a shark chose to attack in the first place.

For example, evidence of a fatal 1936 attack on Joseph Troy occurred in water that was likely no more than 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Perhaps the shark wouldn’t let go of Raymond because it was on the verge of death and was looking for an easy meal for help with survival.

Australian waters usually see about one fatal shark attack per year; but these waters are the primary home of the great white shark, a large species that can grow up to 20 feet (6 meters) long. Last year, 14 unprovoked shark attacks on humans were reported in Australia, only one of which was fatal.

“The chance of an individual shark being involved in all three of these incidences is astronomically low. “The theory of a rogue shark is unlikely, sometimes a single shark may be responsible for subsequent attacks done in the same area, in a clustered pattern,” Fabio Hazing, a researcher at the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco in Brazil, told Prescience in an email.

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A ship of imported sheep from New Zealand headed to Egypt had been dropping their dead along the way. Three different sharks, following the same path up the coast and passing the same human-infested bathing and boating areas, are likely responsible for the recent attacks Burgess said.

“This is a very unlikely candidate for one to have stayed around and gotten the taste for humans, particularly in the case of the white shark, which is so highly migratory,” Burgess said. There were several possible reasons why shark attacks in the area might be higher than normal, Burgess said.

It's possible that changes in climate may be shifting migration patterns, bringing sharks and humans closer together. “We should always be cautious when entering into the sea, since it is an environment different from the one we live in,” Hazing said.

“The only answer we are going to find is if we scientifically study the situation carefully and understand better the movement patterns of the sharks.” You can follow Prescience staff writer Jennifer Welsh on Twitter @ microbe lover.

3 people shot during melee at Las Vegas hotel There was a “Law and Order:SVP” episode in which a small framed female bought a gun for protection.

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It showed her shooting it with the recoil of a 9 mm; that thing would have knocked her down in real life. It would also be a chore for her to carry in her purse since it weights almost 5 pounds loaded.

Typically, this is a shark that is hanging around beaches and places where humans frequent. Most people have seen the movie Jaws, where a rogue shark goes on a killing spree and the country is thrown into a whirlwind of terror.

Of course, like most books and movies that were inspired by true events, there tends to be a little of truth hidden behind the exaggerations. For years, sharks have been considered one of the top predators, a deadly monster, and sadly, because of this very notion, their numbers are depleting rapidly.

The only real issue people had with these animals was their habit of batting fishing hooks and eating the bait off of their lines. It wasn’t until 1916, when a series of five shark attacks left the world in shock, that people initially began fearing of these creatures.

The five shark attacks occurred between July 1st through the 12th, thus being dubbed the “Twelve Days of Terror” for the state of New Jersey. The first attack happened in Beach Haven, New Jersey, when a 25-year-old man, Charles Vans ant, had his leg bitten by a shark and later died from the blood loss.

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Catalan was a small farming town a few miles inland, where the people would swim in the creek to escape the heat of summer. However, on July 12th, a young boy was playing with his friends in the creek when one of them, Lester Still well, never came back up from the water.

The children he was with began screaming about the shark they had seen drag Lester under the water, when everyone showed up at the bank. A young man named Stanley Fisher then dove into the water to try and find the boy’s body.

He made it from the water alive and was transported to a hospital that day, however he died that same night due to the injuries. It was the third year of World War One, the president was working to his highest degree, and there was a serious polio epidemic threatening the lives of people.

Some saw the ocean as curative, while others just enjoyed the idea of sitting back and relaxing next to the waves of the Atlantic. When the first attack occurred, there was a great initial shock, however within a few days, the talk had died down and people continued with their lives.

Even the newspapers and magazines were extremely hesitant to cry “shark” for the fear of making the panic even greater. The idea of sharks going on a killing spree were slipping into their minds, however it still didn’t stop people from going into the ocean.

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But by the last three attacks, where the sharks weren’t just in the ocean now, but a freshwater creek, the country was in full-blown panic. Scientists also questioned whether a shark was even the culprit to these attacks, theorizing that it could have been an Orca or a group of sea turtles.

Dr. Frederic Lucas, the director of The American Museum of Natural History, commented that “No shark could skin a human leg like a carrot, for the jaws are not powerful enough….” Even when people began hunting these creatures and displaying them for the world to see, some were not convinced that the animals were even sharks. Although these attacks were a terrible tragedy, they seem to have a started a new interest and fascination in the world beneath the ocean.

A few days after the last incident in Catalan, a Great White Shark was “accidentally” caught off Raritan Bay, New Jersey. After cutting the creature open, what appeared to be human remains were found inside the stomach.

There have been a few books that state the idea that a bull shark was probably the creature that attacked the three people in Catalan Creek. This is when a creature can keep a constant concentration of water flowing through their body without their weight changing.

Most sharks would end up absorbing too much water into their membranes, while losing the salt that they were consistently gaining from their environment, thus essentially killing them. However, bull sharks have somehow adapted to the changes throughout time, making them capable of living in anybody of natural water.

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With this information, as well as their aggressive nature and tendency to eat anything in sight, scientists believe this may have been the kind of shark that was in the creek. There was such little scientific evidence left after these attacks, that finding out what kind of shark actually killed these people are impossible.

People began studying these creatures more; searching for the ultimately unexplainable answer to why these shark attacks even occurred. In 1974, after hearing about a shark hunter, Frank Funds, who had caught a 4,500 pound Great White, the author, Peter Benchley, decided to write about this theory.

For those who don’t know, Jaws is about a rogue shark who terrorizes a small resort town in New York on fourth of July weekend. Frank Funds, Benchley’s inspiration for the character Quint, started going on shark expeditions to attract customers when he was younger.

They would stand in line for hours and pay, granted at the time it was only a few cents, just to take a look at a shark’s carcass. They wanted to know more about the creatures, however at somewhat of a distance or surrounded by the comfort that the animal was no longer dangerous or alive.

On June 20th, 1975, Steven Spielberg released the adaptation of Jaws, which has been said by many to be the movie that changed part of our culture. After this movie was released the crowds seemed to be filled with a mixture of dread, fear, and fascination.

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A lot of people tend to enjoy the fear inducing rush that animal attack movies have, however they don’t really understand the consequences that also follow. People began to think hunting sharks was sexy, a way to rid the oceans of the “beasts” that inhabit them without seeing a real problem with the murder of thousands of innocent animals.

We are now losing around 100 million sharks a year, mostly caused by the overfishing of these creatures due to people’s fascination, hunting, and need for their fins. This method of fishing has infuriated many conservationists, which eventually led to the ban on shark fin soup at many restaurants, hotels, and official government functions.

In a deeply tribal sense, we love our monsters.” Like any creature who has the potential to kill us, we have a tendency to mark them as the enemy. Sharks and humans once lived together in peace, however in a series of 12 days, these creatures had become one of our greatest enemies.

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