Are Rogues Good In Raids

Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Of course, it all comes down to gear and skill, but I recently started playing Rogue after a year of avoiding it, and I really, really love it. Pay no attention to form keyboard cruisers and develop your skill at the class you love.

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Outlaw is just made for that content in every way possible, while Sin has this weird mechanic where your DMG relies more on getting restealth between packs than any CDs. Also, you’ll be playing a rogue, so your team will never be short on utility stuff like CC and Shroud.

And, if you don’t want to play Sin, then you’re even more screwed because Outlaw’s never going to have good single target damage, while Sub is legit so bad that your Corruptions doesn’t even matter anymore. No matter what you do, you’ll end up doing roughly the same damage, because nothing in your kit interacts with any Corruption at all.

I was doing Outlaw, super fun levelling, but wasn’t having much luck in dungeons. Yesterday I was in a dungeon w/a Sin rogue, and they had top DPS almost the whole time.

It isn’t worthwhile to base your class decision on current viability. I don’t recall a time when all three rogue specs were considered dumpster level.

It’s an awkward expansion, it depends on aerate traits, essences, and situation. Hypothetically if you have all the options in the world you’ll find Sin/Sub for PVP, Outlaw/Sin for mythic+, Sin/Outlaw for raid.

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The specs feel very hollow and deviation from specific builds results in massive DPs losses. Romina:God almighty that’s ridiculous that a thing like that even exist.

You’ll definitely see low DPS early on compared to other classes but once you start stacking Expedients with Exanguinate and Shrouded Suffocation your DPS will skyrocket, most of the early bosses die in 3 mins. I have reached 400k DPS openers with Haste build, albeit for a short period, but it still feels wonderful.

The class is also wonderful in M+, you can play Outlaw or Assassination with SSx3 depending on the key and week with great results, a lot of groups will invite Rogues over other melee. Things like damage will go up and down, but rogues at their worst are still a pretty strong class because of their toolkit.

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! You are saying warriors will always win DPs against equally itemized and skilled rogues.

Because for the vast majority of none try hard guilds, even getting 40 people to turn up regularly is difficult enough. Unless your dead set on “World Fir sting” content that was beaten 15 years ago you don’t need to nth-degree min/max your raid composition anyway.

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I mean, they’re a consistent good DPS, they need the leather loot that drops and because class variety? If you take 11 fury DPs warriors progressing there gear will take a long time.

In classic Overpower is Battle stance only, MOST DPs warriors will be in berserker stance. Well u know, Nihilism had at least 5 rogues in the raid during their world first Key Thread kill.

Resist: Deadline:Is there any reason to play a rogue if fury warriors have better DPs and don’t have any threat problems in 1.12? Don’t know where you get that Fury doesn’t have threat problems, but it is exactly why Rogue is more well-rounded DPs.

Fury uses Heroic Strike, which builds ago and doesn’t have abilities like Feint and Vanish. Rogues early also are the better DPs, because with low hit and dirt gear, warriors don’t get nearly enough rage to perform.

At the end of the day warriors are more powerful in raids, but rogues are not completely excluded, especially the way gear is in classic. He's referring to private server data, where tanks generate more ago and furry warriors less.

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Rogues and mages dominate the board, but the 2nd most damaging ranged DPs, is a Hunter, which is by private data standards shouldn’t be even in the top 20. Until your tanks are fully BWL geared, their threat is really, REALLY in danger from Fury Wars.

The warrior constantly having to pace itself for aggro, and as a result the rogues clearly being a more stable DPs source, from start to finish. Again in this video as well, if you look at the ranged DPs with all are substantially lower, in this full on melee fight, hunters put on spot 2 & 3, again, something that doesn’t happen on private servers.

There is also a world of difference between the warrior when MC was relevant end game content and as they were in patch 1.12. Main reason is the lack of hit from gear and talents… Playing a warlock is a crap shoot in terms of DPS until you have bloodline, and even with Bis you’ll still trail behind the majority of other mages… I definitely prefer the warlock tool set and spec differences though.

Having stealth to skip past mobs you don’t need can be really nice to have though. Leeching poison, Feint, Crimson vial, Kidney shot, Evasion and cloak of shadows make you near invincible when soloing rares or casual PVP.

Less damage from falling, vanishing when things get too hot, sprint, blind and shadow step all add up for a class that’s well-equipped to handle almost anything. I managed to solo arguably harder content (Narrator) on a really low ill rogue without too much trouble, where I actually had issues on other classes, like Warrior.

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With the rogue I was able to separate mobs by sapping them and coming back to them when I was finished with others. IMHO rogues are perfect for soloing content just because they can control what they want to deal with.

For leveling, I strongly recommend Subtlety for the high survivability and ability to teleport attack from stealth, but once you hit 120 switch it to Assassin or Outlaw. Out of all the classes I ever played, rogue had the hardest time against mobs in narrator.

It was the only class out of all the others that lost HP by fighting mobs or over pulling, even getting close to dying. You also need at minimum 3-4 weapons to perform normally, preferably 2 swords for outlaw, 2 daggers for assassination and subtlety.

When Narrator opened, I heard a lot of people struggled until they got flying… Because the mob density was high and if you didn’t come into Narrator with a very high ill you could die quickly if you weren’t careful… You won’t be able to solo huge packs of mobs very easily though, unless you got a high ill for the area you’re in… But for the most part, think smart, and you can do a lot on your own.

Class Tier sets from World of Warcraft’s original content through The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Rich King, and Cataclysm are some of the best, most dynamic gear pieces on record, and the weapons and other armaments such as shields and off-hand items are often superb. Certain expansion content is so trivial for a level 50 character to solo that there’s no real reason for me to go into detail on farming it.

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The raids from Wrath of the Rich King are not only still solvable with relative ease, they contain a wide variety of difficulty settings. Raids like the Trial of Valor have mechanics that can range from irritating to nearly impossible to solo if you don’t get lucky.

Both Warlords of Drano and Legion have multiple difficulties with different looks available, making them much more expansive hunting grounds for transmit. From fist weapons to daggers to swords and maces and staves, Blacking Lair pretty much has it all.

Wrath of the Rich King is another expansion with a lot of solid contenders, and there’s not a raid here I wouldn’t farm in if I didn’t have almost all of it already, but Ice crown Citadel ultimately wins for me. While Ulnar has a lot of really nice tier sets and weapon drops (and some amazing shields) I think ICC is simply better, with more variety and a much more thematically appropriate feel to the gear.

Plus, if you want gear that resembles the original Panoramas 40 looks, AXX 10 is the only place to even come close outside an occasional piece on the Black Market Auction House. The combination of diversity, ease of farming, and some of the most striking gear ever made like Armageddon, Journey’s End, and Black Bruise to name just a few makes Wrath a standout.

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